Gifts for the Vizsla or Its Owner

by MBC

A page full of information and ideas for the Vizsla or it's family.

The outstanding sport dog the Vizsla originated in Hungary. This pointer is bred mostly for tracking, pointing and retrieving game. They also make cool pets who can be trained and shown in competition. This site will focus on gifts for the Vizsla owner that are unique and most cannot be found in retail stores.

Is your husband a hunter? Maybe this is the year to purchase a Vizsla for him! One warning this is an ACTIVE dog - if you don't believe me watch the video below.

The Vizsla is gentle, obedient, intelligent and affectionate which makes it a good pet. But they are a VERY ACTIVE dog. So they need a large place to run and a person or family who loves to walk it. It will likely have better stamina than you.

The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Vizsla in 1960. See the beautiful photo of the winning dog below.

The goal of this article is to bring to you some wonderful suggestions for gifts for the Vizsla owner. I'm sure you can find something they will enjoy.

Winning Vizsla Hungarian Pointer

Winning Vizsla
Winning Vizsla
My personal photo

Use CAUTION when Introducing Your Vizsla to Your Other Pets

Be very cautious when introducing this hunting dog to your pet rabbits, hamsters, birds, and guinea pigs. Supervise all interactions! Try them together for 15 minute sessions well supervised. Gradually increase the time over the next weeks.

Vizsla at the Dog Show
Vizsla at the Dog Show
Personal photo

Things to Do During the First Week of Your Dog's Life

The AKC requires these two things to meet the breed standards.

First you must remove any dewclaws, some dogs are born without them, but if they have them they should be removed EARLY in your dogs life. This is a sharp “thumb” which is unnecessary and often catches in things which could cause injury.

The second requirement is to dock the tail by removing 1/3 of the Vizslas tail. The reason is also to prevent injury to the sporting or hunting dog when they are out in the brush.

Want Yours in the Flesh Rather than in Silouette? Try This One

A great gift for a co-worker or boss who has a Vizsla.

Be Forwarned - This Breed is Full of ENERGY

My Niece Erin with One of her Two Vizslas

Erin and Her Dog
Erin and Her Dog
Personal photo

My Neice is Had A Baby

Wow does she have her hands full.  I really wonder how it will be to control two ACTIVE dogs as well as an infant.  They live in Colorado.  The dogs do like it outside, but this is limited during the winter in Colorado.  I wish her luck dealing with these 3 sentient beings (1 baby and 2 dogs).

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MBC on 10/23/2015

I assume you are right.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/19/2015

MBC, It's interesting that the Vizsla may be born with something which just gets in the way and must see a tail-shortening vet to engage in hunts and sports with their human "pets" ([;-D)! The change in length must not affect balance, right?

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