Swim Suits for Women Over 40

by NanciArvizu

Are there rules when it comes to swim suits for women over 40?

Where there are rules, there are rule breakers.

Age should not be a factor when deciding on a bathing suit - unless of course you're too young to make such decisions. But for adult women, it's not about age, it's about what works for you.

Swim suit designers continue to create new fabrics that hold it together and stop the sunlight from shining through. Patterns and carefully inserted control panels make the wearer appear 10 pounds lighter just by putting on the suit. Of course, the reality of wearing such a suit is similar to wearing a sausage skin. You are packed in there.

What's a woman to do?

Understanding Realty

And Gravity

Time does wonderful and not so wonderful things to the human body, especially a woman's body.

Puberty, breasts, periods, child birth, hormones, wrinkles and SAG. It's all a part of life.

When it comes to swim suits there are two routes:

1. The I Don't Care Path

2. The I Do Care Path

In the first path, the wearer feels no shame in pasting on bandages and dental floss onto her 250 pound body covered in dimples and stretch marks. Okay, that might be a little extreme. But who hasn't seen something they really shouldn't be seeing? Of course, on the other hand, I must say I envy those liberated spirits who are so comfortable in their earthly forms, as I usually take the second path.

I was never comfortable in a tiny two piece suit, always opting for a sleek one piece or comfortable tankini. I like the versatility of two piece tankini. Being able to change the bottom of the suit for shorts or a skirt turns it into an out of water outfit. And the support of the tankini is nice, all that spandex in just the right places. 

Find your Fit First

Knowing your size and style preferences make shopping easier
Coastal Blue Women's Active Swimwear Sleeveless Zipper Front Rash Guard, Lua Tropics, XS (0-2)

A bold tropical print is highlighted with colorblocked panels and contrast princess seams on this sleeveless rash guard with a zippered neckline.

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Dokotoo Womens Stripes Lined Up Double Up Tankini Top Bikini Swimwear,(US 10-12)L,Black

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Vsecrety Women's Strappy Banded Printed Tankini Top with Triangle Briefs Swimsuit(Green,Medium)

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Women's Floral Tankinis with Shorts Two Piece Tie Front Swimsuit Blue L(US:12-14)

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ALove Women's Floral Print Tankini Set with Briefs Push Up Swimsuit Two Piece 12

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Eternatastic Women's Retro Polka Dot Tankini Swimwear With Panty Two Pieces Swimsuit Set XXL

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Save Time Shopping For a Suit

Save yourself a lot of frustration too

Believe it or not, the sales people at the department store are paid to help you find what you are looking for. And, they'd rather help you find the right swim suit that stand around pretending to be busy.

Find one of those people and tell them you're ready to buy a swim suit! If you need to try on different styles to find what works, do it! Try on every style in one or two sizes. 

But be prepared, trying on swim suits is a work out. Squeezing yourself into and out of all that spandex will have you working up a sweat in no time. Which makes it harder to squeeze in and out of spandex.

Having help on the outside of the dressing room will move the process along faster. When you find a style that "almost works" the sales person will know what else is available and be able to go get it. Which will give you a moment to catch your breath instead of having to put your clothes back on to go search the racks some more.


Find it, Buy it and Get One With It!

Stop worrying about it.

Buying a swim suit can be a stressful event. Especially if the suit is being purchased for a special trip or party. But spending too much time searching for a suit (or any outfit) can take away from the fun part of the occasion.

When you find a suit that fits, both your body and your budget, buy it! Hesitating or passing on the suit because you think you might find something better only takes up more time. Yes, if you keep looking you will eventually find another suit. It's the whole purpose of looking. To find a suit. You found one. Buy it and be done with it.

Then you can start enjoying the opportunity to wear it!

Updated: 07/23/2015, NanciArvizu
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/15/2017

NanciArvizu, What do you think of diving suit-like waterwear or tankini tops with cycling shorts for cold-water swims?

NanciArvizu on 07/28/2015

So good to hear! I will have to check out the website.

CruiseReady on 07/26/2015

I have several one piece swumsuits, All are modest, with no wild cutouts, and sensible lengths for the legs, not those high cut ones. I do need one more, and you mentioning the tankini style reminded me to look at those.
BTW - i really got a chuckle out of your 'bandages and dental floss' remark. As a Florida resident and frequent cruiser, I've certainly suffered through the sight of plenty of those!

NanciArvizu on 07/24/2015

Thank you Claudia for the comment! I wish I could get 2 or 3 suits, but really, why? Other than just wanting a different style. I'm not wearing them so much anyone would notice! (lol)

happynutritionist on 07/24/2015

I'm well over 40 and got a nice one piece...I forget what it's called...but similar to what you show above. It is comfortable, I do wish I'd gotten a solid color like you show, however.

NanciArvizu on 07/23/2015

I love the tankini, but a nice one piece works too. That's the key, finding what works for you! And trying on all those suits is a workout ;0

Mira on 07/23/2015

I recently bought a new one-piece swimsuit, but now that you mention it I should have looked for a two-piece tankini! :D

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