Furry Scurry in Denver

by MBC

The Furry Scurry happens in Denver in early summer annually. 2016 will be the 23rd year. Come, bring your dog, and enjoy the fundraising festivities.

I'd like to suggest a worthwhile and fun event that was created to help homeless pets. There may be others, but, this is the largest walk for animals in the nation! If you come you can meet adoptable pets. You are likely to see just about every breed of dog under the sun. Some of them wear costumes. Dogs bring out the best in people. This is guaranteed fun! Staycations seem to be big when the economy is bad or people have financial limitations. Why not stay at home and enjoy this event?

Today, I have chosen to write about this annual fundraising event here in Denver. Every May they hold what is called the "Furry Scurry" in Washington Park which includes a two-mile walk around the park. This year it was held on May 2nd and they raised $925,000 to support our local animal shelter the Denver Dumb Friends League, a local non-profit. What a success! Note: By "dumb friends" they mean animals who can't speak for themselves. There were about 12,000 people and 5,000 dogs participating this year. The registration fee was $50 per person, but if you are just coming to watch, it is free. They have all kinds of vendors and food booths. Invite your family and friends and their pets and come and make a day of it. Don't forget the frisbie or toys.

I am going to show you some fun photos I took during the event this year. I hope they make you smile! Over time I will also feature some photos of the lovely flower gardens at Wash Park. This is a public park so its free to visit.

I think the Furry Scurry is one of the best attractions or events held in my hometown of Denver, Colorado. Please plan to come one year and support our furry friends at the Denver Dumb Friends League or DDFL. Also worth a visit year round is Washington Park, where the Scurry is hosted, which has two lakes, paddle boats and surrey bikes with the fringe on top to rent and beautiful flower beds. Bring your running shoes and a picnic. A great place to play year-round.

History of the Furry Scurry

The very first Furry Scurry event was held twenty years ago on May 7th, 1994. That year 1800 people participated in the walk and they raised $90,000. 2010 was the first year we raised $1 million and it also happened to be the 100 year anniversary of the DDFL. So come enter your dog this year and let's set a fundraising record.

We may have been one of the first in the country to raise funds this way and that’s how we rank as the biggest walk for animals in the nation.

All of the money raised goes directly to the care of our homeless animals.

Did you know that the DDFL now has a place to care for abused and neglected horses? Yes, it’s new and greatly needed. An open house was held on Saturday, May 18, at the Harmony Equine Center located at 5540 E. Highway 86, just west of Franktown, Colorado.

Horse Photo Ready for Adoption Through Denver Dumb Friends League

A Horse Ready for Adoption
A Horse Ready for Adoption

What's Your Favorite Animal?

All of these animals are helped with the funds raised by the Furry Scurry.

The Scurry Began Back in 1994

See How Much Fun We've Had

Dogs at the Scurry Photo Gallery

Scroll Thru then Check Back as I will be adding more fun photos
Happy People and Their Dogs
Happy People and Their Dogs
Personal photos taken by Marsha Camblin
In the Parade
In the Parade
One of the dog entrants
One of the dog entrants
Here's a Big Guy
Here's a Big Guy
One of the Corgis in the Event One Year
One of the Corgis in the Event One Year
My Photos
My Photos

What is on the Agenda? This Goose Parade Was Unplanned

Goose Parage

Of course, Washington Park is open for everyone everyday of the year. But on Scurry day be ready to park a distance away and carry in your supplies as this is a VERY popular event. Most years the flowers are not in bloom yet. But you might see some baby geese as it is Spring! The ones in this picture stopped the whole parade of dogs and people so mom and dad could take the babies across the road to the lake. The geese didn’t seem to think that those dogs might just want to eat their goslings.

Contests at the Furry Scurry often include Best Pet/Person Look-alike, Best Pet Kisser and Best Tail Wagger. You can enter a pet or just enjoy the fun and watch.

There are 150 pet-related sponsors including Cosmo’s Dog Biscuit Bakery, Doggie Delights, Dolly’s Dog Boutique, Hang 10 Pets, Hale Pet Door, Whole Foods, Good Times, Wells Fargo, the Poo Crew and many others.


Great Dog Related Items

Do you gift to your or about your dog for Christmas? Items can be customized with your own photo.

Get Involved in Fitness for Your Dog

Have you heard of Kong products?  They offer durable toys for your dog that will also keep them fit. One of the contests at the Scurry is throwing and catching accuracy, I'm not sure what it is called. But doggy sports are a great way to have fun with your pet and keep them fit at the same time.

I don't know the breed of the beautiful dog, if you know please say in the comments below. Thanks

Who knows what this white dog is? Answer in the comments if you know
Who knows what this white dog is? Answer in the comments if you know

This One is a Great Dane

Great Dane "Scurrying"
Great Dane "Scurrying"

Poll does your town hold an event like the Furry Scurry?

Capital Building Denver Postcard

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