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Roy Neal is a professional astrologer who posts monthly and quarterly updates for his readers here.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer, teacher and counselor with a private practice in the Denver area. Roy has been studying and practicing in the areas of psychology, astrology and spiritual development professionally since October 1981. If you would like an individual update on your birth chart for this or any other time period call Roy at 303-757-3638 or 720-962-4633 and schedule an appointment.

Roy's desire is to facilitate awareness of how to actualize your creative potential and successfully navigate the challenges during this transformational period so that you can experience the greatest amount of personal joy and value.

I know Roy personally and have had several very thorough and interesting readings from him. I recommend him without reservation.

We will be publishing new updates on Solstices and Equinoxes as well as for each monthly sign.

You can find Roy's office at 2055 S. Oneida St., Suite 394, Denver, CO 80224

Winter Solstice by Roy Neal

On Thursday, December 21 at 9:29 am MST the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn.  This event marks the beginning of the Winter season and is known as the Winter Solstice.  A chart done for this event symbolizes the psychological and emotional process that we will be experiencing for the next three months.

 The sign of Aquarius is on the Ascendant of the chart along with the Moon and the South Node in the first house.  Aquarius symbolizes independence, originality and innovation.  We are awakening to a new emotional experience of who we are.

The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and is located in the third house of communication and understanding.  This placement indicates that we are beginning to think outside the box, to see and perceive things differently. 

Our search for truth inspires us to relate more authentically with others.  A transformation in our beliefs and philosophy is now at hand.  New friends and groups will form to bring help and support to those in need. 

The transformation and healing that is necessary for our soul growth and emotional evolution will require the release of old attitudes and beliefs about power, control, success and security. A new vision and purpose invites us to trust and honor our spiritual guidance and intuition with regard to how we will manifest financial security by helping others.

Authentically sharing with others will build trust and confidence in both personal and professional relationships. A shared commitment of purpose and vision will produce the best results at this time.

Throw a Birthday Bash Here Are Some Birthday Items for Aquarians

You can easily edit or customize them as well.

In Honor of Aquarius

It is 2018.   If we add all the numbers in the year we get 11. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac.  Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius.  Uranus is known as “The Awakener.”   It is time for some shock therapy, or at least a revolution in consciousness. 

Aquarians are concerned with social awareness.  The Aquarius person is happiest when they are devoted to a specific cause and feel they are making a valuable social contribution. 

Aquarians embody independence, originality and innovation. If you want to attract or impress an Aquarian, be a true individual.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Dare to be different.  Do something unique and unusual.  Be a rebel and allow yourself to become a good friend and ally.

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Updated: 01/19/2018, MBC
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Kay D on 04/20/2017

Thanks Roy

Mariah on 10/14/2015

I just noticed you have me down for friday....I can change it to friday at 2;30....let me know ...I wrote down thursday.....

mariah on 10/14/2015

i have thurs the 15th at 2:30...let me know if that is not correct.
1106 Zenon st Golden, co.80401
Simms to 8th left on 8th to welch right on welch to xenon right to 1106

MBC on 03/15/2015

Yes, he's told me it's coming any day now.

Suzy on 03/15/2015

I love Roy's readings about time for a new one

MBC on 10/16/2014

It sounds like you have had a reading from him.

Gloria Ficalora on 10/16/2014

Roy conveys love and trust to his client so that one feels at ease questioning and accepting
his council, a spiritual interpretation to ones chart.

MBC on 10/10/2014

Yes, I get readings from him on a regular basis and can highly recommend him.

WriterArtist on 09/25/2014

This surely gives a detailed information on Roy Neal. It also throws light on many aspects of astrology.

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