Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies under 35$

by Scaevola

When you are throwing a birthday party you can get some great Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies, even for a good price.

Throwing a Birthday party for your son or daughter can hurt your wallet pretty hard. If you are wondering if it would be possible to do something like it on a budget as well, you are right. It is possible. With some simple buzz lightyear party supplies you can have a good setting for under 35 dollars actually.

The List of Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies

First of all we need to determine what we need in what quantity. Let's say your son can invite around 8 people. With him, and the parents, included that will give around 11-12 persons in the party.

But what is necessary to make a birthday party a successful one. Let's see.

  • Party Hats. Sitting around a table is a ton of fun, especially with some cool hats on. If you give some sturdy party hats the kids can actually put it in their Buzz Lightyear Backpack and take them home!
  • Table Cover. If you are indeed sitting around a table, instead of playing Buzz Lightyear Games Online, you might want to cover up the table as well, just in order to send out the right signal.
  • Treat Boxes. When the kids are walking away after the party you always give them something to chew on. With Treat Boxes you can do exactly this. Again, you will need around 12 of these boxes.
  • Candles! A party without candles is like Buzz Lightyear without his heroic activities.
  • Balloons. Just as with candles, a party needs balloons.

Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies

Working it under 35$
Toy Story 3 Hats

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Supplies

Only $7.0

View on Amazon

Toy Story 3 Table Cover

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Supplies

Only $11.99

View on Amazon

Toy Story 3 Treat Boxes

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Treat Boxes

Only $13.95

View on Amazon

Wilton Toy Story Candle

Toy Story lights up the party. Hand painted candle has colorful, fun details.

Only $8.8

View on Amazon

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Mylar Balloon Jumbo Shape

The helium quality balloon will measure 24 inches tall and 36 inches across. Nice large balloon with a great Buzz graphic.

Only $9.33

View on Amazon

The numbers

Well, does this list of necessities of the birthday party sense or not? Let's put the numbers to work.

  • Party Hats. $2.13 for a set of 4. There are 12 hats necessary so in total: $8.52
  • Table Cover. You probably have only one table standing around at that party, so one table cover will be sufficient, price: $2.44.
  • Treat Boxes. Again, a set of four. There are 12 boxes needed, this will result in a total of $2.97
  • Candles! As these candles are pretty impressive from themselves, you only need two or three of these, total: $9.84
  • Balloons. Balloons this big are not needed in large numbers, make sure you have two of them, each in one side of the room, total: $6.78.

When you combine everything, the total costs of this birthday party will be only $30.55! Not a lot of money for a great birthday party. Now you only need some activities, but the Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies are already there!

Updated: 06/01/2012, Scaevola
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