Care Bears Birthday Party

by emeraldmile

Care Bears birthday party ideas, Care Bears Decorations, Care Bears Party Supplies and more!

Birthday Party: Care Bears Theme

Are you thinking about having a Care Bears themed birthday party for your child?

A Care Bear party theme is perfect for your little ones.  Just looking at these cute colorful bears it is easy to see why kids and parents love them.

I grew up in the 1980's and have fond memories of watching Tender Heart, Grumpy Bear and the Care Bear cousins.  Because of this,  I am drawn to the more nostalgic imagery of the bears from the 1980's and enjoy the more classic version of the bears than the modern ones; though, they are adorable too. 

Check out the party checklist on the left side to help generate some fun ideas.

Care Bears Party Checklist

Plan Your Care Bears Party
  1. Choose theme: Care Bears - done
  2. Decide on number of guest and send out invitations - after you
  3. Choose a location
  4. Get Your Party Decorations and supplies
  5. Get the Cake
    1. Are you going to buy it?
    2. Are you going to bake it?
    3. Do you need the number to the baker or cake supplies store?
  6. Decide on games to play or activities to do
  7. Don't Forget the Present
  8. Thank your guests for Coming with Thank You Cards or Party Favor Bags
  9. Have batteries ready for you camera to take lots of pictures of your little one's big day.
  10. Take a breath

Make A Care Bears Cake

Care Bears Cake

Featuring Care Bears Cheer Bear Cake Topper
Care Bears Cheer Bear Cake Topper Decoration

Care Bears Birthday Cake Pans & Toppers

Care Bears Birthday Cake Ideas
Wilton Care Bears Cake Pan
Only $49.99
Care Bear Cake Topper / Cupcake Decor...
Only $70.49
Wilton Care Bear Cheer Bear Candle
Wilton Care Bear Cheer Bear Cake Pan
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Do You Have a Favorite Care Bear?

Who is it?
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Care Bears Party Supplies

Care Bears Birthday Party Supplies

Decorate for Your Care Bears Birthday Party
Care Bears Party Supplies Super Party Kit

Decorate Your Care Bears Themed Party

Party Supplies for Your Care Bears Themed Party

In this Care Bears Party Pack featured to the left you will find

8 Care Bears Lunch Plates 
16 Care Bears Lunch Napkins
8 Care Bears Paper Cups
1 Care Bears Plastic Tablecover 54 x 96 
8 Care Bears Invitations
8 Care Bears Blowouts
1 Care Bears Banner
1 Care Bears Centerpiece, 
Other items: 20 Assorted Color Balloons, 1 White Curling Ribbon 66ft, 1 Hot Pink Crepe Streamer 81ft, 1 Buttercup Streamer 81ft, 24 Birthday Candles, 8 Plastic Yellow Forks, 8 Plastic Yellow Spoons, 8 Plastic Yellow Knives.

Invitations for Your Care Bears Themed Party

Why they are important?

Reason to use a Care Bears Themed Invitation Handmade or Store bought

  1. Invitations set the tone of your Birthday party and give the guests a glimplse into your party's theme and what the guest may expect to see at the party.
  2. Communicates the time, date, and duration of the party and when you would like confirmation for party attendence.
  3. Acts as a written reminder for the guest and parents of location.
  4. Themed Birthday party invitations communicate to your guests what you child is interested in.  Great for potentional gift givers.


How to Make Your Own Care Bears Invites

Needed Supplies - card stock or predecorated cars from your craft store, stickers or pictures and glue.

Using card stock fold the paper in two.  On the inside of the card handwrite the party details.  On the outside you stickers or pictures of Care Bears printed off the internet to decorate your card. If using pictures carefully cut out the Care Bears and use a glue stick to adhere. Add words or sentiments to the front of the card.  Finished.

Congrats on making your unique Care Bears themed invitations.

Care Bears Birthday Party Decorations

Napkins, Cups and More!
Care Bears Lunch Napkins 16ct
Only $6.28
Care Bears Cups 8ct
Only $11.89
Care Bears Dessert Plates 8ct
Only $14.99
Care Bears Letter Banner 5ft

Care Bears Game Ideas

Care Bears Birthday Party Games and Activities

Free Care Bear Party Ideas

The current game suggestion for a Care Bear themed birthday party:

Care Bears Stare:  Needed supplies - 2 Chairs and 2 Participants.

Lets have A Care Bears Stear Off

Two players sit across from one another and the stare off begins.  The first one to blink is eliminated.  The winner faces the next challenger until one person is left - the Care Bear Stare Champ.

Pin the Care Bear to the Cloud Car: Needed Supplies - 1 poster paper, paint or markers to draw a big cloud then a smaller cloud with wheels above the first clound, Care Bears Stickers, and a blind fold.

Who can get their Care Bear on the cloud car?

Each participant takes turns being blindfolded and spinned around in order to get their Care Bear on the Cloud Car.  Person with the closet Care Bear to the cloud car wins.

Care Bears Estimation Jar:  Needed supplies -   1 Jar filled with a bunch of Care Bear mini toys, stickers or other Care Bears themed items.

Who guess the correct number of Care Bears in the jar?

Everyone gets a chance to guess how many Care Bears they think fit in the jar.  The person with the closest number without going over win and gets to keep the jar.

Star, Star, Care Bears:  Need Supplies - participants and 1 optional Care Bears mask.

Care Bears run for their chance not to be it.

This is basically duck, duck, goose with a Care Bears Spin.  The selected person walks around the circle of kids, touching them on the head, and calling out star to all the people they don't select to play that round.  When the challenger is selected the player touches their head and calls out Care Bears.  The player tries to make it back to the Challengers spot before the challenger does.  The person who makes it back last becomes the player and the process starts all over again.

Care Bears Gift Ideas

Care Bears: Shine Bright Bear

Care Bears Gift Ideas
Care Bears Shine Bright Bear 8"

Why use Care Bears Loot Bags for the Guest

3 reasons to give you guests a gift

Why use them?

  1. Loot bags act as a thank you to the guest to show your gratitude for your guest sharing your child's special day with you.
  2. A great place to put a thank you card and save on postage.
  3. Calms the green eyed monster, especially with younger children, and make the guest feel included in all the birthday fun.

Favor bags don't have to be expensive unless you are so inclined.  Just use a regular colored bag and fill it with small treats and toys.  Kids are often impressed with the simplest things.  A small bouncing ball would make a great choice.

Updated: 11/03/2016, emeraldmile
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bev-owens on 07/26/2011

Oh this was so much fun! Brought back memories of my girls who loved the original Care Bears back in the 1980s. Wouldn't it be a hoot to throw a Care Bears party for my soon to be 34 year old? I think she would love it!

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 07/25/2011

I'm not very familiar with the Care Bears but I like how you put this page together. That checklist at the beginning was a good idea.

katie on 07/23/2011

I want original carebears party supplies, the new ones are weird!!

Warnner on 07/07/2011

thanks for sharing nice idea Giving gift has always been a trouble for me ...

sandyspider on 07/01/2011

I use to watch the Care Bears. Nice work.

sheilamarie on 06/30/2011

My kids loved the Care Bears back in the 80's!

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