Bright Starts Baby Activity Station Exersaucer

by KayLaura

My review of the Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station and other great exersaucers. So much fun for your little one!


My "Naters"
My "Naters"

I hate the crawling stage in my baby's life.  I feel bad that he is on all fours, getting his hands dirty on the floor, never a good spot to put him down to play.  But I don't think HE hates it, even though half our home has hard wood and tile floors.  I think babies are just sooo happy to finally be mobile and have a way to get around and explore.

Still, he can't be on the floor all day.  He does like to be able to see things from a level about ground level.  That is why I love baby activity stations or exersaucers.  By the time my babies are about 4 or 5 months old they are sick of being in their baby swing and want to explore more.  That is usually about the time I retire the baby swing and get a baby activity station.

I had 5 children in 9 years, so I've tried a lot of different baby products to find the ones I like best and actually work well to make baby and mommy happy.  Baby activity stations are definitely on my list of must-haves for baby.  To see my full list click on the link below:

These are my absolute Must-Haves when it comes to babies and making baby life simpler and happier.

Bright Starts Baby Activity Station is my favorite!

Of all the baby exersaucers or activity stations that I've tried, my favorite has been the Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station.  It's been my baby's favorite too!  It's more than just your typical, round, stationary exersaucer.  My babies got bored with those after only a few uses.

The Bright Starts activity station has 4 fun sections on the round "hub" that baby can explore and play with.  Attached to the hub is a deep and comfy seat that has wheels on it so he can roll from one activity to the next.  At a very young age, 4 months old, my Nathan loved having the feeling he was up and moving on 2 feet all by himself.  Now at 9 months old but still not walking, we still use it a lot and he is so strong now that he can walk in it and drag the "hub" behind him, getting himself just about anywhere in our downstairs area since it's all tile and hard wood floors.  It's such a riot!  Just look at this video of him playing...

See it in action...

Is it really as BIG as it looks???

All baby activity stations or exersaucers look big, but really, they are not so big that you can't fit them in your home.  I've never lived in a home bigger than 2100 square feet and so space is very precious to this 7 person family.  While baby activity stations look big and like they will take up a lot of space, they tend to fit nicely in a corner or against an unused wall.  Besides, most people use a swing for their baby when they are newborns.  You can retire your swing and put the activity station in it's spot.

With the Bright Starts activity station we keep it against the wall and when our baby wants to go full circle around the activity hub we pull it out into the middle of the room while he plays in it.  Then we push it neatly into the corner again until the next play time.

Additionally, the seat on wheels is removable, so even after baby can walk you can take the seat part off if you want and just use it as a play center.  However, even my toddler still likes to sit in the seat and take a little spin once and a while. 

Nate loves it!
Nate loves it!

But it's not perfect for every home...

If you don't have tile or hard wood floors, unfortunately, this great baby activity station won't work well on thick carpeted floors.  It will work fine on thin, no pad rug floors however.  So if you are looking for a great baby exersaucer to use in your plush, carpeted home, I've tried a few others that I would recommend:

Jumperoo Activity Stations

Fisher Price makes a bunch of these activity centers, called Jumperoos, but a few other companies make them too.  They are fun for baby because they get to jump up and down while they play and that helps them feel like they are moving around more than just the typical round exersaucer play toy does.  And the bright colors and fun sounds really get baby's attention!  And they are safe and durable. 

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Introduce baby to a place full of exciting sights and sounds and lots of safe jumping fun with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Designed for use by a child who is able to ...

Only $89.99
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is a freestanding jumper that allows children to jump in a safe environment. The seat is suspended by three springs that allows children to hop up and ...

$99.99  $78.70
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo

The Lil Laugh n' Learn Jumperoo delivers plenty of entertainment with fun lights and music, while introducing baby to soft experiential learning. The baby is surrounded by ...

$139.99  $104.09
Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity JumperYour baby will jump with delight. Introducing the new Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. The roomy seat swivels a full ...

Only $89.99
Fisher Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Jumperoo

Only $104.99

One more fun, unique baby exersaucer...

My sister had the Fisher Price Little Superstar Step 'N Play Piano exersaucer and it was also a great baby toy because the baby was mobile even while sitting in the safe, comfy seat.  Babies love that!  Feeling safe but on the move.  The seat slides back and forth on top of the piano keys underneath baby's feet and they play music as he steps on them.  So stimulating, musical and fun!  Not to mention all the fun keys and toys and buttons for him to play with at his fingertips.  My nephew had a ball in this exersaucer!

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N' Play Piano

Not only does the Little Superstar Step ’n Play Piano have toys to keep baby’s hands busy, it also rewards baby’s feet with every step on the keys, there’ll be fun music and ...

$119.99  $81.31

Baby activity stations or exersaucers are so great for baby, especially before he can walk.  And you can find them easily in the second hand market.  Be happy, baby!

Another great site about best baby products

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Oleg on 03/20/2016

We loved this play center. And we even removed on my channel very detailed video review of this gaming center. You can watch it here:

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