Getting to The Heart of Racism

by NanciArvizu

There is no way around it. Racism exists in our world. It exists because people continue to make it so.

If there is one place where racism begins, outside of how or why it began in the history of this world, where it continues, it is within our own family dynamics. The stories we tell ourselves and our children are passed down through generations. They become part of our belief systems and our beliefs define us as the individuals we are.

Have you allowed someone else's beliefs to become your own? Why? Was it because of the conversations that took place in your home? We're you taught to fear the unknown by calling it names or putting it down, so you could feel better about your beliefs?

Knowing Who We Really Are

I have found it fascinating to learn not many people know who their ancestors were just three or four generations back. We don't know much about them, and most of them came from someplace other than where we are living now.

For thousands of years people have been moving around this planet for a variety of reasons. Climate change, volcanoes and earthquakes leveling cities sending the survivors elsewhere. War, political unrest and religious persecution put people on journeys they might not have otherwise taken. Kidnapping and slavery snatched people from lives they were living and put them into circumstances no human being should suffer - especially at the hands of another human being.

Do we really know who we are and where we come from? And do we know why we are here - how we got here?



Maybe If We Knew What We Don't Know

People continue to migrate around the planet for the same reasons as before, and new ones now too - but in the end the reason remains the same: In search of a better life.

We all seek the same thing: The opportunity to live a happy, productive life. To fall in love. To be a part of a family, a part of something bigger than just ourselves. To laugh. To breath in and breath out.

When you have family, you want their lives to be good. You want them to be happy.

We tell our family stories, of our lives, our experiences. We share them so they might learn to seek new things and stay away from the things that might harm them. 

Sometimes we teach our children to fear the unknown. And sometimes we teach them to hate.





We must remember that our beliefs are taught to us. And if something bad is taught to us, we must recognize it, unlearn it and replace it.

We must truly know our own history and work together to create a brighter future together.
Meditation is said to help heal the body and mind in many ways. As a newbie to the practice with a little more than a year under my belt, I'm taking a look at the journey.
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/11/2017

NanciArvizu, "How Ant Slaves Overthrow Their Masters" by Brendan Borrell for the online Discover magazine April 10, 2013 talks about an enslaving, racist equivalent among ants.

frankbeswick on 12/16/2016

Prince Philip's family came to Greece from Denmark, so add Danish. The Queen's mother was half English and half Scottish. The royal family descend from a Norse pirate known as Rollo the Ganger who gained Normandy by stealing it. So add Norwegian. They descend from the Tudors via Henry the Eighth, so add Welsh. Many of their ancestor were French, and there is some Spanish, I think. It is said that they also descend from Harold Godwinson, via his daughter whose descendants married into the Russian royal family, so add a bit of Russian.

Veronica on 12/16/2016

There is no family more mixed race than the British royals who are mainly Greek/ German / Portuguese/ African. Prince George has more English in him than most of them through his mother Catherine Middleton and grandmother Diana Princess of Wales. Prince Philip is a Greek prince.

frankbeswick on 12/16/2016

Now that is interesting. Portugal is the European country which has the most black blood in its population of any European country. Salazar, the long term president of Portugal decreed that Portuguese nationality is not defined by ethnicity. Authoritarian he was, but he was no racist.

Veronica on 12/16/2016

It is a little known fact that Queen Victoria's great grandmother was a German/ Portuguese princess and was indeed mixed race from an African princess who married into Portuguese royalty. The British government had her blackness painted out her portraits although her husband the King had a painting of her showing his beautiful mixed race wife of African descent . She is the ancestor of our Royal family in Britain.

frankbeswick on 12/16/2016

There was a case some years ago of a farmer in South West England who could trace his South Western English ancestors back for many generations. When he had his DNA tested, to his surprise his mitochondrial showed that his direct maternal ancestor was a black woman. The woman could have lived as far back as Roman times, when the Romans sometimes brought in black slaves.

You always inherit the mitochondrial DNA of your mother, and your father contributes none of it. This is unlike the DNA in the cell nucleus, which is fifty per cent from each parent.

Surprises like this should make us realize that race is a very shaky concept.

NanciArvizu on 12/15/2016

Exactly. This planet has been spinning a long time and people have been moving around it since the beginning.

frankbeswick on 12/15/2016

How far back racial mixing goes! When my sister [Veronica] had her DNA tested she discovered that we have one per cent North West Russian DNA. When that mixing happened we know not, but it is a long way back.

When I was at school our textbooks taught us that the Anglo-Saxons had completely massacred all the ancient with Danish and Norman incomers we English were truly and pure Nordic.I had an instant dislike of the idea that my Saxon ancestors had committed genocide, but I came to see that racial supremacy theories were behind this claim. It was also totally untrue, for later discoveries were to show that the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons interbred. In fact the Romans brought black people into Britain, so even then there was a black element to the English gene pool.

NanciArvizu on 12/14/2016

YEAH! I for one am wanting everyone to send in a '23 and me' kit to see just how we're all really put together. Not just individually, but as a whole planet. I think we all would be fascinated as to how large our 'families' really are. And shouldn't we all want what is best for our family?

NanciArvizu on 12/14/2016

It seems odd to me that some people consider themselves 'of pure blood.' Pure of what? At what point in time are they pointing to, while leaving out anything prior that they might have been? Time (Blood) is a much longer thing than three or four generations back. Moving forward, how are we NOT to blend as a people? Who can deny their heart when they fall in love?

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