Rare Yuletide Collection of Madame Alexander Dolls for Christmas Gifts

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Hot on the Christmas gift list of many teenage and toddler girls are the cute Madame Alexander Dolls. The unforgettable charming doll has undying fans all over the world.

At this time of the festive event of Christmas, the cute sweet heart of million girls arrives in new flying colors. You can get best bargains for Madame Alexander Doll’s value for Christmas. This heart-throb creation of Madame Alexander for the girls is the best gift and true to the season’s spirit.

There comes with the festive season of Christmas, Valentine, Thanksgiving or Easter, the naughty and spruce Madame Alexander in many of her avatars peeking through the fairyland of dolls in department’s store windows and from the magical Santa land.

What’s more you can have the doll and money in your wallet too because it is affordable and laudable, real value for money. Oh yes, you can splurge with the money you saved for this occasion, and get to save a few bucks too. So, slide into comfortable walking shoes of the Leprechauns and elves, and get ready to walk in the beautiful winter land of majestic Madame Alexander.

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Madame Alexander Peppermint Twist 8 Inch Doll from Christmas Collection

Madame Alexander Peppermint Twist 8 Inch Doll from Christmas Collec...
Madame Alexander

Christmas is Coming

The beautiful Christmas doll comes in hefty 10 inch tall felt Christmas tree in a beautiful decorated box. She is dressed in felt tree skirt, what’s more you can adorn her with 25 lovely ornaments that accompany the box. She is a wonderful sight dressed in green, red and white attire. With a bright crimson red ric-rac on the neckline, she is fully decked in a green skirt that announces “Christmas is coming”. Elegant embroidery on her skirt makes her appear lovelier still.

This 8 inch Wendy doll is getting ready for Christmas by hanging ornaments on the 10 inch felt Christmas tree. It also has a felt tree skirt, and box, which contains 25 little ornaments.




Christmas Fun 8 inch from Madame Akexander

Christmas Fun 8 inch (Madame Akexander)
Alexander Dolls

Christmas with Annalee

Christmas with Annalee is an 8 inches Maggie doll with a beautiful life size attractive figure. This lovely and adorable doll wears an elf costume in red, green, and white. She has bright and light brown hair with blue eyes; she carries the Christmas traditions and legends elegantly.

With this perky elf you are already into the dreamland of enchanted forest, surrounded by white Christmas trees, Santa Claus appearing on the sleigh with the reindeers, polar bears and the snowman.

MADAME ALEXANDER Oh Christmas Tree Collectible Doll

MADAME ALEXANDER Oh Christmas Tree Collectible Doll

Oh Christmas Tree Collectible Doll

This gorgeous 8 inches Madame Alexander Doll comes in a lovely picture window box. You will never get tired of watching it peeping from the window. Draped in a lovely red and green frock, the doll has golden hair and a twinkling star adorning the yellow head.

The Origin of Madame Alexander Dolls

Approximately around 90 years ago, the beautiful company of Alexander came into existence. The company’s motto was to engage the imagination and creativity of babies. Dolls are believed to assist a child’s development, they learn to share and care for their companion. Today, with the generation of dolls that company is rolling out has the same vision.

These adorable baby dolls can become instantaneous friends of an infant and true companion of your little ones. If you are hunting of good quality dolls with authentic and artistic designs, these are for you. Far from the high priced dolls in the market, they are affordable and worthy of your hard earned bucks.

Madame Alexander, Oh, Christmas Tree with Lenox Porcelain Wendy

Holiday Collection - 8" Unique porcelain Wendy doll
Madame Alexander, Oh, Christmas Tree with Lenox Porcelain Wendy, Ho...
Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander Colonial Christmas Doll

Fully articulated 8" Wendy doll has green eyes and a curly brunette ponytail decorated with a ribbon
Madame Alexander Colonial Christmas Doll
KLL Dolls, LLC

In Tradition with Madame Alexander's Creations

Most of Madame Alexander dolls are of 8 inches height, popular ones are the Wendy dolls. These dolls often have green eyes, at the back is a curly brunette plaits embellished with colorful ribbons. Looks as if they will articulate any time. The dolls are adorned with lovely skirt usually full length of Christmas colors. THey re dressed in crimson, green, burgundy with delicately lined gold brocade and green taffeta. The dressis complete with white panties and white socks. The cute shoulder length apparel is bright and adorned with embroidery and laces.Unique porcelain dolls have red hair and wither carry a Christmas tree or genuine Lenox porcelain Christmas tree ornament. The lovely holiday collection of Madame Alexander is hand decorated in tradition of the festive celebration and is loved by adults and children alike.

Madame Alexander Yuletide Delights Huggums

Madame Alexander Yuletide Delights Huggums

Madame Alexander Yuletide Delights Huggums

An ideal gift for the Christmas holidays is the "Yuletide Delights Huggums". The cute doll is dressed in the right spirit of festive celebration. She represents Xmas which is the perfect harmony of red, green and white hues. The bold and beautiful doll is wearing a crimson cap which matches her hair. She is a classic baby doll of 12 inches height with a delicate body appropriate for the infants who want to cuddle them. This doll was released in 2008, a collector’s delight – you will love how she carries the tradition of simplicity combined with beauty and elegance.

Christmas Dolls on YouTube

Madame Alexander Christmas Snowflake Fashion Doll

Madame Alexander Christmas Snowflake Fashion Doll

Which is your favourite Christmas Doll from Madame Alexander Collection?

Madame Alexander Christmas Collection

The latest generations of Christmas collection are adorable and charming; perfect for the doll lovers. The tradition and spirit of Madame Alexander continues with the addition of new dolls every year to the delight of little young girls who find solace and their dreams in these lovely soft creations. The quality is up to the mark in line with the reputation and benchmark of the Alexander Doll Company which continues to honour Madame Alexander's original dream, foresight and standards.

Your daughter can dream and dwell in her breathtaking beautiful world of mystic creations with angels and Santa to bless her with gifts and joy of the childhood and sweet memories.



Madame Alexander Holiday Collection

90 Years of Christmas Wishes from the Holiday Collection 8"

Limited Edition of 400 - 8" Full Articulated Wendy is dressed in a red and green plaid party dress is enhanced with a red sash and trim. Her long brown hair is adorned with a go...

Madame Alexander
Only $189.99

View on Amazon

Christmas Madeline Doll by Madame Alexander

Ah, Christmas in Paris. Madeline is ready for Christmas and wants to wish everyone a Joyeux Noel. This 8" vinyl doll is wearing a green and red plaid dress, white stockings, bla...

Madame Alexander

View on Amazon

Madame Alexander 8" Sending Christmas Cheer (Holiday Collection)

8 inch fully-articulated, Wendy doll with brown eyes and long, brunette, braids with bangs, wears a red and green plaid, cotton dress over white tights. With her dress she wears...

Madame Alexander

View on Amazon

Madame Alexander, 8" Yuletide Shopper, Holiday Collection

Madame Alexander, 8" Yuletide Shopper, Holiday Collection
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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2023

In particular, I appreciate the Peppermint Twist and the Raggedy Andy and Ann dolls.

Would there be special care instructions included with each doll?

WriterArtist on 11/05/2013

@ologsinquito and sheilamarie - Yep, Christmas is the best time of the year with the snow and family celebrations.

WriterArtist on 11/05/2013

@ KathleenDuffy - The dolls certainly are quite cute. I haven't heard about the Raggedy Ann dolls but I am sure they must be beautiful too.

WriterArtist on 11/05/2013

Hi Mira - Madame Alexander dolls are quite famous, they are cheaper than the American 18" dolls.

sheilamarie on 10/03/2013

These are beautiful dolls!

ologsinquito on 09/26/2013

Christmas is definitely coming. It's such a magical time of year.

KathleenDuffy on 09/26/2013

Those are so cute! I've never heard of them before either. I remember the Raggedy Ann dolls. I like the Old Fashioned Xmas one - but they are all lovely and the clothes look beautifully made.

Mira on 09/26/2013

These are fun :), especially the second and third one. Never heard of Madame Alexander dolls before. Certainly a fun gift for Christmas.

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