Book Review: 'Knit Your Own Zombie' by Fiona Goble

by KathleenDuffy

Want to cuddle your very own zombie? Or maybe drool over Dracula! How about getting frank with Frankenstein's monster! Now you can create your own Zombie tribe!

Anybody who loves knitting will know, deep down inside, that it's not all sweetness and light. Remember those women who sat underneath the guillotine in France as aristo's heads were being chopped off? The remorseless click, click, clicking of those needles can be extremely chilling...

Yes, there's a dark side to knitting and Fiona Goble has found it! Her book, "Knit Your Own Zombie" is the antidote to sweet little simpering pretty dollies. Here comes the horrible truth - in all its knitted glory! (Or should that be 'gory'?)

And if you get really mad and want to tear your dolls apart (don't we all?) - go right ahead. They are specially made so that you can rip off their arms and heads and even interchange them. They won't mind - they are, after all, the living dead!

There's a couple of interlopers in there but they are welcome into the family. Frankenstein's monster isn't, strictly speaking, a zombie - and neither is Dracula. But they are so iconic of the dark side that the 'real' zombie dolls allowed them to join the gang!

And another advantage to these zombie dolls is that you can now knit dolls for boys!

Get Horrifying Results Just by Knitting!

The book contains patterns for eight gruesome (yet strangely loveable....) zombie creatures.

Zombie Knits from 'Knit Your Own Zombie'
Zombie Knits from 'Knit Your Own Zombie'

With each zombie pattern comes an interesting explanation of how the particular zombie came into being.  For instance, according to the book, the Classic Zombie began with , I walked With a Zombie and culminated with George Romero and Quentin Tarantino. 

Frankenstein's Monster began, of course, with Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein which was the inspiration for the classic movie of the same name with Boris Karloff.

Then there's Zombie Cop, Zombie Fatale (the femme fatale of the zombie world), Zombie Chef, Zombie Gravedigger, (bit of a thankless task if they are going to come up again...) Zombie Rock Star and The Mummy.  All with their own sort of biopic!

What Skill Level Is Needed?

I found knitting instructions in this book very easy to understand.   Everything is quite straightforward and the illustrations help you to make sure your doll bears a resemblance to the original.  

I found the expression on my Dracula doll looked a bit more anxious than the suave original - but then, he was just starting out on his blood-sucking career and lacking a bit of confidence!

My Dracula Doll
My Dracula Doll
K Duffy

You Need Patience!

A zombie won't be rushed...

Knitting these zombies needs patience.  After all, most of them are slow, stumbling creatures. 

Although the patterns are easy to follow, there is the Velcro to sew on so that their heads can be ripped off, and their arms too.  Zombies enjoy this sort of treatment, so no need to feel guilty!  Just think of it as a stress-busting tactic...

Oh, and Classic Zombie (see pic below) really enjoys having his guts pulled out - isn't that just too sweet!

Two Inseparable Pals!

Dracula and his best friend, Classic Zombie!
Dracula and his best friend, Classic Zombie!
Dracula and his best friend, Classic ...
K Duffy

Then you have to sew on the accessories such as buttons, beads, eyes, etc.  And there's a bit of simple embroidery such as chain stitch.  

If you can't do this, just look on You Tube where you'll find lots of tutorials. I couldn't do a French knot, but found a clear explanation on You Tube and it was easy.

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Everybody Loves These Knitted Zombies!

I've only, so far, knitted two of these zombie knits - but the reception has been amazing.

Everybody loves them because they make people laugh!  I've had quite a few men say they would love to have them sitting on the desk at work!

But most of all, my grandson was thrilled to get this 'Odd Couple'  as one of his Christmas presents.  He thought they were 'cool'.

I actually enjoyed knitting them too as they were such fun.  

I know I shouldn't say this, but I grew quite fond of them during the process.  After all, I think Zombies Just Wanna Have Fun - and be loved.  

That's why they keep lurching towards us with outstretched arms.  They just want a cuddle really.



Updated: 01/30/2014, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 01/30/2014

Hi Jo! I thought you might like them! :)

JoHarrington on 01/30/2014

I love this! I want my own knitted zombie!

DerdriuMarriner on 01/29/2014

KathleenDuffy: Yes, Dark Side knitting is interesting. :-)

KathleenDuffy on 01/29/2014

Oh thank you DerdriuMarriner - this seems to be a new knitting trend. I think I might go over to the Dark Side for a while. It's much more interesting!

DerdriuMarriner on 01/29/2014

KathleenDuffy, Your Dracula and Classic Zombie creations are appealing, and they do seem inseparable!
Knitting does have its dark side, doesn't it? The image of the knitters ringside for guillotining is compelling and chilling. It's an unforgettable image.

KathleenDuffy on 01/29/2014

This particular book doesn't come in a crochet version unfortunately. :( But maybe if you search on Amazon for crochet monsters you might find something, e.g. 'Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, and More' is one I came across.

AbbyFitz on 01/29/2014

These are so cute! I wish I could make myself one. I'm not very good at knitting. A square is about all I can manage. Do you know if they have a crochet version?

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