Mother's Day Message Via Flowers Jewelries Gifts

by CeresSchwarz

What kind of message can you say to your mom for Mother's Day just by giving her jewelries gifts with a flower theme or design and without you having to say anything at all?

Did you know that you can say so many things without having to utter a single word just by your actions and even the choice of presents that you decide to give to someone? You must have heard the phrase, "actions speak louder than words".

So, for this Mother's Day, why don't you consider giving your mom gifts that aren't just pretty and nice to look at but are also special and meaningful and can convey your message of love in a way that the spoken word cannot?

Flowers fit that description well because they hold so much meaning and symbolism. But why is it better to get jewelries with a flower theme or design instead of just plain bouquets of flowers? And what kinds of flowers and jewelries can be appropriate and perfect as Mother's Day gifts?

Mother's Day Message Via Flowers Jewelries Gifts
Mother's Day Message Via Flowers Jewelries Gifts

Flower Jewelries versus Flower Bouquets

So, exactly why can it be said that flower jewelries are much better as compared to real and fresh bouquets of flowers?

Fresh flowers are nice and all but the fact remains that they don't last.

They can't last. They'll always wither and die, sooner or later.

But the same can't be said about jewelries.

Jewelries are sturdy and constant.

They're always there. One can always choose to wear them whenever they want to.

White Flower Jewelry Pendant Necklace

Flowers on jewelries can last for a long time unlike real fresh flowers, which fade, wither and wilt sooner or later

In effect, giving a jewelry gift is synonymous to giving something that lasts and that can always be used by its recipient. Besides, even flowers on jewelries can look really exquisite and magnificently beautiful. Just look at the gorgeous-looking necklace featured above and see for yourself. That white flower pendant looks very finely and nicely-made, no? It even looks somewhat like a real flower.

Flowers Jewelries Gifts

What are the things you can accomplish just by giving a flower jewelry present to your mom for Mother's Day?

Let's count them:

1. Remembrance - giving a gift means you know that it's a holiday for mothers and that you didn't forget your own mother, which was why you got her something.

2. Love and care - you'd give gifts to people that matter to you, that you love and care about.

Why would you give presents to those you don't even like?

Giving your mom something indicates and shows how much you love her and care about her.

3. Wordless, voiceless message - just by giving jewelries with a certain flower theme, there are already so many things that you can say to your mother without having to say or write anything at all.

A single gift for Mother's Day can convey so much if it's the right one

You can easily let the gift itself do all the talking, conveying your heartfelt and sincere feelings by way of your actions. Now, let's take a look at some of these awesome jewelries and discover the kinds of flowers that are perfect for Mother's Day.

White Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums that are colored white mean truth.

If you're giving your mom a series of gifts and/or a series of messages, you can start with this one to indicate that everything you will say and do is nothing but the truth.

Tell your mom just how genuine and sincere you are with items like the white chrysanthemum pearl bracelet featured on the right.

It's got a pretty cool and unique design that will appeal to those who like the color white and pearls and bracelets.

Only $44.99


If you want to show your sincerity to your mother but don't want to do it via white chrysanthemums or if your mom actually doesn't like that flower, then why don't you just go with gladiolus flowers instead?

These flowers mean "I'm really sincere" so you might think that it's even better than the aforementioned white flowers. Who knew you can say entire phrases with a single flower? How cool is that? Now whatever message you want to give to your mom, you can add gladiolus flowers to it so you can say that you're not just sincere with what you're trying to say, but you're really sincere.

Another meaning for this flower is "strength of character" so if you want to compliment your mom and let her know just how strong she is (maybe she struggled and worked really hard to raise her children and, even though she was having a hard time, she still didn't give up and she remained strong and steadfast), then this is also the flower for that.  

The gladiolus flower necklace featured below really seems to show sincerity and strength of character quite well, no? It also looks very appealing with how vibrantly colored it is. The gladiolus pendant itself stands out and seems to draw attention to itself with how it has been designed and with how strong it looks.

Pink Carnation

There are two meanings for pink carnations that really fit well for Mother's Day.

The first is gratitude. 

Thankful to your mom for all the things she's done for you, for being there for you all the time, for being so understanding, for loving you unconditionally, for accepting you for who you are, for a multitude of things that will take you ages to list down?

There are many things that you can say 'thank you' to your mom for.

Only $31.95

Convey your gratitude by way of a pink carnation and let this flower say just how grateful you are to your mother that mere words might not be able to relate.

The second meaning of this flower is "I'll never forget you". Reassure your mom that she's far too important and precious to you for you to ever forget her even if the two of you can't see each other all the time or even if you live in different places now or no matter how much older you both get. Remind her that, no matter what, she'll always be your mother and you'll never forget that fact and her.

For a pink carnation jewelry, you can go with something like the ring featured above. It looks pretty simple and plain and yet it's still quite charming in its own way. This is a good choice for those that like the color pink and rings and carnations.


Azalea flowers mean "take care of yourself for me". This is the kind of message that you'd want to relay to your mom if the two of you don't live together anymore. Perhaps you both live rather far from each other. Maybe you can't always be around to visit her because you're busy.

She's your mother so it's only natural that you'd worry about her and be concerned about her health and well-being even if she's not ill or sick. So remind her that you care and that you want her to always be healthy and safe and strong by giving her some azalea jewelry such as the necklace featured below. This one looks plain and simple whilst showcasing a beautiful Mexican azalea.


Hydrangeas mean "thank you for understanding".

There are times when we might feel insecure, depressed and lonely, when we feel that no one understands us and we just want someone to be there for us. 

If your mom was the one that was there for you during all of these moments, then it's only natural that you'd want to thank her for always understanding you and being there for you.

Let your mother know just how grateful you are and how her support and understanding really meant so much to you and how you're so glad that she didn't give up on you by giving her some hydrangea jewelry like the bracelet featured above.

With this gorgeous-looking hydrangea cuff bracelet, you can relay the message that you're eternally thankful about how your mom was always there to listen to you and hold you and that all this really means the world to you because, sometimes, we just need someone to be there, no?

Tea Rose

Do you have very nice and fond memories of your mother and your childhood and how she took care of you and was always there for you?

Do you remember the times when she would play with you and help you with whatever you needed help with like with your homework?

Do you remember when she would comfort you whenever you were sad and feeling depressed?

Do you remember the times you laughed together and bonded?

If you're feeling reminiscent and you want let your mom know that you've never forgotten all the memories you shared together and that you dearly treasure all these memories, then you can do so by giving her a tea rose jewelry like the earrings you can see above.

This is because tea rose means "I'll remember always". The tea rose fringe earrings above really seem to show remembrance thanks to the many tea roses and dangling crystal fringes that make up this item. The aforementioned things can pertain to or stand for the many different memories that you've shared with your mother and that you continue to remember.


When you felt sad and hurt and wanted to just cry and be held by someone, who did you run to for comfort?

Was it your mother?

Giving her some petunias can be a good idea then because these flowers mean "your presence soothes me".

The pink petunia earrings featured to the right can be a good gift choice especially if your mom likes the color pink and earrings.

Needless to say, these earrings look rather exquisite with its bright shade and sparkling gems.

If, even now, in the present, it's still your mom that you run to for comfort and that can soothe you whenever you feel upset and miserable and depressed, then it's all the more reason to let her know just how you appreciate her being there for you and how she has a special and unique way of soothing away all your fears and worries.

Yellow Tulip

Mothers are really very special and great, wouldn't you say?

They really try their hardest to give the very best for their children. They do all that they can to make their children happy, to bring happiness to their family.

Is your mother always cheerful and happy and smiling even when she might not really be feeling all that happy and yet she still pastes a smile on her face anyway because she doesn't want you to worry?

Does she bring happiness wherever she goes?

Do you feel her comforting warmth and love when you see her, when she speaks to you and others and when she smiles? If so, you can give your mom some yellow tulips to let her know that "there's sunshine in your smile".

Isn't this a very fitting flower for Mother's Day? After all, moms are really like the sun, aren't they? They shine and they bring warmth and happiness and love and they do their best to dispel all the pain and hurt and sadness of their family and loved ones.

The yellow tulip necklace pendant featured above may look pretty plain and ordinary and simple because it only depicts flowers and that's it but this is actually what makes this piece of jewelry stand out all the more. Because of its simplicity, the attention is immediately drawn to the yellow tulip and it can easily be seen just how brightly yellow this item is and how it seems to sparkle like sunshine and sunlight.


What are the things that your mother has done for you?

What are the things that she has endured for you?

How has she taken care of you and how do you feel about her?

If you feel very grateful for all the things that she's done, if you appreciate her and care about her and love her very much, then it's only natural that you'd want her to be happy, right?

Wish your mother much happiness by giving her some dandelion jewelries like the necklace and earring set you can see above. Yes, these flowers simply mean "happiness". It's just one word but it holds so much meaning because there are so many things you can say about it.

You can wish your mom happiness with her work so she won't think of her job as a mere chore. You can wish her happiness in life so she can live her life to the fullest with no regrets. You can wish her to be happy and content and satisfied with how things are going in her life.

Red Rose

It shouldn't be necessary to explain what the red rose means and it also shouldn't come as a surprise that it's part of this list. 

Red roses mean love (but, of course) and it also means respect.

So tell your mother that you love her and respect her by giving her some red rose jewelry like the one featured to the left.

The three red roses can stand for the phrase "I love you".

With how large these flowers look, it can also indicate how your love for your mother is infinite, unconditional and knows no bounds.


These are just some of the flower-themed jewelries with special meanings that you can give as gifts to your mom for Mother's Day.

With the meanings and symbolism in these flowers, you can convey a heartfelt and sincere message to your mom without having to say a single word.

And by choosing to give her some jewelries with a flower design instead of going with the usual fresh bouquets of flowers, you are ensuring that her present will last for a long time instead of withering and wilting in just a few days' time.

You're also giving her the chance and opportunity to actually make use of her gift by wearing the jewelries as opposed to just putting the real flowers in a vase and watching as they slowly fade away.

By the way, note that these flowers may have other meanings. The ones mentioned here are the ones that can be associated or related to the aforementioned holiday.

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Mira on 04/29/2014

This is a nice selection. My favorite is probably the hydraengea ring :)

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