Make Your Sweetheart Happy

by MBC

Helpful Hints for Guys or Gals Who Want To Be Thoughtful or Romantic for any special occasion.

We all like to feel we are attractive to the love of our life, or of the moment for that matter. Make them feel special and they will feel warm feelings toward you. Finding something really special, unique and memorable can be a challenge, so I'm ready to make some gift or behavior suggestions that will have the perfect impact on the one you love. Not every gift or behavior has to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, often it's the little things that count most.

Take them for a stroll in the park where you met, or go to the mountains or beach and take a bottle of wine and some cheese throw out a blanket and get comfortable for your romantic picnic. I'm sure he or she will melt!

If you do give them an item, perhaps try to personalize it with their initials or name or engraving. At Zazzle personalizing items is very easy and fun to do.

If you are talented write a poem expressing your love and frame it. That can be a reminder of how you feel wherever they choose to put it. They might take it to work and put it on their desk.

Keep your sweetie happy and they will reciprocate your affections.

I love this poem by Maryanne Radmacher:

if you are the question
the answer is yes
if you are the challenge
the problem is already solved
then and now
yesterday and tomorrow
i go on choosing you.

Make Your Sweetheart Happy
Make Your Sweetheart Happy

Give Him or Her Some Wall Art

Love Wall Art

Make Them a Batch of Homemade Cookies to say I Love You

Check this page for recipe ideas.
The focus of this article is on creating yummy cookies for Christmas or other ocassions. I include cookie recipes to impress your family and friends.

Send Your Love a Birthday Card

Click on one and then you can explore for other options.

Be Sure to Keep Your Sweetie Healthy and Pampered

This unique shower head overcomes the toxins that come from your tap water such as chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals by infusing the water with the essence of flowers and includes gemstone therapy which offer natural filtration for a much healthier shower each day.

This gift is good for everyone who uses your shower, your kids, your husband or wife, your guests. A great way to let them know they are loved and appreciated. Click the photo and then search for shower head.

Nature's Waterfall Ion Therapy

Create a Mix of Romantic Songs for Your Sweetheart this Year

Or just listen to the songs while you check out this page.

Research the Local Hot Springs

Believe me your honey will love to have a full day at the hot springs and spa.  Perhaps give her a massage gift certificate to go with her soak.

Date for Valentines?
Date for Valentines?

Does She Garden - Give Her Something Beautiful to Put Her Feet up and Relax

Take Them to Dinner and a Movie and Just for Fun Take Some Chocolates

This is tradition, but sometimes that's fine. Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? Check out the cake pops as well.

Could He or She Use a New Messenger or Commuter Bag? Have a look at these.

There is a style for every taste. Search for their favorite hobby such as golfing, knitting, tennis, bowling etc.

What About Ordering an Astrology Reading for Them?

Here's the Astrologer I recommend - he can work at a distance, so the receiver and be anywhere. All you will need their birth date, time and place. You could start a tradition and do this every year for updates.
Roy Neal is a professional astrologer who posts monthly and quarterly updates for his readers here.

We all Like to be Seen as Sexy

Tell Them You Think They are Hot! Give them a sweet treat or somethng useful to use daily
Ad Zazzle

Have you and your sweetie created a little one?

Be Sweet to Him or Her - What Better Place to Start than the Bedroom?

Crate & Barrel Has Such a Great Variety to Pick Just the Right Thing To Spice Up the Romance
Something Romantic to Update the Bedroom
Something Romantic to Update the Bedroom

Give Your Honey Something to Keep Her Warm and Cozy this Christmas

Does Your Man or Lady Love Wildlife? This Squirel Photo Can Be Purchased Click on the Text Link Below It

Frame it for them
Squirel Eating
Squirel Eating

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Does Your Honey Love Dogs? If so There are Many Dog Necklaces and Earrings to Choose From on Zazzle

Check these out
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MBC on 03/04/2015

Great idea! Some women even give their men flowers.

WriterArtist on 03/03/2015

I haven't received many gifts from my husband, I think it must be because I don't gift him anything. I would love to receive gifts and I should perhaps take the first step.

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