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This is where you can learn more about who MBC is. She writes on-line at Wizzley and sells her photography on Zazzle.

Hi, thanks for your visit. I am Marsha Camblin and this is my Wizzography, or biographical information. I am a retired educator who has been doing photography for many years now. I currently live in Denver, Colorado but grew up in Colorado Springs and have lived in several states such as California, Iowa, Missouri, Alaska, and have traveled to about 8 countries some of which are England, Canada, Bhutan, Thailand, and Nepal. I am an amateur birder and love to garden and cook. I practice a shamanic form of Buddhism.

I lived away from Colorado for about 10 years, but have returned to the Land of God! I feel so blessed to live here in this gorgeous state with its moderate dry climate. If you want to learn more about great places to see and interesting things to do here in Colorado you can start with the links below under the heading of Colorado. They only allow 4 links here but I have written more than four Colorado focused articles. So enjoy yourself and take an on-line tour of my great state. If there is a place here you do not see covered and you would like to explore, just say so in the comments and I will try to add some information in the areas of your interests.

I began freelance writing back in the late 80s with a website hosted on Geocities. That went by the wayside because Geocities dissolved and I began writing for Squidoo in 2007. That gig lasted 7 years until Squidoo was closed down. Several of my fellow writers from Squidoo have started writing here at Wizzley and I followed their lead by starting to write here in the fall of 2014.

For another form of on-line income I started my first POD or Print on Demand website Rinchen365flower for selling my photos on-line in 2011. In the fall of 2014 I opened my second Zazzle studio called MarshaIsArt Both sites are still active, the first one just started getting too many products and was hard for people to find things. So I have created another separate site to make it more friendly for my visitors.

I wish you all a WONDERFILLED 2019

Here Is a Partial List of Things I Love

Creating Art Work




Living in Colorado


Special Occasions or Holidays

Unique or Solo Category Articles

Stay tuned to see where else my interests take me.  As you can see my focus is rather broad and if you also like to write I find Wizzley a great place to put up my work.  Would you like to join me here? The hosting is free and learning the interface is easy.  We also have a great friendly community of people who are willing to assist you and answer any questions you have.

Articles Focusing on Wildlife or Animal Art

This article will feature cats that have been the subject of paintings, movies, sculpture and more artwork over the ages.
Learn about the wild creature the elephant. We will discuss the endangered, majestic and exotic elephants of the world.
Starting with John James Audubon there have been many artists who have focused on birds. Painting, sketching, photography and sculpting of birds are some of the modalities used.
This is a book review of a Memoir by Melissa Hart called Wild Within

My Sites on Buddhism

This article is about the Tibetan holiday known as Losar and how it is celebrated around the world by Tibetans.
Read this page if you want to learn to be as happy as the Dalai Lama. A childlike playful attitude is the place to begin. This article quotes many Buddhist leaders.

Some of My Colorado Articles

More are coming all the time. Look at the links on each on the right margin of each article to see more.
Thanksgiving happens in the fall. Autumn is when the harvest is in and we celebrate the abundance in our lives. Here in Colorado the Aspen trees are famous.
There are about 500 species that can be seen in Colorado. Here are a few I've managed to see or photograph in my home state.
This page was written to share my own travels to Vail. I am a long time Colorado resident who loves to share information about my state. I have a series of articles on Colorado.
This is one of a series of articles I will be writing on Colorado, the state where I live and the wonderful things to see and do here. I just love the Rocky Mountains.

Dog or Cat Articles

This page highlights having a Chihuahua dog for a pet. It covers the history of the breed, health concerns and much more.
This is the story of finding a feral cat and deciding to bring him home.
A Saint Bernard makes a great pet for anyone who has the space needed and can afford it's food.
There are two main kinds of labrador retreivers - yellow and black and another smaller group of chocolate lab. This article focuses on the yellow lab.

Bird Related Articles

Hummingbirds are fascinating and enchanting little birds. This article will have a deep look at how hummingbirds are different from other birds. I’m sure you will learn a lot here
I’m writing this article on Earth Day. Since I am an avid birder I want to offer you some suggestions on ways you can protect the birds wherever you live.
My favorite song bird or passerine is the barn swallow. See some of my photos and learn more about these great little birds.
In this article we will discuss a few of the almost 30 various species of owls; their habitats, vocalizations, nesting, reproduction, conservation and behavior as well as photos.

My Cooking Articles

My goal is to offer you suggestions of recipes for something to contribute to the holiday feast such as acorn squash and rice stuffing. They work for any winter meal.
The focus of this article is on creating yummy cookies for Christmas or other ocassions. I include cookie recipes to impress your family and friends.
This article is about the bird called turkey. It involves the whole spectrum of facts about turkeys to eating turkey.

Even More Bird Articles

Find out about attracting and preserving Bluebirds and learn about the three species of bluebirds here.
The Bald Eagle is America’s national bird and it symbolizes freedom. These regal, majestic birds have quite a history. The introductory photo was taken by Marsha Camblin.
A pelican walks into a bar. The bartender asks him “Why the long face?” Come visit this page and get the details about this waterbird.
Learn about the family Falconidae or falcons. These birds of prey are fascinating and beautiful. Hunters train them.

MarshaIsArt on Zazzle

Blankets or Pillows Make Great Gifts for Anyone During Christmas Season

Articles on Flowers or Gardens

This article will make suggestions for attracting butterflies and or birds to your garden. Sometimes the same plant works to attract both butterflies and birds.

White Poinsettia Flowers Represent Christmas - Send Them This Year

Articles that Don't Belong or Fit in One of the Others Listed

For your reading pleasure.
Roy Neal is a professional astrologer who posts monthly and quarterly updates for his readers here.
Are you shopping for someone who loves cats? This is the place to find unique cat lover presents.
Finding a gift for a man can be a challenge. They usually just purchase anything they need. So I will make some creative suggestions for gifts for dad.
What's Your Favorite Thing About Summer? On this page I discuss all the fun to be had during the summer season.

Rinchen's Studio on Zazzle

I have 2 Stores Rinchen365flower and MarshaIsArt
You are invited to join Wizzley and start writing
You are invited to join Wizzley and start writing
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MBC on 11/15/2014

Thank you

Telesto on 11/15/2014

Good to read more about you, Marsha, lovely photographs.

VioletteRose on 11/12/2014

Glad to know more about you :)

MBC on 11/11/2014

Thanks Dusty

MBC on 11/11/2014

Hi AJ - thanks for the visit.

ajgodinho on 11/11/2014

Hi Marsha, nice to see you here on Wizzley and read more about you through this wizzography. I hope to check more of your pages. I haven't been much on Wizzley, but hope to be active and publish more pages in 2015. All the best to you...stay blessed!

dustytoes on 11/11/2014

Hi Marsha, nice to know a little more about you.

MBC on 11/10/2014

Great - check with me before you come. Maybe we could do lunch.

MBC on 11/10/2014

I think you would love it. Here's my referral link http://www.zazzle.com/MarshaIsArt?rf=...

AngelaJohnson on 11/10/2014

Two of my friends just bought a house in Colorado and I hope to visit them some day. Welcome to Wizzley. I'm from Squidoo, too.

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