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by nickupton

Grinch ornaments for Christmas can be found here! These Grinch Christmas ornaments are a great way for Dr Seuss fans to decorate their house at Christmas.

Dr Seuss's Christmas story of "The Grinch" features a Scrooge-like character that is set on ruining Christmas for the "Whos" of Whoville by stealing their gifts. This tale is extremely well-loved by children and adults and these Grinch ornaments give you a fun way to theme your Christmas decorations.

These Christmas Grinch decorations are a nice way for Seuss fans to brighten up the room and they make nice collectors' items.

This is a Grinch Christmas ornament that Dr Seuss fans will love. The grouchy old Grinch stands, dressed as a fake Santa in front of a double page illustration from the story, "How The Grinch stole Christmas". A nice way to celebrate Christmas and Dr Seuss's famous book.

Dr Seuss fans can use this cool ornament as a centrepiece at Christmas dinner or simply diaplay it somewhere suitable in your house during the festive period.

Have a happy Grinchmas with this cute Dr Seuss Christmas decoration to keep you company.

Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornament

2011 Hallmark Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornament
$41.79  $35.0

This Grinch ornament features the moment when The Grinch finally realizes that Christmas is a time for giving. Here he can be seen in his Santa costume, wearing a big smile a carrying a gift whilst his reindeer/dog, Max. sits on top of a gift-laden sleigh ready to redistribute Christmas presents to the Whos.

This is a really colourful and cheerful Grinch decoration and adds a slice of Seuss to your Christmas theme.

This Grinch ornament is 3.5 inches high and weighs 8 ounces.

Grinch's Small Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day Ornament

Department 56 Grinch Villages from Department 56 Grinch's...
$40.63  $33.91

The Grinch, Max & Cindy-Lou Christmas Tree

Grinch Christmas Tree
$39.99  $34.99

This is the perfect Grinch Christmas ornament. A happy, smiling Grinch, wearing his Santa suit stands in front of a nicely decorated Christmas tree holding hands with Cindy-Lou Who and accompanied by Max the dog wearing his own Santa hat - the three main characters from the story.

This Grinch ornament makes a nice table centrepiece at Christmas for Dr Seuss fans, or you can base a whole Who-Ville Christmas display around this.

This Christmas Grinch decoration measures five and a half inches tall - just right for display purposes.

Grinch Village - Let's Feast On Roast Beast

The Grinch & Max eat Christmas dinner.

The Grinch - "And He Got Her A Drink And Then Sent Her To Bed"

The Grinch meets Cindy Lou.

The Grinch - "A Great Grinchy Trick"

The Grinch dresses for his Christmas caper.

Santa Grinch & Reindeer Max

The Grinch recruits Max into his scheme.


Here is a selection of other Grinch ornaments for Christmas based on scenes from Dr Seuss' story.

These four ornaments depict the moment when the Grinch straps a single antler to Max's head in order to disguise him as his reindeer, the moment when the Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who, as well as when he dresses up as Santa and shares roast beast with his faithful, long-suffering dog.

For those who love to collect these Grinch ornament figurines, these items make nice additions to the collection - making for a fun Dr Seuss-styled festive period.

Grinch Christmas Ornaments - The Whos

The Whos are a very important part of the story, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", and fans looking to create a Grinch-themed Christmas display will be pleased to find that there are some very nice Who ornaments to collect.

Feast Of Roast Beast Ornament

Amazon Price: $17.50

The feast of roast beast is the highlight of the Whos Christmas celebrations and this fun decoration depicts that nicely. Three Who chefs happily serve up the roast beast with trimmings with a typically Who grin on their faces.

This is a nice ornament to collect when creating a Grinch themed Christmas display at home to go with other characters from the story.

Feast of Roast Beast Christmas Ornament

Oh The Noise is a cute ornament which features three young Whos making the music that the Grinch so loathes.

A Family of Whos is a must-have addition to any Grinch themed Christmas display. They can be placed around the display to create a busy Who-Ville.

Whos With Their Toys features some happy young Whos playing with their presents returned to them by the redeemed Grinch.

Oh The Noise, Noise, Noise

Oh, the racket! The Who's with their singing and the Who's with their Toys. I can't stand all the noise, noise, noise! I must find a way to stop Christmas From Coming! Grinch ...

A Family of Who's, Set of 5

Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small, Was Singing! Without any presents at all. Christmas had come after all. From the Wonderful world of Dr. Seuss and ...

Who's With Their Toys

All the Who Boys and Girls would wake up bright and early. They'd Rush for their toys. And then…All the noise, noise, noise! This little train is done in who fashion and is ...

Only $25.7

Create Your Own Christmas Who-Ville

These cute Who-Ville buildings can be used, alongside many of the Grinch ornaments already featured, to create a Christmas Grinch/Who-Ville scene in your home.

Grinch Decorations

Want some Grinch decorations to hang on your tree? This selection of hanging Grinch Christmas decorations allows Dr Seuss fans to choose a cute decoration for their tree or to get the whole collection.

Grinch Decorations

Who-Ville; Cindy-Lou Who's House

A cute decoration of Cindy-Lou Who's House in great colourful detail.

Only $109.95
Who-Ville; Toy Store

Toys are a must at Christmas and this toy shop provides the Who children with gifts.

Only $149.99
Who-Ville; Bakery

A cute, colourful model of where the Whos get their Christmas cake.

Who-Ville; Shoe Shop

A snow-capped shoe shop to add to your Whoville collection.

Only $499.99
Who-Ville; Music Shop

This Who music shop is the source of the happy music that so plagues the Grinch.

Mr Grinch Song

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Jewelsofawe on 01/26/2012

Cool ornaments! I love the grinch story!

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