Getting Started with Business Administration Courses to Further Your Education

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Want to to effectively communicate with others, practice your business decision-making skills & develop practical managerial skills? Business administration courses can help!

What are the Benefits of a Career in Business?

A degree in business administration is one of the most sought-after by employers, as it covers a wide area of expertise and prepares college students for managing the operations of a company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that jobs will increase by 12 percent over the next five years, bringing new job opportunities to graduates. Business administration courses encompass many aspects of a business such as strategic management, accounting and marketing. During these courses, you will learn how to effectively communicate with others, practice your business decision-making skills and develop practical managerial skills.

Business Administration Curriculum

Since businesses are vast, the skills you will learn with business administration courses will prepare you for operations like project management, economics and finance. Yet if there is a specific focus you would like to concentrate on, the business administration degree allows for this. Most schools have core topics that include the broader business aspects such as information technology or business law. You can then choose a specialization, which will give you more specific training in that particular field. Examples of specializations include tourism management, operations management and real estate.

More importantly, the program will prepare you with a solid foundation of how businesses operate, whether they are large corporations, government sectors or industrial settings. The business principles learned will make you a competitive force in the marketplace and able to adapt to any type of business setting, offering a range of career opportunities and room for advancement. With these benefits, it’s no wonder why a business administration degree is one of the most popular amongst college students.

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Flexibility of Business Administration Classes

At one point in time, the majority of students who attended college were ones that had just graduated from high school. In today’s world, students pursue a degree at all different times in their lives. Colleges and universities understand that students need flexibility in their curriculum. With this in mind, many schools offer online business administration courses that can be taken on your own time. To make the courses more relevant, video conferencing and online discussions may be incorporated into the curriculum.

Other schools have yet to offer online courses, as they feel that the best learning takes place in the classroom. If the school of your choice does not offer online courses, they will be flexible with their class structure, offering night and weekend courses for those with full time jobs and family obligations. When it comes to business administration, it’s most beneficial to take as many onsite classes as possible, as this is where communication skills, leadership and problem solving are developed. You will also have the opportunity to deliver presentations, work in small groups and organize information while in the classroom.

The Future of Business Administration

Generally speaking, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration takes four years to complete or 120 credit hours. This is with a full-time standing, so if you take part-time courses during the four years, it will take you longer to complete. Even in a tough economy, business administration continues to flourish, as companies are always looking for leaders that can handle the various aspects of a business. To keep your skills relevant, see if the school of your choice offers “refresh” courses that will keep your skills current. You may even choose to pursue your MBA at a later date and receive further training in business administration.

The earning potential for business administration graduates ranges from $50,000 to $90,000, with plenty of room for advancement. To ensure that the quality of education you receive is in line with what business employers are looking for, choose a school that is accredited. This factor is often overlooked by students, but can serve a lot of importance in the long run.

By choosing an accredited school, you will have a competitive edge when applying for jobs, credits from your courses will be transferred easier and your program will be recognized on a higher level. Also, an accredited university must meet specific quality standards set in place by the accreditation program. This ensures that the school is continually meeting these criteria, offering a quality education and building a strong reputation for itself in the business world.


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Rose on 06/09/2014

I've found that studying traditional courses (math, economics) tend to provide better job opportunities than business admin courses

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