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There are times when a man just needs a hat and yet there is nothing more tired and worn out than the lazy baseball cap. Get a hat that looks good on you adding to your look.

When polled women pick caps as their least favorite hat a man wears. While women do love to see men in hats the baseball type cap is not attractive at all. While a man needs a go to hat for the quick dash out to the market or just to unwind on the weekend, there are far better and more comfortable options than the cap. Caps are just not fashion statements, go ahead look at yourself with one on, you know it! Follow along as we take a look at the hats that both look and feel great on any man.

Add Variety to Mens Hats

While you no doubt have a few caps, look at the improvement when adding stylish hats to a mans attire, variety is key!

There are those times when you need a hat, the hair is out of control and you could care less about managing it, you need a quick cover to run for food, coffee, or the paper.  Maybe you need to go out for a bite and want to relax over a big breakfast or lunch after a late morning of sleeping in.  This is all to familiar and all the more reason to vary up your hat collection. Once you realize the amazing look and feel of a more stylish hat you will be quick to add to your hat collection. Hats are a vital wardrobe addition for any man. 

Cap Verses Hats

Take a look at these two pictures of the same man wearing different hats and you decide which looks better.

If I were a guy, which I'm not, I would certainly take advantage of the hat factor.  Men look amazing in hats. But not baseball type caps.  The dramatic difference in the appearance of a cap verses a hat is stunning.  Why would you opt to wear a cap over a hat? I know why because you don't have any great hats, people give away caps for free all the time.  Comeon now you are not a billboard, stop wearing others free advertisements when you could be wearing your own, look at me I'm amazing hat statement.  That's the truth the only reason you don't wear better hats is because you don't have them.  The solution to this problem is to buy yourself a few good hats today and end your hat deficiency now.  A few great hats are one of the best investments you can make in your image.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Deluxe Adult Hat

This is one hot hat that may very well be the reason many a woman began to question why any man would opt to wear a cap.
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Not so Much!

There isn't much Ashton doesn't look bad in but this point demonstrates that even the best looking man can dramatically impair his appearance by way of his hat choice.

Much Better!

The options are there and the choice is all yours, and yet check out the difference a hat choice makes as seen here.
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Keeps Getting Better

There is nothing more attractive than a man in a great hat, its hard to notice anything wrong with the clothes as distracted by a hot trendy hat.

The Fedora

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Dorfman Pacific Men's 1 Piece Garment Washed Twill Outback Hat With Genuine Leather Trim

The Right Fit

The trick to looking great in a mans hat is to wear it comfortably, never tight as this makes a hat look bad.

If you are concerned about the hat looking great on you follow the simple fit rule.  The look and feel of a great looking hat occurs when you buy a hat slightly loose on you.  Look at Ashton's examples, his hats look amazing and yet the fit is relaxed and never tight.

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Kangol Men's Lite Felt Player Cap

This fashionable hat looks good on any man, it's a classic crafted in the states with American made quality the forefront of this proud addition to a mans wardrobe. The Kangol is a tonal lit felt trade marked for comfort, ease of wear and soft. It's a highly functional hat that's both crushable and water repellent.  This is a clean wearing hat the fabric band is versatile as it can be worn either up or down. Feel free to experiment with this hat and enjoy your good looks.

Enjoy Looking Good and Turning Heads, Katie

One Amazing Mans Hat

A simple light weight product easy to install and easy to remove yet unloads a full load on any pick-up easily with one hand. So easy even a girl can do it!
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