Celebrate Christmas with Outdoor Lighted Nativity Sets and Statues of Nativity Scenes with Stable

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One of the core celebration and Christmas decor accents are outdoor lighted nativity sets which are classes apart.

As enduring as can be, the birth of Jesus in a humble stable is the beauty of the Nativity. Surrounded by nature with the shepherds, Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus and a Christmas tradition was set. Beautiful Nativity sets have the infant Jesus and Virgin Mary accompanied by Joseph and the heavenly entities.

The beautiful story a Nativity scene can portray on Xmas is priceless. Just like a lovely plot that unfolds as the stars pave way to the savior, this classic piece can bring joy to the celebrations.

Appropriate as a Christmas gift, you can go for the affordable willow tree Nativity set with the six-pieces of Joseph and shepherds or the wonderful offering of Fisher-Price's Nativity scene. It is perfect for the Christmas, it is definitely right as a wedding gift and even goes well for a priceless birthday gift. Keeping in line of family tradition, it instills the values and spirit of Christmas.

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Teak Isle Holy Night Printed Outdoor Nativity Set

Teak Isle Holy Night Printed Outdoor Nativity Set
Teak Isle

Outdoor Nativity Store Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Holy Family Yard Scene

Outdoor Nativity Store Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Holy Family Y...
Outdoor Nativity Store

Outdoor Nativity Store Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Full Scene

Outdoor Nativity Store Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Full Scene
Outdoor Nativity Store

Outdoor Lighted Nativity Sets for Christmas


While searching for a Christmas gift, I came across beautiful Nativity sets on Amazon that are lovely and Christmassy.

Christmas is just around the corner and the shops have already geared towards the festive season. Stunning decoration options are available for both indoors and outdoors. From the various Christmas décor items, the outdoor yard or the lawn decorations have fabulous selections to choose upon. Glittering Christmas trees with angels sitting on the top and various Christmas ornaments adorning the tree provide spectacular appearances and one just not want to take the eyes off.

"Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,

The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head.

The stars in the bright sky looked down where He lay—

The little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay."

- Martin Luther

Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Complete Nativity Scene, Standard

Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Complete Nativity Scene, Standard
Teak Isle - LG

Teak Isle Believe Holy Family Outdoor Nativity Set

Teak Isle Believe Holy Family Outdoor Nativity Set
Teak Isle

Nativity Scenes for Christmas Gifts


Adorable Nativity scenes with Mary and Joseph amidst the greenery of nature look really pretty this time of the year. If you love collectibles, you will definitely look forward to add more of Willow tree figurines because they are awesome. For the coming years, you can continue to add to your priceless collection.

 Growing up, I was amazed with the beauty of Nativity sets adorned at Christmas. I was held captive with the incredible sets that captured the moment of Christ’s birth.

 If you are smart you really do not have to invest huge bucks to impersonate the rare collectible sets, children adore the miniscule figurines in a miniature setting. A modest set that can engage them for hours is a great way spent childhood in some everlasting creative memories with their siblings.

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Large Nativity Trio

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Large Nativity Trio
Evergreen Enterprises, Inc

Which is your favourite decor for Nativity scene?

Home Indoor Outdoor Office Christmas Decor 3pc St 39" Scale Holy Fam Figs

Iwgac Home Indoor Outdoor Office Christmas Decor 3pc St 39" Scale H...

10pc Large Nativity Set, 4"-19.5" Ornaate Nativity with Wise Men and Angels

10pc Large Nativity Set, 4"-19.5" Ornaate Nativity with Wise Men an...

Nativity and Birth of Jesus



The Nativity is referred to the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. New Testament is the story of Christ's life and teachings. The Nativity appears in both - the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew. Luke's narration is prior to the birth of Jesus and centers on Mary, while Matthew's Gospel is centered on Joseph and is mostly narration of events after the birth of Jesus. The collection of these holy books is the Bible that was preserved by the early Christian church authorities.

Outdoor Nativity sets come in easy to set up parts that are durable and resist the harsh weather. They really look classic in front of your house and in the lawns. Mary, Jesus in the manger and other sculptures or the paintings etched on the set look magnificent with the background of twinkling stars. The elements of the Nativity sets are apparently robust that can withstand aging for quite some time. A good quality set should last for more than one season. With the Christmas parole music and the outdoor solar lighting, you really can jazz up your court-yard. Absolutely gorgeous Outdoor Nativity sets are a perfect setting for the Christmas and a feast for eyes.

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Nativity Scene on YouTube

Updated: 12/12/2022, WriterArtist
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DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

In particular, I appreciate the wooden Nativity for its simple elegance and for its messaging Faith, Hope and Love.

Would the wooden sets be able to be folded down to storage box or locker size? Or would they take up the space that they take up, like the porcelains?

Veronica on 12/10/2015

In S Cristina in the Italian Dolomites, the village has a nativity all year round with large 8 ft tall statues. Google image S Cristina nativity Italy and you should see how beautiful it is.

My nativity at home is out all year round.

frankbeswick on 12/10/2015

The first known nativity scene was said to have been performed by St Francis of Assisi in 1223, after he had returned from a visit to Palestine where he saw Jesus' birthplace. His was a living performance, but later the modern crib with statues came about.

A modern slant on the story of Herod is that the Holy Family were for a while refugees from political persecution.

frankbeswick on 12/10/2015

The Bible does not give a number for the wise men [Magi.] The number came from the fact that three gifts suggest three persons. Another interesting fact is that Magi was the name given to Zoroastrian wise men. These were members of a faith that the Jews recognized as a cut above the paganism of the time, for they believed in one God of goodness who was the Lord of Light and Truth and who was engaged in a war with a force of evil, the Lord of lies. This religion still survives today as the Parsee faith,known in parts of Iran and India. The Zoroastrians were aware of the affinity between their faith an the faith of Israel.

WriterArtist on 12/10/2015

@ologsinquito - These stories are amazing, I love to hear them again and again. Every time I read about them, I learn something new which is completely different.

ologsinquito on 11/12/2013

Yes, being Catholic, I am very familiar with the Christmas story and the nativity scenes. It reminds me of love, for all humanity. The three Wise Men were pagans, but they followed the star to the manger. They were among the first to see the newborn King, and they became believers.

These are very beautiful figures that you've shown.

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