Cyclops Case for iPhone 4

by Scaevola

The Cyclops Case is an iPhone 4 Case which protects it very, very well.

Protecting your iPhone can of course, as showed in other posts, with fancy, good looking cases. But what if you want some real hard core protection? Your Swarovski iPhone 4 Case will probably not be enough to prevent it from bumping on the ground..

Well, let's take a look at a different case which will protect your iPhone most definitely from almost anything.

Cyclops Case for your iPhone

The Cyclops Case for iPhone 4 has a very cool feature. What it is? It has both the safe protection of a hard cover, but also the protection for bumps as it has a silicone cover as well. How this is possible?

The Features of the Trident Cyclops iPhone 4 Cover

First of all, it has a full body PET protector, both on your screen and on the backside of the phone. This makes sure you won't get any scratches on your iPhone, not even when you have your iPhone with your keys in your pocket or something like it. As the back is also covered, your camera is protected as well from scratches.

It has a silicone ring. This is a big plus for this iPhone 4 case, as the silicone ring can absorb a lot of energy when you drop your iPhone on the ground. But silicone is not very protective against scratches and you cannot use it at all in front of the screen, so the solution found here is pretty nice.

And extra protective silicone materials at all your ports. I said already it is a hard core cover right? Your most important ports are protected as well, you have to remove the piece of silicone before charging your iPhone. I am not a big fan of this, but I can see how it would work. This protects your phone against dust and all other type of material what you will find in your iPhone after using it for a while.

The Set Up

And now comes the cool part. When setting up this case for the iPhone you first have to remove the silicone ring from the cover, apply the cover to the iPhone and put the silicone ring in its place on the phone. Seems like a hassle? Well it more or less is, but once applied your phone will be protected really good.

Another feature which may be important to people is your Apple logo and your camera are not covered (apart from being covered by protecting PET film), so this is no hassle at all!

In conclusion, a very well set up iPhone 4 Case. Good for people who use their phone on trips for instance. This will give the ultimate protection!

Updated: 06/22/2012, Scaevola
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