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by nickupton

Poster prints of illustrations from Dr Seuss's wonderful, "Cat in the Hat" are available to buy online and are a really nice way to brighten up a Dr Seuss fan's room.

Dr Seuss's Illustrations from "The Cat in the Hat" are an essential part of why it is such a popular book. With the Cat's mischievous tricks and Thing 1 and Thing 2's presence, the illustrations give a real sense of the madness and chaos. Cat in the Hat pictures make a perfect subject for posters to display at home.

I hope you enjoy looking at these posters featuring Cat in the Hat pictures.

Cat In The Hat & Friends Poster

I will open this page with this cute Cat in the Hat picture in which the tricky Cat is happily prancing around, supported by Thing 1 and Thing 2 while the two children from the story look on and their goldfish's bowl balances dangerously on the title of the book.

This is a really cool poster for Dr Seuss fans to have on their wall; you can buy it by clicking the link below.

One thing I really like about this poster are the expressions of fun on the Cat's face as well as Thing 1 & Thing 2 but the expressions of shock on the faces of the children. These really capture the essence of the whole story.

This 16 x 20 inch poster is a reproduction of the original cover illustration from Dr Seuss's book The Cat in the Hat; this poster features the classic picture of the Cat with clear and simple text.

This classic illustration of the Cat in the Hat is wonderful for its simplicity of color, with the red and white hat and bow-tie standing out. The other nice thing here is the Cat's cheeky but innocent smile.

For those who love classic designs, this is a Cat in the Hat picture that is just spot on.

The Cat In The Hat Cleans Up Picture

You have to love this poster! One of the best moments in the story is when the Cat in the Hat has realized that what he has done is naughty and comes driving in on his clean-up-machine.The happiness is obvious on the faces of all the characters and the arms coming out of the Cat's machine to clean up are funny.

I can easily see this Cat in the Hat picture on my wall.

Who Is The Best Character In Cat In The Hat?

Do you like to have fun? Do you think that fun is funny?

If you are a fan of the Cat in the Hat this close up picture of him, staring straight out, will please you. This will look good on the wall of Dr Seuss fans' houses/flats with its cool blue background and trademark red and white hat of the naughty Cat.

Although, in this picture, you cannot see the Cat in the Hat's mouth, you can still see his ever-present grin in his eyes. 

This picture is part of a series of close-up Dr Seuss posters; see more of them here - Dr Seuss closeup poster prints.

Posing Cat In The Hat Pictures

In these two little posters the Cat in the Hat is posing and smiling with colorful backgrounds. In the first he is doffing his hat and bowing while in the second he is reading a story from a book.

Although the Cat in the Hat is the star of the story, in many ways Thing 1 and Thing 2 steal the show with their madcap, indoor kite-flying antics. In this wonderful poster they come dangerously close to doing that here too.

The bright colors of Thing 1 and Thing 2 stand out on this bright yellow background and their smiles are wonderful; typical of the fun expressions that Dr Seuss always gave his characters.

This poster, in particular, would look good on the wall of a child's bedroom.

More Cat In The Hat Themed Pictures

Here are two more posters based on characters from the Cat in the Hat. These two cute prints  feature Thing 1 and Thing 2 greeting the two children of the story. These two prints would look good together on the wall of Seuss fans.

Do you recognize this hat?

Of course, this is the hat of the Cat in the Hat and the trademark of Dr Seuss. Although this poster does not actually feature the Cat himself, I include it here as it instantly associated with Dr Seuss's most famous character and this gallery would be incomplete without it.

If you are creating a Dr Seuss art gallery then this is another wonderful addition to that collection.

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dustytoes on 04/04/2012

The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play.... Loved this book and read it over and over as a kid - or it was read to me. Good page on some favorite Cat in the Hat characters.

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