Cats In Art

by MBC

This article will feature cats that have been the subject of paintings, movies, sculpture and more artwork over the ages.

This article will feature cats that have been the subject of various types of contemporary artwork. I have had cats all my life and they are so graceful and beautiful. I am not the only one who has thought so. There are many artists who have specialized in cats such as Hans Silvester, Laurel Burch, Adam Thomas Rees and others. The artist Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, a Frenchman who was a painter and printmaker, produced a series of cat art called Sans Perole displaying his fondness for the feline. I hope you enjoy some of the art products I have chosen to feature here. Over time there will be more coming, stay tuned.

Gifting a cat-lover a piece of cat art is a great idea. I know that I would appreciate any cat-related art piece myself.

Have You Heard of the Cat Goddess Bast?

In Egyptian tombs there are many mummified remains of cats.  The Sun God Ra was a cat. The suns rays were seen to come from the cat Ra. The Egyptians also wore amulets in the form of cats.  There were two other cat goddesses 1) Sekhmet represented the savage heat of the desert sun. and 2) Bastet was a gentle cat goddess who nurtured crops and life. Bastet had some nicknames which were Bast and Pasht.  Music, dance and sex or fertility were associated with Bast. She has a temple named Bubastis meaning the house of Bast at the delta of the Nile River. The well known cat sculpture is the Sphinx which guards tombs in Egypt.

Immitating the Goddess Bast

Henriette Ronner-Knip was a Dutch Painter that Specialized in Cats

Best of Friends
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Japanese Artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa

From His Series Cats for the Fifty-three Stations of Tokaido
Cats Forming the Characters for Catfish
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Watch Adam Thomas Rees Creating a Cat Sculpture

Bid on Cat Sculptures

Cats Represent Guards and Good Fortune

Lucky Cat Bead from NordstromIf you treat a cat right they will return many favors to you.  In Japan they use a "Happy Cat" or a beckoning cat as feng shui to bring good luck.  These type of figurines are named Maneki-neko. This talisman, or lucky charm, is often put near the cash register in restaurants or stores to attract good business. This cat is also popular in China where it is known as a lucky cat.




I'm sure that you are familiar with Laurel's work.

I'm sure that you are familiar with her work.
Festive Felines
Festive Felines

Laurel Burch Specialized in Cat Art

Laurel Burch was born in Southern California and later relocated to the Bay Area of California.  Her maiden name was Laurel Anne Harte. She was married for a time to Robert Burch and she had two kids.  She divorced by age 20.

She first made her art sculptures of cats using junkyard scraps.  Later she started painting and making jewelry.  At one point she met a man named Shashi Singapuri who backed her financially for a time.  Laurel died at age 61 in 2007.

Some Holiday Cat Fun

grumpy cat


You can purchase this precious plush at Nordstrom.

Click here to purchase Grumpy Cat Santa Plush

Cat Photography by Hans Silvester

Chat en Grece
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Hans Silvester Focused on Cat Photography in the Aegean Sea Islands

Hans Silvester made his living as a travel photographer.  Two of his best-selling books or calendars of photography are The Complete Cats in the Sun, and The Mediteranean Cat.


Paul Klee Had a Cat Named Bimbo

Klee included cats in many of this art pieces. His style included elements of surrealism, orientalism, expressionism, and cubism.

By The Famous Modern Artist Paul Klee

Cat and Bird
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Why Cats Paint

Why Cats Paint
Why Cats Paint

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MBC on 06/04/2015

Thanks CruiseReady - I thought so too.

CruiseReady on 06/04/2015

That video of Adam Thomas Rees creating a cat sculpture was absolutely mesmerizing!

MBC on 01/21/2015

The one I have currently is the BEST ever!

jptanabe on 01/21/2015

Yes indeed! And I have my own cats who supply more than enough feline attitude for any artist to enjoy!

MBC on 01/02/2015

Sure, thanks for your visit and comment. Happy 2015

Tolovaj on 12/28/2014

I don't have any cat art, but Puss in Boots is one of my favorite stories. It has everything a good fairy tale should have, although the message is a bit questionable ... Thanks for all the presented examples!

Telesto on 11/26/2014

Grumpy cat posters.... I have one at home who could pose for that! I love the cat art, thanks MBC.

sheilamarie on 11/25/2014

I love that cat photo by Hans Silvester! Beautiful light and color contrasts.

MBC on 11/25/2014

Thanks, if you hadn't guessed I'm a lover of felines!

DerdriuMarriner on 11/25/2014

MBC, The video of Adam Thomas Rees creating a cat sculpture is mesmerizing!
It is beautiful to see cats' loving, wise natures and their graceful ways of being translated so exquisitely into works of art. The cat photography by Hans Silvester is enchantingly unique.
This is a nice tribute!

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