Camping in a Retro Travel Trailer

by Ragtimelil

I recently stumbled onto some online pages about Glampers. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I had to investigate.

What I discovered was a whole world of camping in a retro travel trailer that I knew nothing about. I’m currently living in a 25 ft. 1969 camper so I was intrigued.

Glamper stands for Glamorous Camper. It includes all styles of camping, but my interest was in the travel trailers, also called tin cans or canned ham. Glamping goes beyond restoration of an old camper to making it super chic. The camper can be anything from a tiny teardrop trailer to a super long model. Most of the people doing these renovations are women. Some have formed clubs and attend rallies. They post pictures of their campers on Pinterest and other web sites. I’ve become addicted to browsing through pictures of unbelievably cute campers.

Glamper Living

Of course the difference with their campers and mine is that I actually live in my camper. That means I’ve got stuff in here that takes up too much room and limits my decorating capacity. I spin and weave and have my looms and spindles and wheels taking up space. They once were in my studio, but for now, they are in the camper.

I would love to strip the camper down and rebuild it from scratch. There are a lot of changes I would make if I could. I don’t have the extra money to go all out and rebuild.

I am, however, inspired by looking at the photos to do what I can.

It's a Start

painting I recently repainted the cabinets over the sink I was tired of looking at old dark wood everywhere. Many of the campers are repainted in pink or teal. Neither really appeals to me but I saw a picture of a 20s house that was in varying shades of mauve and rusty rose that worked together. It did appeal to me. So my cabinets are now mauve with a lighter tone behind it. I don’t know what the rest will be like. I’m letting it flow. If I don’t like it, I’ll paint it again.

glamping it up
Trailer Trash Woman Outside RV Camper Funny Poster
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Outside Too

Some of the campers are not only cute themselves, but when they are parked at a site, the outside is decorated and furnished to make an outdoor space cute too. Many have little fences, matching chairs and tables. Some have matching awnings in striped fabrics with tassels. They are accessorized to present a complete picture of glamor and fun.

"Trailer Park Garden", February 2, 1952
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I tried to put up a canvas awning on my camper, but since I am in a trailer park, the owner has the final say over what I can do outside. He wants me to take it down. I didn’t think it looked bad. I wonder what he’ll say when I start painting the outside pink.



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Camping Comments

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Ragtimelil on 06/18/2013

@ Darwin, thank you. I think sometimes I'm still living in the old days....

Ragtimelil on 06/18/2013

We think alike, Kelli. Now I just need a way to get to the paint store...

Kelli on 06/18/2013

I would start with a white primer, paint and just do pink accents on the bottom. Low in the middle to a little higher up on the ends with some sharp pointy "fins" painted right on each end.

Darwin Williams on 09/14/2012

Oh yeah! It definitely brings me back to the old days. Thanks for sharing.

Ragtimelil on 09/10/2012

Sounds good to me. Those airstream trailers are a real collector's item.

Ragtimelil on 09/07/2012

Maybe we can travel together! But of course the animals would come. Half the folks in this park have dogs and half of those have more than one! I can't wait to get my old tin can all painted up!

BrendaReeves on 09/07/2012

I've heard of these women who caravan around the country in their campers. There's safety in numbers. I've thought I would like doing that once I don't have the responsibility of my mother anymore. My dogs and cats would come with me of course.

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