Breaking Food Addictions

by katiem2

Learn how to turn your food addiction into something healthy. No matter what you're addicted to you can be free of it. Read a skinny girls confession to her success.

I’m addicted and I can’t stop maybe an issue you and millions like you currently face. We are creatures of habit, it is those habits that can and often do become addictions. You can turn this around and use it to your advantage by forming healthy habits that your mind, body and soul will benefit from, even to the point of addiction. Yes we can become addicted to good things, what good things are you addicted to? Most often it's not about the particular thing you're addicted to as it can be replaced it is merely the action of repetition that calms us giving us a sense of control over our often stressful lives.

Beat Your Addiction to Food

What ever it is you convince yourself to do usually succeeds.

My friends know me as the health nut, the girl always doing something to counter balance all those hours spent setting on my bottom typing away.  I'm the girl in my circle who's never tempted by food; in fact I often don't take the time to eat.

Bottom line eating is an inconvenience to me. BUT, I like you have faced the temptation to over eat, binge, purge and work out excessively to counter the overeating of junk food and sugar the fast favorites of most any food addict.

The above statement is a lie I generated to become the person I professed to be. We now embark on the simple process of turning your addiction around.

Meditation for Addictions

Meditation proves to be a very good tool leading to success when breaking addictions.

Meditation has become trendy and yet there are many who admit they have yet to give meditation a try. It is a very useful tool anyone can learn making a huge positive impact on all areas of your life.

Stop Food Addiction

In college many form mindless habits while intensely focused on making the grade and succeeding.

The Addicts Lies

  • No one person ever does anything wrong without first rationalizing and justifying the action, habit or addiction.
  • Plus, we addicts convince ourselves we don't have a problem, we've got it under control.
  • Addicts convince themselves the are not unhealthy nor have a weight problem
  • They also lie to themselves about exactly how much and often they do eat.
  • The biggest lie of all is the one denying their issue with food and the lack of control they have over their unhealthy binge eating.

Freedom From Food Addiction

The Freedom from Addiction 

  • Think about what you want to be and lie to yourself as if you already are.
  • We humans have a self-fulfilling prophecy mechanism; we become what we're told we are. Start convincing yourself you don't like what it is you’re addicted to.
  • Tell friends, family and co-workers at every opportunity that you don't like the thing you’re addicted to. This sets you up to look bad if you partake in your addiction.  This alone is a very powerful technique keeping you from your addiction.
  • Expand on the lie with personal mantra's, I don't like (fill in the blank with your addiction) it makes me sick; I'm allergic and on and on the lying goes.
  • You will convince yourself of this in the same way you convinced yourself it was okay to indulge in the first place. This is a classic case of role reversal.

Replacing Bad Addictions For Good

While you work to convince yourself you do not like nor can have what it is your addicted to you switch addictions.

Add something to your routine actually taking up the same amount of time in your life that is a good habit.

If you are breaking an addiction to soft drinks begin buying yourself nice bottled water. Take it with you everywhere becoming the person known for having a bottle of water with you at all times.

People will begin to associate you with the water and make statement regarding your constant water companion. You will soon comfortably step into the role you've created for yourself taking up the good habit while ditching the bad. We humans live up to the expectations of others and will soon be a honest to goodness water addict.

Overcoming Food Addiction

Note: You will never drink more than your body requires. 

Use this method with any addiction. The process of convincing yourself all the while putting yourself in the role of what it is you want to be will soon be your reality.

If your addiction is sugar you are not alone. It's the most common food addiction and honestly the worst. The sugar blocker to the right can support your efforts to once and for all overcome the withdraw from sugar ending its addictive grasp.

The NaturalMax Goodbye Cravings product has helped others like you overcome their addictions such as sugar which causes serious withdraw symptoms anytime we try to quit. This product gives you the support needed to succeed and break your sugar addiction with ease.

How to Beat Addiction

What you believe you are is what you will be.

We fulfill the expectations we put on our selves, this goes for the bad as well. The first thing you must do to beat your addiction is to lie to yourself.  Shocking? Comeon we all lie to ourselves about overeating making concessions and excuses doing anything to rationalize the next pig out.

The truth is those of us with addictive tendencies are really good at convincing ourselves its okay to do something, usually bad things.  You can turn that around by lying to yourself all the while convincing yourself you dislike what it is you are addicted. 

Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner Yes I have, hypnosis is beneficial for many issues and behaviors or behavior modification.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/18/2017

katiem2, A college friend of mine tried everything to quit smoking and finally had himself hypnotized. Have you ever heard of hypnotism working for junk food addictions?

katiem2 on 01/03/2013

Kim, This is so true. Many of us go through the seasonal lean and fat ebb and flow of the calendar year. The key is to be certain you always lose the winter weight each spring. A simple ten pounds is to be expected during each winter as we slow down and eat heartier warm foods, not to mention the holidays. :)K

KIM on 01/02/2013

It is so hard to stop eating fattening foods after the holidays

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

Pam, Thanks for sharing your experiences with food addictions.

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

Alex, I think most all of us overeat from time to time it's those of us with addictive tendencies who struggle with all or nothing.

Alex on 12/25/2012

Cool tips....I over eat a lot and never really got the whole emotional eating thing as anything more than rubbish but you make it true to life

Pam on 12/22/2012

Oh so true I find myself eating often when I'm not even hungry. I will pay more attention to eating and eating for comfort. Pam

katiem2 on 12/17/2012

Kim, Glad you found this clear and helpful. Thanks for commenting as it's always good to know when I hit the mark. To answer your question, I studied a great deal of psychology while in college as I was studying to become a doctor. BUT I lost a close friend to a senseless incident during that time and decided psychology was not the profession for me. After some time and healing I came back to my love of science but not as a profession just a personal interest. :)

Kim on 12/14/2012

This is so simple but makes total sense. I've read.a lot of your work and must ask, are you a therapist ?

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