Book Review: The Frozen Shoulder Workbook by C Davies

by KathleenDuffy

Frozen shoulder is painful and debilitating. This book by a member of the American Massage Therapy Association will empower you with techniques to relieve pain naturally.

'The Frozen Shoulder Workbook' by Clair Davies was written as a direct result of the author's efforts to deal with his own frozen shoulder. Davies was in excruciating pain, unable to reach across to fasten his seatbelt; raising his arm was impossible, as was trying to reach around his back.

Waking repeatedly in the night with pain, applying ice packs, visiting the physiotherapist and doing the traditional 'stretching' exercises, not to mention alternative therapies, did nothing to alleviate the pain and in some instances increased it.

Davies remembered visiting a massage therapist for a back problem. Using a technique called 'trigger point therapy' she had cured his back pain. Unfortunately the therapist moved away, so Davies did his own research into trigger point therapy.

His therapist had shown him her medical books by Drs Travell and Simons, (Travell was White House Physician during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations).

After curing his frozen shoulder in just four weeks using their method, Davies wrote his own lay version of their trigger point therapy techniques .

What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a tiny bundle of fibres inside a muscle that contracts and stays in a knot.

This knot causes ongoing pain, or no pain at all until pressed. In most cases, however, the trigger point sends the pain elsewhere.

The pain from the trigger points is therefore called 'referred pain'.

Frozen Shoulder Pain - The Secret of Finding the Source

Trigger Points and Referred Pain

The trigger points causing the referred pain could be inches away or further from the actual site of the pain. The secret to success was finding these trigger points.

The medical books of Travell and Simons provided Davies with the map to the hidden treasure. His book, created for the layperson, is based on their ground-breaking but little known technique.

Davies believes that misdiagnosis is the single most important issue regarding shoulder problems and that trigger points are the cause of nearly all shoulder pain.

Frozen Shoulder Self-Help Overview

Explains ingenious methods to get to those hard-to-reach areas of the back.

His book begins with a detailed anatomical description of the shoulder bones and muscles. It is not essential to read this section first, but it certainly gives an insight into the structure of the shoulder and its complex brilliance.

So, although not essential, reading all of these sections on the anatomy of the shoulder will give you knowledge - and Knowledge is Power.  Understanding will give you confidence to take control of and manage your pain.

Chapter 4 gives instructions on the best way to apply trigger point massage. There is no need to have a partner, although that choice is there.

The ingenious device of a tennis or hard ball in a sock solves the problem of self-massaging trigger points in the back. Other devices are suggested, such as a Thera Cane. This, and others like it, are well-balanced canes which have upraised nodules at certain points, making it extremely easy to massage your own trigger points.

It brings great relief - I can personally testify to that!

This chapter fully covers all trigger point symptoms, causes and perpetuators and gives detailed instructions as to massage method. Chapter 4 also emphasizes that treatments should be brief and often.

Trigger points can hurt when massaged, but a moderate amount of pain can be beneficial, stimulating a flood of painkilling endorphins which will reduce the initial pain.


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A Clever Tool for Reaching Trigger Points for Relief of Shoulder and Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder Self-Help Details

Get Pro-Active and Take Control of Your Pain!

Chapters 5, 6 and 7 get down to the nitty-gritty of hands-on practical treatment for the frozen shoulder. They help to locate and treat the trigger points that are causing the pain. There are clear, detailed drawings throughout the book and in these particular chapters the illustrations are excellent at helping to find the areas of pain and their possible trigger points.

In these chapters, each part of the shoulder not only has its own section with appropriate drawings and extensive anatomical description, but the treatment details include Self Treatment, Partner Treatment and Clinical Treatment. There are real life case scenarios too.

This book is the result of years of research by someone who has experienced the debilitating pain of a frozen shoulder. It empowers the sufferer by providing knowledge and techniques that can be applied at little or no cost and with significant results.

If you suffer from frozen shoulder this is one book that should be on your shelf.




  • The Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain & Regaining Range of Motion by Clair Davies, NCTMB (New Harbinger Publications, 2006)


The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.

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KathleenDuffy on 09/05/2013

Hello Kimbesa - You are welcome - I hope it works. It worked for me, and I've got the Theracane which is so helpful!

kimbesa on 09/03/2013

Ah...there's a name for it! Now to work on my own shoulder. Not as bad as the author's, but certainly not what it should be. Thanks for the review!

KathleenDuffy on 08/27/2013

Thanks for your comment! I agree.

sydney121 on 08/27/2013

Yeah I tend to be able to put up with quite a bit of discomfort before I go enough is enough but being stoic isn’t really a good way of looking after your health.
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