Bronze Cupid Statue - A Sultry and Romantic Gift

by Digby_Adams

Romantic and sultry these bronze cupid statues are the perfect gift for that certain someone who makes your heart flutter at the sound of their name.

Cupid alone can be thought of as an impish angel or cherub who can't resist shooting arrows into the soul of mere mortals. But combine Cupid with Psyche and you have half of the most romantic couple in the history of the gods. Often they are shown nude with only their wings for cover. Their Regency hairdos and flowing lines are languid and tempting. Alluring is definitely the word. You might also know Cupid by another name - Eros. Somehow that name is less cherubic and more godlike. Looking for the perfect romantic wedding gift or Valentine gift, chocolates are for children. These bronze cupid statues are a very grown-up gift.

Antonio Canova Eros and Psyche Bronze Statue

You'll love the details in this faithful reproduction of the original Canova work. It stands about 11 inches tall. It depicts Eros reviving Psyche who has been put to sleep by a magical perfume.

The flowing dance between Cupid and Psyche can easily represent the romantic flow of any romantic relationship. Give your husband or wife one of these bronze statues for your anniversary and no additional words will be necessary. Men I warn you that women love to brag about romantic gifts and this will be one that is talked about over coffee the next day. It's an original and thoughtful gift that other women will only dream about receiving.

Again, men if you've had a fight with your wife and you're looking for an I'm sorry gift, this is a great one to give. Take a look at the Current Bids to the right. On the practical side, many of these to-die-for romantic statues are very reasonably priced. Me, I'd stock up on a couple of different bronze Cupid statues. There's quite a variety. That way if you find you've forgotten a birthday or wedding anniversary - well, all I can say is that she'll never know....

These private and romantic gifts are perfect for a bedside night table. Especially if you have crystal vase filled with flowers to reflect the light and add a romantic scent.

Cupid and Psyche Bronze Statues

Gorgeous Art on Ebay

These bronze cupid statues are not the stuff of innocent grade-school Valentines. Your wife will simply swoon when she unwraps this gift. I love placing romantic bronze statues like these in the Master bathroom. Surround them with plants and create your own miniature sculpture garden.

You'll find a wonderful selection of bronze Cupid or Eros statues on ebay. This is one of the reasons that I am such an enthusiastic ebay shopper. Just imagine the selection of bronze Cupid statues that you'll find at your local mall stores or antique shops. On ebay you can browse dozens of bronze Cupid statues. Then you can decide if you want the pensive or playful Cupid alone or you want to pair him with his true love Psyche.

I vote for one of each. So you can place one on each of the night stands at the side of your bed. Taking a fight to bed will be impossible when you're surrounded by Cupid statues!

Bronze Cupid Statue

Updated: 07/12/2014, Digby_Adams
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