Why Should You Wear White-Colored Easter Egg Jewelry?

by CeresSchwarz

There are lots of Easter egg jewelries that are colored white. Aside from the fact that they all look very nice and pretty, why would you want to wear these things?

White is one of the colors of Easter. But why? What does this shade mean when we're talking about the aforementioned holiday?

Easter eggs are undoubtedly part of celebrating said holiday. But why would you want to wear jewelries, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, that have a white Easter egg theme? What is the significance and meaning in wearing an Easter egg jewelry with a white hue?

And what are some of the jewelries with the above-mentioned design and theme that you can choose to wear or give as gifts to your loved ones for the holiday in question?

Why Should You Wear White-Colored Easter Egg Jewelry?
Why Should You Wear White-Colored Easter Egg Jewelry?

Easter Egg Jewelry

Why wear this kind of jewelry?

Jewelries can help add to your chosen outfit, acting as beautiful accessories and accentuating the rest of your clothes.

It's no wonder then that some people like to wear jewelries. 

Well that, and some just want to because they want to and does anyone really need more of a reason than that?

Anyway, jewelries come in many different shapes, sizes, designs and themes.

Many of these are perfectly appropriate for celebrations and holidays. 

For example, for Christmas, you might want to wear jewelries with Christmas themes, like Christmas trees and the like, and you can be sure that there are definitely a lot of these kinds of items.

The same can be said for other holidays including Easter.

White Easter Egg Earrings

What's wrong with wearing jewelries in the shape of Easter eggs like the one below? Easter egg jewelries come in different kinds and styles such as bracelets and earrings
White Easter Egg With Clear Crystal Band Silver Layla Bow French Ea...

So, yes, there are Easter rabbit jewelries too. But this isn't about rabbits so let's get back to the eggs. There are a lot of egg jewelries that are perfect for Easter. They come in different types and styles so you can just choose which one you want to wear. For example, you can have the earrings above.

Now, let's get back to the original question. Why would you want to wear this kind of jewelry? Well, why not? If you want to, who's going to stop you? What's wrong with wearing it? If you want to wear Easter egg jewelry, don't let anyone stop you. More than that though, these kinds of jewelries can be good for accessories too. And it goes without saying that it's the perfect kind of item to wear when you're celebrating the holiday in question. Why?

Meaning of Easter Egg

What is the symbolism behind these eggs?

Why are these eggs important for Easter? Why are they practically synonymous to Easter? After all, when you think of the aforementioned holiday, you also think about Easter eggs, don't you?

Well, Easter eggs are actually supposed to represent the empty tomb of Christ while also symbolizing rebirth.

What does that mean?

The hard shell of the egg represents the tomb of Christ. 

When an egg is cracked open or when the bird in it hatches, this part symbolizes how Christ was resurrected, how he rose from the dead. 

And this is why the empty egg represents how Christ conquered death and how he ascended into heaven.

This is symbolic of having eternal life because, even though Christ initially died on the cross and was buried, he was eventually resurrected and so his tomb was now empty as he rose up to the heavens.

White Gold Easter Egg Pendant

Symbolizes the empty tomb of Christ because he was resurrected from the dead

White Easter Egg Jewelry

Why does it have to be white?

So, you've finally decided that yo do want to wear some Easter egg jewelries like bracelets and pendants and earrings and the like. Great idea. You start looking around and you soon realize that these eggs actually come in many different colors, including white. White might seem like such a bland or dull color to some though others might actually like this shade.

But, regardless of that, what important reason could there be for people to even think about considering getting some white-colored Easter egg jewelry?

Just what is so special about this particular hue anyway?

What does this color mean when we're talking about the aforementioned holiday? 

In Easter, white represents purity. 

Yeah, it is kind of obvious, isn't it?

This is especially because white is such a pure color. It's unblemished, it's clear, it isn't tarnished.

It's the color of innocence and snow and it's even associated with concepts like good and light and heaven and god and other things like that.

White is pretty much the complete opposite of black, which is said to be the color of darkness, death, evil and the devil.

White Pearl Egg Earrings

What's so special about the color white? White represents purity, innocence, light, good, and other such aspects and concepts. It is the opposite of black, darkness and evil
Easter Egg Shape White Pearl Earrings With Elaborate Crystal Rhines...

When you think of angels and grace and resurrection and all those good and religious things, what color do you associate with these concepts? White, of course, right? When you see images and pictures of angels and the like, you can see that they're also colored white if they're supposed to be good.

You'll only ever see black-colored angels when we're talking about the fallen or dark angels, those that are considered evil and bad. Even when we're not talking about the holiday in question, white is generally seen and perceived to be a good and light color.

This shade isn't something that one would readily associate with evil and this is what makes this such a good choice for Easter. Besides, the color itself can be really beautiful and breathtaking even if it might seem plain and simple at first glance. After all, the hue itself can also bring about calm, peace and serenity because of how free and clear it looks.

Let's now take a look at some of the other white-colored Easter egg jewelries that you can consider getting for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones for the holiday in question:

White Easter Egg Charm Bracelet With Cross

If you like both crosses and Easter eggs and would like both objects to be present in your jewelry, then you might want to consider the charm bracelet featured to the left.

The cross is dotted with white pearls, which helps to make it stand out and look quite distinct when paired with the egg right beside it.

The egg itself also stands out thanks to the clear silver polka dots on it so it doesn't look entirely too white.

This is perfect for those that want another shade of white on their jewelry. The bracelet itself appears to have a unique look to it without coming across as too gaudy or extravagant.

White Easter Egg Earrings

What does it feel like to wear dangling Easter egg earrings? Don't know? Interested in finding out? 

If so, then you can consider the item featured to the right.

The design appears to be simple and plain especially when it comes to the color scheme.

But, just the fact that these are dangling earrings already means that it has the capability to draw attention to itself especially when the one who will wear this jewelry has short hair so the earrings can be even more visible and prominent.

White Easter Egg Pendant Necklace With 'I Love You' Heart

If you're searching for a possible gift for your lover for Easter, why don't you consider something like the item featured below? Not only is it perfect for Easter what with the white-colored Easter egg, it's also perfect for your girlfriend or wife because of the heart shape charm that even has the words 'I love you' on it.

How's that for being both an Easter gift and a present to show your lover just how much you love her? That heart charm is certainly one good way of declaring your undying love and devotion for your special someone. It even looks very nice on the necklace and when paired with the white Easter egg.


Wear white-colored Easter egg jewelries like bracelets and necklaces and earrings to celebrate the holiday in question.

Eggs have pretty much always been a part of Easter and the white color is very fitting and appropriate for the aforementioned holiday considering the meanings and symbolism associated with it.

It's no wonder that you can find so many jewelries that have an Easter egg design or theme and that are colored white.

What do you think of wearing these kinds of jewelries for Easter?

Will you be getting one for yourself and for your loved ones?

Are you going to get white-colored Easter egg jewelries?

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