Gifts for Golden Retriever Owners

by MBC

This article will focus on unique gifts for the Golden Retriever owner. They are good suggestions year round, but most of us focus on gifts during the Christmas holidays.

The Golden Retriever has Aristocratic Origins

The Golden Retriever is an extremely popular pet. They can charm your socks off! One of my good friends had one and the only problem was he wanted to crawl up in my lap constantly. Cute but a little too large for my lap. His master used him for hunting birds, a job most goldens love.

The hostorical story goes that a Scotsman named Lord Tweedmouth, bought a yellow retriever from a shoe repairman who had received this dog as payment for a debt. Tweedmouth named this dog Nous back in the mid 1800s. Lord Tweedmouth found Nous could excel at retrieving birds. Nous sired a new breed developed just for working gundogs.

Nous was later mated to a Tweed Water Spaniel Belle and they produced 4 pups. One of the sons of Lord Tweedmouth later took the first Golden to America, to a Texas ranch. Did you already know this history of the golden?

A Whole Slew of Goldens at the Furry Scurry in Denver

Slew of Goldens
Slew of Goldens
My Personal Photos

These golden retrievers were walking in the Furry Scurry event in May at Washington Park. This is a fundraising event for the Denver Dumb Friends League (a local animal shelter)

Goldens are big dogs that think they should be lap dogs. I had a friend years ago whose golden retriever used to try to sit in my lap.  She was a real love, but she sure was heavy!  Ha Is yours a lap dog too?

Many Goldens Find their Calling as Assistance Dogs

The woman who first began the idea of a service dog was named Dr. Benita Bergen. That was back in 1975. Later Dr. Bergen established Canine Companions for Independence. Some of these dogs work with kids in Special Education especially those with autism. She trains guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, medical alert dogs and more.

Canine Companion Carly is a Caregiver Assistance Dog

Poll on Golden Retrievers

How Many Goldens Have You Ever Owned?

Dog Item Suggestions for Gifting

Famous Golden Retrievers

  • Liberty, owned by President Gerald Ford
  • Shadow, starred in the movie Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
  • Duke, starred in the Bush's Baked Beans commercials
  • Buddy, an actor in the movie Air Bud
  • Comet, was on the TV program Full House

Use This Photo or Use a Custom Photo of Your Own Choosing

Golden Retriever Shares Toys with Baby

Veterinarians Top Choice for Best First Dog Breed

This study was done by and I quote the results:

“The Golden Retriever is the No. 1 choice of veterinarians for new dog owners, and it’s no wonder. His sweet, gentle, people-pleasing personality makes him a delightful addition to most families. He loves to play, displays loyalty and affection – and, if that weren’t enough, this guy is a real looker. Those good looks come at a price, though: His gorgeous coat needs regular brushing and bathing”



Kids love stickers for decorating and personalizing all kinds of things: notebooks, laptops, beds etc.

Golden Retriever Luggage

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MBC on 11/14/2014

Who doesn't - they are so easy to love.

Mira on 11/13/2014

I love golden retrievers :)

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