Tunic Sweaters with Lace are Perfect Over Leggings

by Digby_Adams

Feminine and flirtatious long tunic sweaters. Designer styles at discount prices. You'll love the embellishments and lace details.

Tunic sweaters have met lace this year and it's a beautiful thing. Tunics have developed a new silhouette. They no longer exclusively hug the body. They are looser and more relaxed. This means that many more woman can wear them. A teen might pair it with a pair of leggings and lace-up boots. Her mother might take the same lace tunic and wear it over jeans and heeled boots. Both will look great.

Designers have embraced this style and there are lots to choose from. The selection below shows wonderful examples that will go with any woman throughout here day.

Long Tunic Sweater with Lace

Cool and hip fashion trends
Complete the look with leggings and UGGs
Complete the look with leggings and UGGs

What looks like two separate pieces is actually a sweater tunic with a lace ruffle. It is loose and flowing. It almost looks as if a short sweater has been paired over a lace skirt. It's actually a more wearable variation of the dance tutu look that was hot with teens and tweens the last few years.

Anthropologie is a very modern brand. It's a great place to start if you want to make sure that you have a few pieces in your wardrobe that are current. The lace can be at the bottom as the above picture shows or it can be worked into the overall design.

Anthropoligie sweaters usually start at over $100 on their website. It's not uncommon for them to cost nearly $200. If you're like me that's just too much money for a sweater. 

I've learned that a trip to Portland's consignment stores is a great way to find Anthropologie sweater tunics at discount prices. There is no way that anyone will know where I purchased my sweater tunic. I admit that I check out the name brand website and fashion magazines to know what style to look for. 

Sometimes I check out eBay as well. That tells me what the discount market in Anthropologie sweater tunics is. Quite frankly if I see something I like, I buy it online and save the gas.

Anthropologie Sweater Tunic with Lace

Modern easy to wear style
Great buys on designer sweater tunics

Click here to see all of the Anthropologie sweater tunics now selling on eBay.

Loose Knit Sweater Tunic over Lace

Romantic tunic tops for women
Vintage-inspired tunic sweater
Vintage-inspired tunic sweater

My great grandmother could have worn a sweater with a blouse that looked a lot like the above sweater tunic. That is until you see it flowing below the sweater. In great grandma's day, that just never happened. This is vintage-inspired dressing at it's best. Tunic sweaters used to fit very closely to the hips and be all one pattern and material. While you can still see them like that. These style are much more common. Instead of figuring out what layers to wear, they are all sewn together for you. 

Urban Decay is another one of those brands that start their long tunics for women at over $100. They are very fashion forward and often edgy. Their emphasis is on emerging fashion designers found anywhere in the world. If you love haunting young contemporary boutiques to see fashion trends as they emerge, then you'll love Urban Decay.

However, I can't handle their emerging designer prices. Since these pieces are vintage-inspired, it's easy to fit them into your wardrobe for several years. By that time the rest of the mainstream world may have caught up to this trend. You'll find them on eBay, and the prices will be much less.

Boho Chic has now become a fashion classic. Flowing sweater tunics are now the norm. Anyone of any age can wear this style. The trick is to know what bottom and shoes to wear with it. Older women may prefer a flat shoe and skinny pant, while their daughter pair it with leggings and lace-up leather boots with a 4-inch heel. 


Urban People Tunic Sweaters with Lace

Boho Chic is now a classic fashion trend
Deals on Boho Chic Tunic Sweaters

Click Here to see Urban People Sweater Tunics.

Womens Cardigans

Womens sweaters are a wise fashion choice when the temperature go down and the heating bill goes.

When you have a limited fashion budget, make every purchase count. If you've carefully established basic wardrobe with jeans, leggings, t-shirts and sweaters, then from now on add very unique pieces. When people see it, they'll know you haven't worn it before. 

You can afford to be adventurous. Just because you have a small budget doesn't mean that you can't add some sizzle. When you get invited to a blues club or to go antiquing with a friend, you'll be glad that you have something a little different to wear. 

People who read fashion magazines will know you've got on designer clothing. You don't have to ever tell them you bought it second-hand. Although that's very cool and eco-chic right now. 

You can look at the displays to the right to see to see some examples of tunic sweaters with lace now selling on ebay. If nothing catches your fancy, Click Here to see lots more. 

Tunic Sweaters with Lace

Update your wardrobe
Updated: 11/13/2014, Digby_Adams
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ologsinquito on 12/27/2014

Very nice. I love the outfits you manage to find on eBay.

sheilamarie on 11/14/2014

Very pretty, Digby! I love the lacey look.

Digby_Adams on 11/13/2014

Yes it would. I see it in the upscale consignment shops all the time.

Mira on 11/13/2014

Yes, Anthropologie is very well put together brand-wise and style-wise. Too bad it's so expensive. I guess one could do a whole sociological study on this brand. It would be very interesting.

Digby_Adams on 11/13/2014

Mira I love this style of tunic as well. Urban People and Anthropologie are two of my fav brands.

Mira on 11/13/2014

Clothes can be fun. You made me want to buy such a tunic. I like the Urban People white one you're showing, even as I don't even wear that much white (as a solid color).

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