Rugged iPhone 4 Cases

by Scaevola

To prevent your iPhone from damaging, even if you are using it roughly, rugged iPhone 4 Cases can help big time!

If you finally decided to get an iPhone 4 you have probably thought about protecting the expensive device as well. When you walk around the street you will not see a lot of people walking around without a case around their iPhone, there is a reason. The iPhone 4 is not exactly made to be very robust, the screen can easily break and scratches are made easily. Dropping your phone will most likely result in a complete burst in your screen.

There are a lot of different cases for an iPhone, you can have a leather case or a plastic case. But when you are looking for protection from bumping you want to get a silicone case. But what if you want it all? Well, you might need one of the more rugged iPhone 4 cases!

All of these cases consists of multiple materials, silocone on the inside to protect your phone from bumping, plastic to prevent scratching and you will have screen protection as well. Let's see what the different types are.

Boxwave iPhone 4 Armor Case

If you talk about a nice looking case you will talk about the boxwave iphone 4 armor case. This case is actually made out of real aluminium, on the inside you won't have silicone, but some sort of foam type. This keeps your iPhone in tact, while the aluminium protects it from scratching.

You can either get this case with or without a plexiglas screen guard. This guard gives your screen more protection, although it also requires you to open up your boxwave iphone 4 armor case every time you would like to use it, as you cannot touch the screen with the guard on.

In the beginning of the iPhone 4 there were some big problems with the antenna of the iPhone. Because this case is made out of aluminium this problem is over!

Cyclops Case for iPhone 4

Another great example of rugged iPhone 4 cases is the Cyclops Case for iPhone 4. This case consists of two different parts. First of all you have the plastic (PET actually) body protector, both in the back and in front of everything except of your screen in the front.

Around this plastic case you put a silicone ring which enables you to keep bumping your iPhone! The silicone will absorb all the energy and your phone is good to go.

Incipio Destroyer Case for iPhone 4

Last, but not least, we have the Incipio Destroyer Case for iPhone 4. As the name says this case prevents your phone from being damaged, big time. This cheap iPhone 4 case looks really cool as the core is made out of silicone, while it has a shell around it, made out of hard zytel. This not only gives a cool look, but increases the prevention of scratches as well!

With these rugged iPhone 4 Cases you should be good to go again, even if you are not that careful!

Updated: 04/23/2012, Scaevola
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