10 Fabergé Musical Eggs Easter Gift Ideas

by CeresSchwarz

Consider giving musical eggs made in or similar to Fabergé style as a gift for Easter. Why would you want to do that and what could be so special about these eggs?

Eggs play a large part in the celebration of Easter, so much so that it's not at all surprising to see so many gift ideas and even holiday events that have to do with eggs. We have Easter egg hunts and, of course, a multitude of different kinds of Easter eggs, one of which is known as the Fabergé egg.

Considering the popularity of the aforementioned eggs, the appearance of items that have been made in the style of or in imitation of the Fabergé eggs is no wonder at all.These so-called imitation Fabergé eggs are beautiful, to say the least, akin to the originals, and this explains why they would make for good decorations especially for the holiday in question.

That alone certainly makes for a good reason as to why anyone would want to get one as a present. But why stop there? Why should your Easter eggs be good for nothing but being a mere decoration when it can be so much more than that?

Wouldn't it be pretty cool to also be able to listen to music via these eggs? In this way, aside from getting something that makes for a good ornament, you can also get something that acts as a music player. It's like getting two things for the price of one. So, what are some of the Fabergé-style Easter eggs, that also doubles as a music box player, that you can choose to give as gifts or get for yourself?

10 Musical Fabergé Eggs Easter Gift Ideas
10 Musical Fabergé Eggs Easter Gift Ideas

Fabergé Eggs

Short information / trivia

Let's take a quick look at what exactly Fabergé eggs are before talking about the Easter eggs that are made in this style.

First of all, a Fabergé egg is an Easter egg (yes, yes, it should have been obvious but it's best to start at the beginning, no?)

It was named after its creator who is a Russian jeweller known as Peter Carl Fabergé.

This guy made many of these eggs for the Russian Tsars.

Since he made quite a number of them, those royal eggs are sometimes collectively referred to as the Imperial Fabergé eggs.

Now, Easter eggs are usually filled with sweets like chocolates aside from being decorated in a variety of ways. While a Fabergé egg is an Easter egg, the 2 are not exactly the same.

For starters, the Fabergé eggs are actually made using gemstones and other such precious metals and materials. These eggs look marvelously stunning and gorgeous, to say the least. These eggs aren't filled with confectioneries though. They contain different things inside them and these are known as 'surprises'.

An example is the Trans-Siberian Railway Fabergé egg.

This one was made for the Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna, the wife of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Inside the egg is a miniature train.

Another example is the Gatchina Palace Fabergé egg.

This one was made for the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, the mother of the aforementioned Russian Tsar.

The inside of this egg contains a miniature replica of the palace at Gatchina.

An image of this particular egg is featured above (it's the very first image).

Let's now take a look at some of the musical Easter eggs that have been made in a style similar to the Fabergé eggs.

1. Royal Blue Musical Fabergé Egg

With Gold Crown & Accents

Fans of the color blue will surely like the look of the item featured to the right.

The dark royal blue hue of this musical egg contrasts quite nicely with the gold shade and accents.

The golden crown, not to mention the regal and kingly look of this product, can certainly appeal to those who like royalty or who have a royal decoration theme in their room or house. 

Another thing that makes this egg a fine choice for Easter is how it plays the well-known Christian hymn Amazing Grace by John Newton.

2. Musical Easter Egg In Fabergé Style

With Pink Flowers Design

If, instead of blues and a royal look, you prefer something pink and flowery, then you're better off with getting an Easter egg like the one featured below. The way the pink flowers are placed all over this item really give it a very nice flowery and floral look, which is perfect for all those who love and adore flowers.

This egg plays the Flower Waltz or the Waltz of the Flowers, which is a piece of orchestral music from The Nutcracker Ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a popular and well-known Russian composer.

This makes the choice of music very fitting and appropriate for this egg, especially considering how the numerous petals draw attention to themselves and aid in making this product stand out. And if you're a fan of the aforementioned ballet and tune, then it's all the more reason to acquire this Easter egg.

Jewellery Easter Egg In Fabergé Style With Flower Design Music Box

3. Green Shamrock Fabergé Egg

Are you planning to get an early Easter gift?

Do you want to be able to combine your Easter gift with a Saint Patrick's Day gift? 

Don't you think it would be pretty cool if it's actually possible to combine these two together, if you can actually find a gift that can be for both holidays in question?

If you think this sounds like a nice idea, well, you're not the only to think so.

Just take a look at the item featured to the left and you can see that, yes, it is possible for one single product to pass off or be appropriate as a present for both aforementioned celebrations.

Green Musical Fabergé Easter Egg With Gold Shamrock Accents

Only $28.99

The forest green color and golden shamrocks surrounding this egg make it utterly perfect for St. Patrick's Day. The egg itself, in a Fabergé style no less, makes this perfect for Easter. The tune played by this music box egg is called Greensleeves, which is actually a traditional English folk song.

4. Oval-Shaped Midnight Black Musical Fabergé Egg

For something completely different (well, mostly since we are still talking about Fabergé style Easter eggs)  from the aforementioned items, take a look at the product shown below. This egg is a stark contrast to the lively-looking and brightly-colored eggs we've seen so far, considering its midnight black shade, not to mention its oval shape.

However, even though this egg has a black hue, it doesn't come across as bleak or too dark. Instead, it just gives the egg a mysteriously magnificent and elegant look. The white and gold hues also help to offset the darkness of this egg so it doesn't seem depressing.

The tune played by this egg is as classical as its look. It's the Symphony No. 5 In C Minor by Ludwig van Beethoven, which is a very popular classical music composition that is frequently played.

Oval Midnight Black Musical Fabergé Easter Egg With Gold Accents

Only $44.99

5. Fabergé Easter Egg With Swarovski Crystals And Matching Pendant

For those that like purple, the Easter egg featured to the right is a good present or decoration choice.

This is also good for all those that like their decorations to be intricately-detailed.

Needless to say, this purple egg fits that description down to a T.

Just look at those gold accents, the Swarovski crystals and all the other little things that make up the whole of this item and you can see how well they all fit together.

Purple Imperial Easter Egg Music Box

Furthermore, if the gift you're planning to get is for your lover, then this is one product that you shouldn't overlook. The reason is because of the tune that this music box plays, which is romantic, to say the least. When you open this egg, you can hear Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

So, if you're looking or intending to declare your undying, endless love for your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend while also giving her / him an Easter egg present, then you couldn't possibly go wrong with this particular item.

6. Musical Fabergé Easter Egg

With Gold Accents

So you'd like a green-colored Easter egg but you'd much rather that it didn't come accompanied by shamrocks or anything that could be related to St. Patrick's Day because you'd prefer that your gift be something that is only for Easter.

If that's the case, then feast your eyes on the egg featured to the left.

It has a very beautiful shade of green that is reminiscent of the trees and grass and leaves in a forest, reminding people of the calming presence and serenity of nature.

Forest Green Musical Fabergé Egg

Only $44.99

However, this egg is not drowning in too much green thanks to the lovely gold accents surrounding this piece. Fans of The Nutcracker ballet will also be interested in this particular egg considering the tune that it plays, which is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky from the aforementioned ballet.

7. Orange Musical Fabergé Egg

If it's bright colors that you like, with the special mention of orange shades, then the Easter egg featured to the right should be the right item for you.

This is even more so if your house or room decorations have an orange and gold theme to it.

The aforementioned colors seem rather close in tone and hue but this just goes to show how compatible they are. 

Both are bright, sunny, light and happy colors and these are the kinds of emotions that can be evoked when one looks at this egg, which is very fitting since Easter is supposed to be a happy celebration.

Radiant Orange Musical Easter Fabergé Egg With Gold Ornament Accents

Only $57.74

This music box plays Wedding March In C Major by Felix Mendelssohn, which makes this an appropriate and appealing gift idea for couples, married or otherwise (or those that may want to get married anyway).

By the way, for those that aren't married: ever considered proposing via Easter egg? You can put a ring inside this egg and then present it to your lover. When it is opened, it's not just a gorgeous engagement ring that will greet your lover, but also some fantastic-sounding music. How cool is that?

8. Oval Musical Easter Fabergé Egg

With Gold Accents

The piece you can see featured to the left is actually quite similar to the previously-mentioned black-colored Easter egg.

They're both oval-shaped and they both have gold accents but they differ in their main color.

This particular egg comes in a fabulous shade of red, which is great for all those that love this color.

And if you like the Swan Lake ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, then know that this egg plays the Swan lake tune / theme.

Oval Sapphire Musical Fabergé Egg

Only $44.99

9. Musical Fabergé Easter Egg

So you like the color pink and think it would be pretty nice to have an Easter egg with that shade especially if it's in the Fabergé style but, at the same time, you don't want said item to seem too girly or too flowery.

If that's the case, then you might find yourself interested in the product featured below. While it does have a pink hue, it doesn't come across as too bright or too pink. The entire egg itself looks appealing and classy what with the gold decorations and accents surrounding the surface.

If you're a fan of The Beatles, then you might want to take a second look at this egg anyway even if you might not like its color or look. This is because this music box plays the tune Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.

Pink Musical Fabergé Egg Box

10. Musical Fabergé Easter Egg

Bejeweled Pewter Music Box With Swarovski Crystals & Matching Pendant

The red and gold Easter egg featured below is fantastically designed in such a marvelously intricate and detailed way that it really comes across as classy and elegant. With the way it looks, it seems to scream Fabergé egg even though it's really more of an imitation than anything. It certainly seems as if it could pass of as one of the Imperial Easter eggs.

Just look at all those details and how nicely all the elements of the egg have been put together, from the colors to the Swarovski crystals to everything else. They've all been combined to form a truly stunning and special product. Moreover, the red color of this egg gives it that romantic flair, which is perfect for all those who want to get a present for their lovers.

But it's not just the shade of this egg that makes it a good gift idea for one's lover. It's also because of the fact that this music box plays the very popular and well-known theme song from the movie Titanic entitled My Heart Will Go On by Céline Dion.

Musical Fantasy Red Easter Egg

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These are just some of the musical Easter eggs in a Fabergé style that you can choose to give as gifts or get for yourself for the aforementioned holiday.

These eggs aren't just great for decoration purposes because they also double as a music box.

Now you can listen to some lovely and wonderful-sounding music every time you open one of these beautiful-looking eggs.

Don't you think that's really quite cool?

What can you say about these items?

Will you be getting one as a present for your loved ones?

Or will you get one for yourself to act as both a decoration and a music box?

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blackspanielgallery on 07/21/2015

The New Orleans Museum of Art has several real ones. My favorite is the red one.

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