How to Choose the Best Pink-Colored Bag for School?

by CeresSchwarz

Backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, etc. Pink, white, black bags. Animal patterns, polka dot designs, etc. With so many options, how can you choose the best school bag?

Those going to school would definitely need a bag with which to store all of their school supplies like textbooks, notebooks and pens. Those who are fond of the beautiful pink color may choose to get a school bag that is either of that hue or which has a pink design, theme or pattern.

But, with so many different kinds of bags out there, how would you know which one to choose and make use of? Is there such a thing as a perfect bag? How can you tell if it is perfect for you? Is there a way to express your creativity, uniqueness and individuality with the kind of bag that you have?

How to choose the best pink-colored bag for school?
How to choose the best pink-colored bag for school?

School bags

How can they be used to express your creativity, uniqueness and individuality?

Bags usually come in such colors as black, white and blue.

These kinds of totes look plain and simple, having only one shade with no other theme to make it stand out, deeming them as rather boring and ordinary.

You can't adequately show off your creativity, uniqueness and individuality with these types of bags unless you attempt to modify them such as by drawing on them and adding your own personal touch to them.

Is this shoulder bag too plain and boring for you?


However, there are some who actually like things to look plain and simple. They would find satchels that come in one color and with no other pattern perfect for them. In a way, this is how they express themselves.

Those who are looking for something less dull and plain would prefer bags that have designs and come in more than one hue. These are the bags that would have no problem standing out in a crowd, which is why their owners are able to easily draw attention as well as show how unique they can be.

To illustrate, the Wildkin Horses in Pink Laptop Messenger Bag can be classified as unique. It features a lot of horses on a light cerise backdrop. The white and brown horses add a splash of color to an otherwise plain-looking messenger bag.

In this case, it's not only the tote that is unique but also its owner because not many would like a horse-themed design on their bags even if they like horses. This also aids in showing off one's individuality.

Bags and choices

The problem with having too many choices to choose from

With a multitude of bags which you can find pretty much anywhere and everywhere, it seems that you'll never run out of said items to choose from.

Having choices is great because it means having a lot of options. If you don't like something, it's easy to go with something else.

However, if there are too many choices, it can get overwhelming as well as frustrating.

It might seem like your task would never end as the moment you see a bag that you might consider buying, you see yet another one that you also like. Now you're faced with a dilemma of which bag to choose.

The Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack, which offers different satchels for you to choose from, helps to illustrate the problem at hand. There's the Pink Swirl, the Swirl, Pink and Green, Zebra and Black Diamond, all of which have their own interesting patterns, which just add to the difficulty of choosing which backpack to go with. These products are even water resistant, which some would take into consideration when looking for a bag.

As added features, the backpacks have adjustable shoulder straps, which are also padded for comfort. They are filled with a lot of pockets and compartments to make them spacious and big enough to hold a number of things.

The problem is that this isn't the only type of backpack brand out there. There are many others that you can peruse. Backpacks aren't even the only kind of bag since there are also messenger bags, hand bags and shoulder bags. How then can you choose a bag?

The perfect school bag

How can you choose the perfect bag for yourself?

Narrowing down your choices is the first step to being able to adequately find the perfect bag for you because this will allow you to easily see your options rather than having so many that you don't even know where to begin.

Decide what kind of bag you're looking for.

Do you want a backpack, messenger bag, shoulder bag, hand bag or something else entirely?

While all these totes can be used for school, the question is if they're appropriate for you to do so.

What kind of bag are you looking for?

Backpack, messenger bag, shoulder bag, hand bag, etc
New York Tassel Hobo Handbag (Coral)

For instance, if you're carrying around a lot of textbooks and other school-related materials, it wouldn't be feasible to go with a handbag, like the New York Tassel Hobo Handbag (Coral), because you wouldn't have enough space to put all your items. In this case, it would be best to go with something like the JanSport Big Student Backpack, Pink Pansy, which should be big enough to hold all the things you need for school.

If you bring your laptop, tablet or other such electronic gadgets to school, then you would want a backpack or messenger bag like the Kipling Luggage Aleron Messenger Bag, Vibrant Pink, Medium, which could double as a laptop case. Thus size also matters with regards to choosing the perfect bag.

The school bag's color

How to decide which color to choose?

After you've decided what kind of bag you want and what size you want it to be, the next step is to decide on what its color is going to be.

While bags come in a variety of hues, it would be easier if you went with something that you actually like or that is your favorite color.

Whatever color this might be, there's sure to be a bag with such a shade, considering how many there are out there. 

In some cases, just because you might like a particular color, it doesn't mean that you would want to get a bag that has this shade.

What's your favorite color?

To choose or not to choose just 1 color or a combination of colors?
Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag (Shocking Pink/Black, Medium)

If you have several colors that you like, then consider getting a bag with a combination of those colors. For example, the Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag (Shocking Pink/Black, Medium) is a combination of the colors black and pink.

Designs of school bags

How to choose the best one for yourself?

Aside from colors and kinds, bags also come in a wide array of designs, themes and patterns that you can choose from.

These are all aesthetically pleasing to the eyes in their own right. Different people like different things so what one person might like, another might not.

For example, the World Traveler Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer 14-inch Multipurpose Backpack has a pretty interesting pattern.

However, not many people would like this backpack because of its look. Some would prefer getting a different one while others would love the look of this bag.

Thus, it's up to you to determine what kind of bag design you like the best because each person has their own likes and preferences. Go with what most appeals to you and that's the theme that would be the most suited for you.

An interesting pattern?

What kind of bag design do you like?
World Traveler Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer 14-inch Multipur...

Floral-themed school bags

Bags with flowers or a floral pattern

For those that love flowers alongside the color pink, a floral-themed school bag would be perfect for you. These would show just how much you love flowers while also adding more style to your chosen tote.

For a quilted and floral look, the Belvah Extra Large Quilted Floral Print Tote Handbag- Brown/Pink fit the bill perfectly. It shows an interesting combination of the colors pink, white and brown, which add more oomph to the bag. It even sports a gorgeous-looking ribbons that help make it stand out from other tote handbags.

Flowers in school bags

Like flowers & floral patterns?
Belvah Quilted Floral Print Tote Handbag (Brown/Pink)

Animal print school bags

Bags with animal patterns and themes

It's not for everyone but there are those who like animal-based designs and prints on their bags.

These people could be animal lovers or they could just like the way these patterns look.

To those that want a leopard print design, the World Traveler Pink Leopard 14-inch Multipurpose Backpack does it really well and it even includes a pink lining on the edges to add some light color to an otherwise rather dark theme.

The Large Roomy Canvas Tote Purse Beach Travel Bag w/ Attached Coin Purse Hot Pink Trim Zebra is for the ones who like a zebra pattern and would like a coin purse to go with their tote.

School bags with polka dots

Bags with polka dotted and circular designs

Polka dots are a fantastic design that some people love. The circular patterns come in a variety of styles that really appeal to others. There are those who would like big multi-colored polka dots on their bag.

For something that isn't overtly polka-dotted and yet still has a circular theme to it, the Wildkin Majestic Laptop Messenger Bag fits the description while also appearing to have a bit of a royal look, considering its light colors as well as its airy and whimsical feel.

The Ever Moda Polka Dots Tote Bag is for those that want a darker shade of pink as well as an overall darker look on a bag. The cute light pink polka-dotted bow adds a bit of light to an otherwise dark background.

Damask school bags

Bags with a Damask design

The Damask design looks very interesting with its intricate and intriguing pattern, which really make it stand out especially when combined with a brilliant color combination.

Many would love to have bags, which sport this fabulous theme. 

It even aids in your quest for individuality and uniqueness with how this kind of pattern easily fits that criteria.

For example, the Pink Brown Damask Junior Backpack Purse Bag just screams cute and fantastic no matter which way you look at it as it shows just how lovely the pink Damask pattern looks when framed against a brown background.

The Large Roomy Canvas Tote Purse Beach Travel Bag w/ Attached Coin Purse Hot Pink Green Damask is for those who prefer something lighter as it shows off a combination of green, pink and white colors.

Bags with unusual designs

Unique-looking patterns and themes

The designs of these bags seem to have no rhyme or reason as they look vastly individual with how unique they are. For some of these bags, even their names scream unique.

An example is the High Sierra Loop Backpack, Butterflies Pink, Bright Flight / Pink Lemon color, 19x13.5x8.5-Inch.

With its cool-looking shade of light pink and its lovely design that seems a mishmash splash of other colors like orange, blue and white, it definitely falls under unusual.

Unusual bag patterns

School bags with unique designs
High Sierra Loop Backpack, Butterflies Pink, Bright Fligh...

There's nothing simple, plain or common with these bags.They can be classified as unusual and some might even say weird but there are a lot who would love to have these fabulous-looking bags like the High Sierra Loop Backpack, Feather Rainbow, 19x13.5x8.5-Inch.

With a dash of pink in an otherwise rather dark shade of other colors, its pattern appears rather feathery and a bit reminiscent of the rainbow though minus a few other hues.

Some of these unusual patterns can even seem like an explosion of colors such as in the case of JanSport Big Student Backpack, Pink Pansy Ditzy Daisy where every inch of said bag seems to be filled with this blend of funky-looking swirls.

In other cases, the bag's pattern may be a bit less but it doesn't take away from its extraordinary and seemingly otherworldly appearance such as with the Large Roomy Canvas Tote Purse Beach Travel Bag w/ Attached Coin Purse Pink Brown Toile.

This one showcases a combination of pink and brown colors alongside an unusual and interesting design.


These are just some of the many pink-colored bags that you can find out there. Hopefully, you got an idea of how to choose the perfect bag for yourself.

In the end, just remember that it's all a matter of preference.

If you like the look, feel and design of a certain bag, feel free to acquire it.

It means that this particular bag is the one that speaks to you and is the one that is most capable of expressing your uniqueness, individuality and creativity.

What kind of bag design do you like best?


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CeresSchwarz on 09/17/2013

@Jyreeil - yeah, I guess pink is a color that women would be more wont to like than men. It does look feminine.

Black bags are okay too and the color is something that could be for both men and women. In the end, I guess it depends on the person's preference as to what kind of bag they like and what kind of color they'd like their bag to have.

Jyreeil on 09/16/2013

I'll stick with my old bag, I mainly use it for magic the gathering tournaments now, because I go to school online. If I did buy a new one I would probably stick with green or black, sorry, but I think pink is a little too feminine for me. I guess this article is probably more for girls, but I wanted to leave feedback on something so yeah.

CeresSchwarz on 08/08/2013

@katiem2 - hi. Thanks. I've always loved the color pink too. And yes, there's a whole lot of pink bags for school that it can be really hard to choose from all of them. Glad you liked the article.

CeresSchwarz on 08/08/2013

@Mira - hi. Thanks. Glad you liked the article. :)

Mira on 08/07/2013

Great article! I could use some of these bags myself :)

katiem2 on 08/07/2013

Pink has always been a favorite color when it comes to school bags, backpacks, duffle bags, and carrier bags for my two daughters back to school picks. You have a great selection of back to school bags available here, love the variety of brands and prices.

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