Sunflower Gifts and Decor

by MBC

Don't you just love the positive happy feeling of the sunflower? This article focuses on gifts and home decor with the sunflower theme.

The sunflower head bends towards the light. We couldn't go wrong learning to do that as well. We should especially strive to learn the devotion and loyalty of a sunflower. The sunflower symbolizes warmth, joy and all things positive. Usually sunflowers are at their height in the fall, but their positive energy makes them great gift items all year round.

The multi-talented plant family known as Asters is also known as the daisy family or the sunflower family. It includes daisies and sunflowers, Black-eyed Susans and chrysanthemums, bachelor's buttons and a colorful array of asters. This article focuses on the wonderful Sunflower. It will not only include photos but also some fun home decor products.

Because I love them, I have taken a number of photos of these beautiful plants or wildflowers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This introductory flower photo was of an 8 ft. sunflower with a bloom of about 12 inches in diameter and was taken in my neighborhood. The seeds in the center were about 8 inches in diameter. It was stunning to see. All photos in this lens are copyrighted by Marsha Camblin, unless other credit is given, and should not be copied.

Gardening with the Vibrant Sunflower

Sunflowers come in a wide variety of sizes, heights and colors. They brighten any garden and are great as cut flowers which last a long time. The sunflower may actually be the most popular flower in the world. It is easy to grow. You just need soil that drains well and sun. They are at their peak near fall when most other flowers have died out.

Sunflowers in the Garden

They make great focal points. You can also grow them as a crop for both seeds or oils. Children love sunflowers (remember playing he loves me, he loves me not?) They make fabulous borders. They can also be grown in containers.

They make wonderful giant flowers if you use one of these sunflower varieties: Russian Giant, Mammoth Grey Stripe or Paul Bunyan.

What's Your Favorite Member of the Aster Family?

A Warm Cozy Sunflower Blanket Makes a Great Gift

These are particularly nice for someone who is feeling under the weather

Sunflowers Polyester Cubed Pouf

Sunflower Oil and It's Health Benefits

There are 4 types of sunflower oils which include: High Linoleic; NuSun or Mid-Oleic; High Oleic; and High Stearic/High Oleic.

Doctors recommend that you limit fried foods to avoid so much risk of coronary heart disease. Cooking with any of the four sunflower oils will help you to keep your LDL cholesterol in check. So eat healthy and cook with sunflower oils.

Some Sunflower Photos I took Capturing Sunflowers - Your Vote would be Appreciated

Available to purchase on the Viewbug site simply click the text under the image. The watermark will NOT show.
Bees on a Sunflower
Bees on a Sunflower
Giant Sunflower
Giant Sunflower

Which Varieties to Plant for the Birds

Some of you know I am a birder.  I love the little fellas!  There are many varieties of sunflowers but the following are the ones I recommend if you want to create your own bird food:

Woodland Sunflower; Autumn Beauty; Saw-tooth Sunflower; African Sunset; Aztec Gold; or Sunseed.

Crafting Sunflowers for Gifts

Do You Need a Hostess Gift?

These Bowls are from Bed, Bath and Beyond just click the text link.
Sunflower Serving Bowls Will Brighten any Dinner
Sunflower Serving Bowls Will Brighten any Dinner
The Bald Eagle is America’s national bird and it symbolizes freedom. These regal, majestic birds have quite a history. The introductory photo was taken by Marsha Camblin.
This article will focus on unique gifts for the Golden Retriever owner. They are good suggestions year round, but most of us focus on gifts during the Christmas holidays.
Finding a gift for a man can be a challenge. They usually just purchase anything they need. So I will make some creative suggestions for gifts for dad.
Learn about the family Falconidae or falcons. These birds of prey are fascinating and beautiful. Hunters train them.

Gardens and Bird Pillows are Fun Indoor or Outdor Decor Items

Think about your patio.

Get Creative

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/25/2015

MBC, Sunflowers are such cheery plants. I always make space for them, including lining a long balcony patio with many many potted sunflowers.
Sunflower oil is my oil of choice, for salads, for cooking, etc.
It's always nice to meet another sunflower fan.

MBC on 11/16/2014

Polar Bears are great too. But I'm partial to the bright sunflower. Thanks for your visit.

Guest on 11/16/2014

I'm a big sunflower fan, so thank you for this. The living room started out with a sunflower theme, until the polar bears took over (as they have nearly every room in the house, to be honest...) It's a beige and cream room for starters, with a print of Van Gogh's Sunflowers on the wall and various sunflower ornaments scattered around. Our neighbors managed a 6 foot sunnie last summer and I was deadly jealous. I also prefer items cooked in sunflower oil because of the taste. My dad reckons the appeal of sunnies liies in the fact that they are bright and cheerful. He's rarely wrong in pinpointing things like that.

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