Why Should You Wear A Red-Colored Easter Egg Pendant?

by CeresSchwarz

Wear a red-colored Easter Egg pendant necklace to celebrate the holiday in question. But why would you want to do that? What's so special or significant about this?

What reason would anyone have for wearing a necklace with an Easter egg pendant? What is the significance of wearing something that is red-colored on Easter particularly if it is an Easter egg with a scarlet shade?

The crimson hue has a lot of meanings but what symbolism does it have in relation to the aforementioned holiday? What are some red-colored Easter egg pendants that you can acquire and choose to wear or even give as gifts to your loved ones?

Why Should You Wear A Red-Colored Easter Egg Pendant Necklace?
Why Should You Wear A Red-Colored Easter Egg Pendant Necklace?

Easter Eggs

Why wear a pendant necklace?

Eggs are a part of Easter. It is closely associated with Easter, which explains why there are so many Easter eggs out there and why we even have Easter egg hunts.

You can get eggs filled with sweets and other confectioneries or you can get eggs that can be used for decoration what with their lovely designs and themes fit for the holiday in question.

These kinds of eggs are, naturally, big and large.

However, if you're not all that fond of hunting for eggs or carrying around eggs in your hands and you want something on your person that can show that you're celebrating Easter, then why don't you consider wearing a pendant necklace?

Venezia Russian Royal Easter Egg Pendant

What reason would you have to want to wear a necklace with an Easter egg pendant like the one below?

With this, you don't have to carry anything. You can show it off or hide it whenever you want to as it's simply a matter of putting said necklace underneath your shirt or in front of it. Aside from being something that can be associated with Easter, your pendant can even be an added accessory to further accentuate your outfit.

Of course, since we are talking about Easter, the jewelry you choose should be related to the aforementioned holiday. And what could be more related to Easter than Easter eggs? It's no wonder then that there are a lot of Easter egg jewelries.

Red Eggs

Why should the egg pendant be red?

Easter egg pendants come in a variety of colors including red. 

But why would you want to consider getting an egg necklace that is of a scarlet shade, just like the one you can see featured to the left?

What is so significant and symbolic and meaningful about this particular hue anyway?

There are many meanings associated with crimson such as love and fire and blood.

When we're talking about Easter, the color red pertains to the blood of Christ that was spilled or shed when he died on the cross.

As such, this hue is also symbolic of love and sacrifice because of how much Christ loved mankind and how he was willing to die for the sake of everyone that he didn't mind if his own blood was spilled.

Ruby Red Russian Egg Jewelry Set

Includes a pendant necklace, pair of earrings and a ring

Ruby Red Russian Egg Pendant Necklace

Ruby Red "Russian Egg" Platinum-Plated Fashion Pendant Necklace With Imported Crystal Elements
Enlarged one of the product images of the product above from Amazon.com

This is why many people dye Easter eggs red. In the days before Easter, during Holy Week, the scarlet shade represents Christ's suffering.

Speaking of the jewelry set featured above, let's take a closer look at it. Don't you think its bright ruby red color really seems to be reminiscent of blood with the way it looks? This makes this gemstone very much appropriate for the holiday in question.

A closer look at the aforementioned jewelry set will reveal that the gem stone isn't really an egg. Rather, it just looks like an egg with the way it is shaped. This is wonderful for all those who don't want their pendants to look so blatantly like an Easter egg. Furthermore, this also means that you can still wear any of these jewelry even after said holiday is over.

Cross On Red Egg

What is the significance?

Some Easter eggs, like the one you can see to the right, also have a cross as part of its design aside from being colored red.

We already know what the color red means when we're talking about Easter. 

But what about the cross? 

What is the significance and meaning of having a cross on an egg?

Christ was crucified on a cross.

This is where he suffered, where his blood was shed and where he eventually died.

Cross On Red Easter Egg

Pendant Necklace
Crystal Cross On Red Russian Royal Egg Pendant

This makes the cross another important aspect of Easter, which explains why there are some red Easter eggs that have crosses on them. If you like both the cross and egg motif, then get a necklace that has both as a theme.

The pendant above does a pretty good job of combining together the red color, the egg and the cross, creating a beautiful finished product. The crimson hue is akin to blood and it contrasts nicely with the cross, which looks very prominent on the egg especially with how it is placed directly on the center of the item.

Now, let's take a look at some of the other red Easter egg pendant necklaces that you can consider getting for yourself or giving as presents to your loved ones for the aforementioned holiday.

Fabergé Red Easter Egg Pendant Necklace

Fabergé eggs are Easter eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian jeweler. These eggs are very special and different from the usual Easter eggs because these have been made using gemstones and metals and precious materials. Each of these eggs are also filled with interesting surprises inside instead of the usual sweets and chocolates and confectioneries.

Considering how popular and well-known these Russian eggs are, it's only to be expected that one can find a number of Fabergé-style eggs or eggs that have been made to imitate the original Fabergé Easter eggs.

An example is the necklace featured below, which also happens to come in a stunning and bright crimson color. As you can see from the image, the egg itself has been gorgeously-decorated and designed in such a way that it naturally draws attention to itself seemingly without an effort at all. Just like the original Fabergé eggs, this pendant looks remarkable and grandiose with all the little details that make up its entirety.

Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystals Red Enameled Russian Fabergé Easter Egg Pendant Necklace

The item featured below is also a Fabergé-style egg though it looks vastly different when compared to the product shown above. This one comes in a different shade of scarlet and it doesn't look as detailed as the other egg. This makes it perfect for those that want their pendant to look simple and yet still come across as elegant and marvelous.

This item doesn't look too gaudy thanks to its minimal decorations. Those same decorations add oomph to the product while the gold colors contrasts quite nicely with the red hue of the egg. The golden shape at the very center of the Easter egg even looks like a cross, which is great for those that want their necklaces to not just be crimson in color but to also have a cross as part of its design.


Wearing red-colored egg pendant necklaces can be another way to celebrate the Easter holiday because of the meaning associated with the shade and even the cross symbol.

If you don't like carrying heavy and big eggs around or if you're not into Easter egg hunts and the like and if you like jewelries, then you can consider getting yourself a scarlet egg necklace.

You can even get these items as gifts for your loved ones.

These products can also make for good accessories.

What do you think of them?

Do you want a red-colored Easter egg pendant?

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