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by pkmcr

There's nothing quite like camping to put you back in touch with nature. However, you still need the best camping gadgets and equipment for your life outdoors

Camping is definitely one of the great ways to get back to nature. However, if you are not prepared in advance, with the right camping gaddgets and equipment it but it can also be one of the most inconvenient activities!

When you go camping you are generally leaving the normal comforts of home behind to rough it out in the wild. Ordinarily there will be no comfortable bed, no warm showers or bathtubs, no heaters or air conditioners.

This is about you, Mother Nature, and some very important camping gadgets to make your camping trip easier and more comfortable.

Some basic camping gadgets can make life in the open not only more comfortable but also safer.

The Swiss Knife

When you are deciding what camping gadgets to take with you when you go camping think   versatile!

Rather than be burdened down with lots of different gadgets you want camping equipment that you will be able to use in different of ways. You will probably be doing lots of walking so you don't want to be carrying lots of items do you? So you want to choose gadgets that have a variety of uses.

The Swiss knife is ideal for taking on your camping trip. You can get them with a variety of tools and the more it has the better. The essentials for your Swiss knife are scissors, a magnifying glass, a can opener, a wood saw, and a blade.

Essential Camping Gadget - Solar Power Chargers

When you go camping it is essential that items such as Mobile phones are kept charged and running. When you go on a long camping trip, you will find that flashlights run the risk of losing power. We all know how expensive extra batteries are and sometimes can even be dangerous to be carrying around.

If you want your devices to be available and fully charged, then you need to think about getting yourself a Solar Panel Charger. Solar Panel Chargers usually use USB ports for charging and there are a variety of models which can charge dead batteries in just four hours.

You don't want to ever take the risk of losing batteries for your mobile phone in the middle of the wild!

Buy Your Solar Panel Charger

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Emergency Fire Starters

Whether it's your first time camping or you are a veteran camper you will know that it is never easy to start a fire.

If you are a smart camper you will take matches or a lighter with you.  However even those aren't always reliable so the even smarter camper will have taken emergency fire starters with them.

When your lighter loses runs out of gas, breaks down, or when your matches get wet, you don't want to be using your hands to keep yourself warm at night. Emergency fire starters are really useful camping gadgets to have with you and come with magnesium rods and a striker, so you can have a fire burning in seconds!

Choose Your Emergency Fire Starters

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter [31-000699]

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LED Flashlights

We mentioned flashlights earlier and and a good source of light is vital when you are camping. Whilst regular flashlights provide a good source of light, LED flashlights are far more battery efficient. They also light up a far wider space.

So don't go camping without a LED flashlight. You are going to need flashlights for emergency situations during the night, or if you're trying to find something in your fully-packed camping bag especially in the dark!

Buy An LED Flashlight For Your Camping Trip

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Coleman Camping Accessories

Camping is so much fun. You get to be in the great outdoors, enjoying nature and the beauty of creation.

Then again, camping can also be uncomfortable considering you don’t have a lot of the convenient amenities of the just-as-great indoors available to you. But that can all change when your camping trips are complete with Coleman camping accessories.

These accessories will make camping much more comfortable, especially if you’re not much of an outdoorsy kind of person.

You can still enjoy the convenience of home while out on the camp grounds. Check out some of these Coleman accessories that’ll make your camping experience a hundred times better.

Coleman Tent Light

When you’re out camping, having a dependable light source is very important especially when the sun goes down and you’re at the mercy of the light of the moon.

With Coleman’s tent light, you’ll be able to happily say goodbye to the sun since you can no light up your night.

This tent light features a powerful built in magnet that allows it to be secured to tent poles and other hard, metal surfaces. It includes a replaceable Krypton bulb, runs on 4 AA batteries, and has an easily accessible one and off switch. 

Coleman 5010D700T Camp Oven

Did you think enjoying freshly baked muffins for breakfast or a pizza for dinner was next to impossible when camping?

This camp oven from Coleman can make all your baking dreams come true. The Coleman 5010D700T Camp Oven lets you bake right at the campsite. It’s made from smooth aluminized steel and features an adjustable steel back rack and an easy to read thermometer.

All you have to do is place it on top of a two or three camping burner stove and it’ll bake anything from biscuits to cookies, chicken and more. When not in use, the oven folds flat for easy storage. 

Coleman PVC Double Wash Basin

Have you ever tried washing dishes, cooking utensils or anything else for that matter when you’re camping?

If you’re not next to a lake or a public bathroom with a sink, washing dishes and other things can be quiet tricky. The Double Wash Basin from Coleman makes the job much easier. The double sided, collapsible sink is made from durable PVC and lets you wash and rinse at the same time.

Six built in support rods let you fill the basin up with water without fear of spilling over or toppling. There are even handles that allow you to transport the basin easily.

Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen

If campers could bring their kitchens along on camp trips they would. The next best thing to home kitchens would be the Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen.

The portable kitchen features a spacious 32 by 24 inch counter top ideal for food preparations, an adjustable 24 by 24 inch stand that you can use for coolers or camping stoves, hooks for lanterns or hanging aprons, and a mesh shelf that you can use to hold all your cooking tools.   

Coleman Free-Standing Tent Fan

Tents can sometimes get hot during the day or stuffy at night. Coleman’s free standing tent fan will provide you with a much more comfortable space that allows you to stay cool during the day and comfortable while you sleep.


It features an adjustable two-speed airflow setting, a compact and foldable design, and has the ability to run up to 21 hours with four D batteries.

Updated: 06/05/2013, pkmcr
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kajohu on 07/09/2011

The Swiss Army knife is probably our most versatile gadget. I haven't tried solar panel chargers, but for a long trip one would certainly be useful for charging my Kindle or phone.

holly-day on 07/09/2011

I'd like to enjoy camping just for the pleasure to own some of those gadgets ;-)

ohcaroline on 07/09/2011

Wow...what neat gadgets that are available now. I used to do a lot of camping. The campgrounds call to me when I read about them.

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 07/09/2011

Well a tent isn't a gadget but it jumped to mind immediately. LOL. How about batteries for that flashlight? Once again, not a gadget. I know, I know marshmallow roasting forks!

Michey on 07/08/2011

I agree that equipment is everything when we do camping... it can elevate or destroy the fun.
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