Ray Ban 3025: The Aviator

by belinda342

The Ray Ban 3025 is not only their most popular model, it was also their first. Join us for a little closer look at this great pair of shades.

Most of us are familiar with the Ray Ban 3025 model, but some of us know it by a different name: The Aviator. This is Ray Ban's oldest model...the one that began the legend.

Ray Ban has followed the Aviator with many other models, and some of those models gained a popularity of their own. But none of them can outshine the original. The one and only...the RB3025.

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Ray Ban Aviators: A Brief History

The 1930's was a time of great advancement.  And it would be hard to find an industry even then that gained technology at a more rapid pace than that of the airplane business.  Each year saw bigger and better planes capable of reaching further and further up into the heavens.  Which began to create a problem for the pilots of those craft.

Ray Ban Aviators RB3025Sun glare.  Knowing how strong the sun can be here on the planet, just imagine how strong it is up there in the sky.  So the company Bausch & Lomb, already famous for their eyewear, was approached with the problem.

Luckily they accepted the challenge and the end result was the Aviator sunglasses model.  They were first introduced in 1936 for the United States Army Corps.  But these sunglasses found admirers outside of the Air Corps.  Regular citizens wanted them too.  So in 1937, they made the Aviator available to the general public too.

Since then, these sunglasses have enjoyed several jolts of extreme popularity.  The first was probably when General MacArthur was photographed wearing them in Word War II.  Other popularity boosts occurred after Ray Ban Aviators were featured in major motion pictures.  Remember Top Gun?  Sales of Aviators increased by 40% after that movie was released.

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The Aviator Design

Aviator sunglasses have a very distinctive look.  In fact, they are what most people will think of when you say sunglasses.  (Maybe because they've been around the longest.)

The frames are made of very thin metal and designed to look stylish as well as be functional.  The lenses themselves are over-sized and very often reflective.

These large lenses are slightly convex, not flat, and they are made to cover an area between 2 and 3 times the size of a person's eye.  This design allows the Aviator to cover almost the whole range of the human eye to keep as little direct light as possible from reaching the eye.  All angles are covered.

While the general public has embraced these sunglasses with a passion, they are noted for their special appeal to pilots and law enforcement officers.  Who wouldn't want a great pair of shades that will protect their eyes and look great all at the same time?  

The Ray Ban 3025 does just that.  A combination of style and functionality that simply can't be beat.  It's no wonder the Ray Ban brand is known for world class shades.

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Do You Have a Pair of Ray Ban 3025?

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belinda342 on 05/10/2013

Definitely. What started as a challenge to help out pilots turned out to be very profitable for the company, and lucky for us. I love Ray Bans!

Mira on 05/10/2013

Interesting. I didn't know aviator glasses of this shape were that old! Also nice to read about their shape: how they're slightly convex, etc. They were designed to be functional first and foremost :)

belinda342 on 05/07/2013

I just got a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers for an early Mother's Day gift and all I can say is Wow! I love 'em!

pawpaw on 05/06/2013

I don't have a pair, but you make a convincing case for getting a pair.

belinda342 on 10/12/2012

I agree that Ray Ban kind of spoils us for other sunglasses. There just isn't any comparison really. And I love the fact that they come in so many frame and lens color combinations...so you can always find that perfect pair. Kind of like yours ;)

katiem2 on 10/12/2012

I do, I just purchased a new pair of prescription Ray Ban's when I went in to have my eyes checked. I got a new pair of glasses and a new pair of sun glasses. I got a really nice pair that matches my hair color and with polarized lenses no less. Once you go Ray Ban you'll never be happy with another pair of sunglasses. Now I just have to keep up with them, had just lost my other sunglasses I had just bought this summer. :)K

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