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by katiem2

The most star studded sunglasses and goggles may well be Von Zipper. Buy the shades stars and famous people can be spotted wearing.

The favorite sunglasses shades and goggles this season are the Von Zipper brand. These trendy pieces of eye candy rank high on the list of your favorite movie stars and rockers as well. The rich and famous can be spotted wearing these fashion statements in eye wear on the go this season and you can too. Regardless of your sunglasses or goggle needs Von Zipper has the best quality for the value when it comes to protecting your eyes while enjoying intense casual activities.

The Best Function in Eye Wear

You need the best in function, flexibility and protection when it comes to year round sunglasses and goggles.

You're no doubt here because you understand the statement a great pair of sunglasses makes. Not only that, you realize the crucial need for both a hot and stylish pair of shades for looking your best or hiding behind when you don't look your best or even presentable! What type of shades are waiting to represent you when you want or don't want to be seen?

Don't forget the need for glare protection before you plan your next big weekend.  Regardless what your plans, the sun, surf or the sun glaring off the snowy slopes, you need great protection. Anytime is a vital time to stock up on fashion sunglasses, shades and goggles for summer, spring, fall or winter fun packed with active fun or sporting activities.

If you love sunglasses and enjoy looking good you should consider wearing the same eye wear as the hottest stars in the business. Von Zippers very boldly became the favorite shades of the stars and rockers. Such greats as Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Billie Joe Armstrong and Kanye West are just a few of the diverse group of rockers who love their Von Zipper shades.

Mens board shorts are once again a hot fashion trend for men. Check out the best variety and style in mens board shorts swim wear this season.

Von Zipper Stache Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

A Great Pair of Shades

If you want to wear the best in sunglasses and if making a statement is important to you Von Zipper is your brand.

Who doesn't need a great pair of shades? Everyone both needs and wants a few great pairs of shades to have on hand when opportunity comes our way. You need them for the best days and nights of your life and after as well.

There are times when a man just needs a hat and yet there is nothing more tired and worn out than the lazy baseball cap. Get a hat that looks good on you adding to your look.

Van Zipper Shades

Imagine those early morning trips to the drive thru to get your heart pumping with out a great pair of shades to hide your sleepy face and raccoon eyes.

After all you can be at your drop dead worse and slip on a pair of Von Zipper shades and be looking fabulous no matter how bad the wreckage under those sunglasses.

It's a fact that sunglasses are one very important statement and why not make yours the best starement possible?

Von Zipper Men's Kickstand Polarized Sunglasses

Von Zipper Men's Kickstand Polarized Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a basic requirement for any man. Come check out the latest in mens sun glasses before you catch yourself out and about in the rays.

Von Zipper Women's Trudie Sunglasses

Women's Von Zippers

Try Von Zippers for yourself and feel a whole new level of cool confidence! With winter here you will def be needing some Von Zipper Goggles for winter fun on the slopes.

Much Adventure and Happiness, Katie

Van Zipper Goggles

Updated: 05/14/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 05/15/2012

Tolovaj, This is true the Von Zipper brand makes a very big statement. Thanks for stopping by.

Tolovaj on 05/15/2012

Sorry, I don't have experience with Von Zipper shades although jut looking at their photos I have a feeling they are not 'just sunglasses'. They make a statement!

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