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Roy Neal is a professional astrologer who posts monthly and quarterly updates for his readers here.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer, teacher and counselor with a private practice in the Denver area. Roy has been studying and practicing in the areas of psychology, astrology and spiritual development professionally since October 1981. If you would like an individual update on your birth chart for this or any other time period call Roy at 303-757-3638 or 720-962-4633 and schedule an appointment.

Roy's desire is to facilitate awareness of how to actualize your creative potential and successfully navigate the challenges during this transformational period so that you can experience the greatest amount of personal joy and value.

I know Roy personally and have had several very thorough and interesting readings from him. I recommend him without reservation.

We will be publishing new updates on Solstices and Equinoxes as well as for each monthly sign.

You can find Roy's office at 2055 S. Oneida St., Denver, CO 80224

Spring Equinox by Roy Neal

The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20, 2017 at 4:29 a.m. MDT.  This event signals the beginning of the Spring season.  A chart done for this event in Denver, CO reveals the psychological and emotional process that we will be dealing with during the next three months. 

 Aquarius rules the Ascendant and symbolizes the experience of awakening to our true sense of self.  The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and is located in the third house of communication in Aries.  This placement indicates new ideas and new ways of thinking. 

 The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the sign of Aries in the second house of money and value.  This indicates a focus of energy and consciousness on initiating new ideas and relationships based on what we truly want and value.

Neptune and Chiron are also located in the second house of the chart in Pisces indicating the importance of helping others and growing our sensitivity to spiritual as well as material values.

Jupiter is the highest planet in the chart and is located in the sign of Libra in the ninth house.  The ninth house is the house of education, travel and foreign countries.  Jupiter is currently retrograde and will not go direct until June 9.  This could indicate that policies related to travel and immigration will not be resolved easily or fairly until later in the year. 

A climate of fear, power and control will cast an emotional shadow over the joys of travel, adventure and exploration.

Initiating projects of shared value will require joining forces with others for work and health related concerns.  Resolving problems will require team effort and the implementation of ideas and policies for mutual economic benefit.

Venus is currently retrograde but will go direct on April 15.  During the time while Venus is retrograde we benefit through reconnecting with others to explore compatible values and projects that assist people and animals who need emotional, spiritual and financial support. 

 Our goal during the Spring season will be to transform and release old patterns in our consciousness that limit our ability to be emotionally, spiritually and financially fulfilled in our daily life.

It is important for us to ask these questions:  What fears have we inherited from our childhood?  What action do we need to take and who do we need to connect with in order to release these fears? 

It is time for a major change in consciousness and perspective. The status quo is no longer an option for those of us who want to fully claim our autonomy and be empowered. 

Finding a way to be of service to others will assist us in growing our sense of value and purpose. 

In Honor of Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign.  It is during this time of year that the Earth is becoming green and that we begin to plant the seeds which will be harvested in the Fall.  Consistent, determined and sometimes stubborn are adjectives that describe the Taurus personality.  

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus.  Venus is the planet of attraction.  The Taurus person often attracts what they want to them.  They have a magnetic personality and can be very persuasive and intentional about obtaining what and who they want and value.  The goal of the Taurus person is to ultimately experience themselves as valued and valuable.

Taureans enjoy good food, comfort and sensual pleasures.  The best way to cultivate a positive experience with a Taurus is to be a good cook, gardener or a wealthy benefactor.  Taureans desire stability and security.  If you want to grow a relationship with a Taurus you need to be steadfast, loyal and affectionate. 


Throw a Birthday Bash Here Are Some Birthday Cards for Taurus

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April 2017 Update by Roy Neal

We begin the month of April with April Fool’s Day which occurs on Saturday, April 1.  Watch out for pranksters who will be in fine form with the Moon in the air sign of Gemini.

An emotional shift occurs on Sunday, April 2 as the Moon enters the water sign of Cancer and Venus retrogrades back into the sign of Pisces.  Emotional sensitivity, security and family matters will be highlighted on Monday, April 3 as the Moon experiences its First Quarter Phase in Cancer just after noon. 

Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius on the evening of April 5 so we will need to reformulate travel plans and goals that involve our continuing education and relationship with other cultures and foreign countries. 

Mercury will go retrograde on Sunday, April 9 in the sign of Taurus. This event occurs just before the Full Moon in Libra on Monday, April 10.  Mercury will continue its retrograde motion until May 3

when it turns direct in the sign of Aries.  During the Mercury retrograde period we will have an opportunity to evaluate our decisions with regard to what we truly want and value. 

Venus remains in Pisces until April 28.  This will give us ample time to practice compassion for others and seek out activities and relationships that nourish our soul. 

An opportunity to release old psychological and emotional blocks and patterns can symbolically occur during the Easter weekend.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 and the Moon completes its Last Quarter Phase in Capricorn very early on that day. 

Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn and Mercury retrogrades back into the sign of Aries on April 20.  Pluto retrograde in Capricorn indicates a transformation in how we approach our career and personal goals.  Rethinking our perception of self and our skill in communicating with others is a priority while Mercury is retrograde in Aries (April 20 – May 3). 

Mars will enter the sign of Gemini on Friday, April 21.  Mars in the sign of Gemini denotes a focus on communication and dialogue.  The drive will be to obtain more information and to find ways of sharing it with others. 

A New Moon in the earth sign of Taurus occurs on the morning of April 26.  Focusing on practical matters including the growing of a garden and manifesting more financial security will demand our conscious attention at this time. 

Venus will return to the fire sign of Aries on Friday, April 28. This event signals a time to take the initiative regarding getting what we truly want and value in our relationships with others. 

By now we will have processed decisions involving money, business and relationship.  More clarity on the action to take and who is involved in our new projects will come as Mercury goes direct in the sign of Aries on Wednesday, May 3. 


Post Election Perspective by Roy Neal

At first I did not believe it.  I was credulous and emotionally numb. I then decided to pray and meditate and reclaim my spiritual center. This activity along with some intensive reading in “Your Best Life Now”, a book by Joel Osteen, specifically the section on:  “Strength Through Adversity” started to bring me a new perspective on the election of Donald Trump as the leader of the free world. 

Later that same day I attended the Dances of Universal Peace and continued my emotional transition to one of inner peace and unconditional loving acceptance.  I am reminded of Byron Katie’s book called:  “Loving What Is.” 

A further examination of Trump’s birth chart and the planets of the chart of the United States revealed strong indications of good fortune, social support and manifest destiny with respect to Trump’s role as an activist for change and transformation for himself and the country. 

In short, there are no accidents.  The people have spoken and continue to speak.  Bernie Sanders was right.  What this country needs is a revolution.  No one would have guessed that Donald Trump would be the one to lead it, least of all Donald himself.  However, like Hillary says:  “Let’s keep an open mind” and I would add to this an open heart and pray for God’s grace to guide us forward. 

Footnote:  In life and in astrology oppositions create awareness. Premise:  The Universe is conspiring for our greatest good. Summary:  There are a multitude of ways to grow your soul. 




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I just noticed you have me down for friday....I can change it to friday at 2;30....let me know ...I wrote down thursday.....

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I love Roy's readings about time for a new one

MBC on 10/16/2014

It sounds like you have had a reading from him.

Gloria Ficalora on 10/16/2014

Roy conveys love and trust to his client so that one feels at ease questioning and accepting
his council, a spiritual interpretation to ones chart.

MBC on 10/10/2014

Yes, I get readings from him on a regular basis and can highly recommend him.

Guest on 10/10/2014

MBC, In the hands of knowledgeable practitioners, there is a flow to astrology which is appealing and convincing. I enjoyed my reading journey through your presentation. Thank you for introducing Roy Neal. He comes across as reputable, informed, and dedicated.

WriterArtist on 09/25/2014

This surely gives a detailed information on Roy Neal. It also throws light on many aspects of astrology.

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