Cardigan Sweaters for Women

by Digby_Adams

Womens sweaters are a wise fashion choice when the temperature go down and the heating bill goes.

Once Labor Day comes and there is a chill in the air, we instinctively reach for our sweaters. For some, it means reaching for their favorite cardigan sweater. It sits on the back of a chair like a faithful friend. When we are reading and feel a chill, it's simple enough to pull it on. Cropped cardigan sweaters are the most recent fashion trend. It is no longer a fashion faux pas to have your t-shirt longer than your sweater. We also see cropped cardigans over dresses. On the flip side of the cropped cardigan, you will find the long and slouchy boyfriend cardigan sweater. A perfect top for leggings and skinny pants. A shawl cardigan sweater frame the face perfectly. It is a good answer to pulling a work wardrobe together.

Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater

The hippest way to wear a cardigan
Notice the many textures and neutral palette
Notice the many textures and neutral palette

This is the hippest way to wear a sweater. Notice how the jeans are casual and the top is fancier. She even has on her pearls. Then see how the shawl collar cardigan brings it into line with the jeans. The pearls, the top and the cardigan are all in this season's hottest neutral palette. She could replace the jeans and be on her way to work. Click Here to see a great selection of affordable cardigan sweaters with shawl collars. 

Skinny jeans and leggings are the most popular fashion bottom this year. Most women do not want to wear leggings unless they pair it with a longer top. In the summer this is usually a t-shirt. However, once the winter chill sets in, women look for other answers. For many it's a longer cardigan sweater. A slouchy boyfriend sweater is often the answer. But women who love a more feminine look wont be disappointed. There are many long cardigans with ruffles and fur trim. 

These can be pricey and that's one of the reasons that I shop thrift stores and second-hand stores. Once the home of ugly Christmas sweaters, these shops now feature some of the best fashion at steeply discounted prices. 

If you area doesn't have one of these or you don't have the time to shop them, then I would suggest eBay. There are thousands of great long cardigans to choose from there. 

Long Cardigan Sweater

Long cardigan sweaters lead the hottest fashion trends

Cardigan Sweaters Work for Women of All Ages

This cardigan could look just as good going to work
Pair this sweater with a blouse and skirt for work
Pair this sweater with a blouse and s...

Cardigan sweaters are ageless. An older women might pair this print sweater with a simple dress or a blouse and skirt. Sweaters are taking the place of structured jackets in the workplace. A woman can pull her look together and be more comfortable. The neckline is perfect to show of a string of pearls. 

Long Cardigan Sweater with Ruffles

Very feminine womens sweater

A simple black cropped cardigan sweater can be used to create a fashion-forward layered look. Take the perfect pair of black leggings. Then pile on the top layers. It can start with a long t-shirt, then a flowing floral silk shirt. The black cropped sweater then ground the entire look and tie in all of the top layers with a cropped black sweater. The dark color frames all of the color and textures that happen with this type of fashion. 

Of course, women who really want to stand out could do the same thing with a vibrant floral or geometric print. Leggings come in many fashion colors and this winter, it's the brighter and richer the better. Often the leggings are tucked into boots. Some of the more daring layers will even touch the top of the boots. 

Many women have sleeveless tank tops that they love. They enjoy the way that the top flows over their body and looks with their pants. They don't have to give these up during the winter. A cropped cardigan will let the tops flow and provide the needed sleeves.

Cropped Cardigan Sweater

Use it to create an interesting layered look

Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater

Don't steal his, find one made for your body

Red is one of the most popular colors for cardigan sweaters. I think it's because the patriotic look is huge and will always be with us. Red sweaters are also a go to style for Christmas and Valentines Day. They can be a comfortable way to help the kids open their presents or they can be sexy and sultry for a romantic dinner. 

The spectator look is often red white and blue. Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day are holidays when people do wear these color out of patriotic pride. A cotton red sweater in the summer look fabulous with a white t-shirt and blue shorts. In November, a wood red cardigan sweater rules. It can be paired with a crisp white turtle neck and pair of jeans. 

Red also looks good on every woman. I know many women try to live in black, but they really should realize that reds and pinks give us a glow. When they wear a red sweater with an animal print infinity scarf, they might be surprised at all the compliments they get. Of course their black pants will look great with it. 

Red Cardigan Sweater

Pairs perfectly with blue or black pants
Updated: 11/13/2014, Digby_Adams
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sheilamarie on 11/14/2014

I love cardigans. The layered look gives you lots of options.

ologsinquito on 11/14/2014

These are beautiful. I never thought of ordering a really nice cardigan off of eBay, but now I'm thinking about it.

Digby_Adams on 11/13/2014

I just got the best cardigan on ebay for $7.99. I just kept bidding on the auction.

Mira on 11/13/2014

Cardigan sweaters are so practical. I would wear only such sweaters much more if I could find the right cut and patterns. I want them to be fun and colorful, or to compliment my body shape. I have one in wool that I really like, but not much else besides (polar cardigans don't count:).

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