A Beautiful Hydrangea Wreath for Your Front Door

by Digby_Adams

Bring a vibrant summer cheer to your front door or home decor with one of these stunning hydrangea wreaths in blue, pink or white.

Hydrangea wreaths continue to be one of the most popular front door decorations for summer. The fluffy puffs of blue, pink or white look wonderful on all sorts of doors. Of course they are perfect on a seaside cottage. However they look just as wonderful on a modern facade. The flowers will actually soften it a bit and make it ore inviting. More care has to be taken with matching the colors. If this is an issue then pick a white hydrangea wreath. If you've got older relatives and you never know what to give them for gifts. Bring them a hydrangea wreath and offer to hang it for them. In addition to looking wonderful on a front door, they look just as nice on an inside wall. An elderly aunt in an assisted living facility or nursing home might really enjoy having a living wreath. The nice thing about hydrangeas is that they dry beautifully. So they continue to look wonderful for many months.

Hydrangea Wreath with White Roses

Blue hydrangeas and white roses create a beautiful wreath
A summer wreath to brighten our door
A summer wreath to brighten our door

Summer Decorating Tips Using Hydrangeas

Here are a few summer decorating tips inspired by nature. Hydrangeas capture the summer spirit better than any other flower. I think hydrangeas are so popular, because people associate them with so many happy memories.

Use hydrangea wreaths to bring the same cheerful notes to your front door during the summer, that you bring to it during the Christmas holidays. The easiest way to do that is with a hydrangea summer wreath made of fluffy clouds of blue, white or pink hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are one of the most popular summer flowers. When you add them to your front door summer decor, you greet your guests with a breath of fresh air.

But what you don't want is to have your front door look like all the other front doors on your street. And this can happen when you all shop at the same local garden store that has maybe half a dozen summer wreaths in stock. The solution to this believe it or not is to shop online, where you have a large selection.  Amazon is one of the most popular and trusted online shopping destinations in the world.  You'll find dozens of summer wreaths in stock and many of them use hydrangeas as their main flower.

The Blue Meadow Mist Hydrangea Wreath shown above is one of my favorite Hydrangea wreaths featured on Amazon. It contains lots of blue hydrangeas nestled into a bed of ferns. Additional flowers include white sinuate and purple globe thistle. White is my go to summer decorating color. It lightens up all other colors and really makes them pop. Blue can be a sad color, but when you combine it with a cheerful yellow or white, it brings up its notes.

When you add a front door summer wreath with white it can make a dark door seem much lighter and less heavy for the warm summer months.

Hydrangea Wreaths on Amazon

You'll find several different sizes of hydrangea wreaths on Amazon from about 12 inches to 20 inches. While blue is definitely the most commonly used flower, you'll find pink and white as well. Take a look below and you'll love the selection that you can conveniently and easily order from your home.

Hydrangea Wreaths for Sale on Amazon

Melrose 20-Inch Shades of Purple Hydr...
Melrose International
Melrose International 22-Inch Diamete...
Melrose International
Nearly Natural 4642-BL 20 Inch Hydran...
Nearly Natural
$79.99  $32.47

Rustic Hydrange Wreath for Cottage or Country Decor

New 20" Hydrangea Wreath Elegant Realistic Look Feel Attractive Won...
Only $42.20

Hydrangea Wreaths the Perfect Summer Home Accent

The 20-inch Hydrangea Wreath shown to the right, is a free-flowing wreath design that is perfect for breezy cottage decor. It also will take a formal entry-way and give it a more relaxed summer ambience. Traditional cottage gardens have a wildness about them and this hydrangea wreath mirrors that emotional connection to nature.

Don't feel that you have to limit wreaths to doors and the outdoors. If you love cottage or country decor, by all means hang this hydrangea wreath over your mantle or bed. If you having a formal summer dinner, hang it in your dining room. A crisp white tablecloth and a bouquet of blue hydrangeas for your centerpiece you're good to go.

Check Out This Video If You'd Like to Make Your Own Hydrangea Wreath

Black doors are very popular now. Other dark colors include navy blue and lipstick red. A white hydrangea wreath look stunning on any dark door. I especially love the one shown to the right. White hydrangea flowers and their green leaves make up the background of this spring wreath. It's the fluffy peonies with their bright sunny yellow flowers that take center stage. The result is a stunning combination of white flowers and green leaves - with just enough yellow to make it very cheerful. Peonies and hydrangeas have very different textures. 

This wreath is perfect if you're hosting a wedding shower. It will complement any color scheme that the bride has chosen. Once the shower is over, then you can just leave it on your door. It will look wonderful throughout the entire spring and summer. 

White Peony and Hydrangea Wreath

20-inch White Spring Wreath
Nearly Natural 4690 Peony Hydrangea Wreath, 20-Inch, White
Updated: 02/24/2015, Digby_Adams
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CruiseReady on 07/28/2015

I've never been much of a wreath person, but THESE could well change my mind. Hydrangeas are probably my favorite flowers, these hydrangea wreaths are just stunning!

Digby_Adams on 07/26/2015

Thank you so much.

dustytoes on 12/06/2012

I just love growing hydrangeas. These wreaths are so pretty!

mbgphoto on 06/19/2011

Very pretty!

Jimmie on 06/19/2011

These wreaths are gorgeous. I especially like the wild (natural) look of the second one.

Digby_Adams on 06/17/2011

Hydrangeas were my wedding flower and they are still my favorites. They are so easy to grow. I love to hang them upside down and let them dry. Thank you for stopping by to read my wizzle!

sheilamarie on 06/17/2011

These are lovely! I'd love to have one on my door!

ohcaroline on 06/16/2011

They are lovely flowers to make wreaths from. I like the grapevine wreath best.

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