Celebrating March Festivals – Arrival of First Day of Spring

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March is special, it announces the arrival of first day of spring. It acts like the messenger who brings a great message of cheers, greenery and announcement of upcoming harvest.

March is a special and flowery month because it holds in its lap the first day of spring. March also happens to be the occurrence of the green festival of the Saint Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, leprechauns and pot of gold. March festivals 2015 bring all the freshness of spring and the fragrance of spring flowers. But among them, most unique is the arrival of first day of Spring, 20th March.

Spring is celebrated everywhere in the world, the festival “Navruz” is celebrated by the people who follow Zoroastrian religion and “Jaanipaev” is a lesser known spring celebration in Estonia.

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Asian Festivals of Spring


In India, spring is celebrated as the arrival of “Vasant or Basant”. A range of festivals commemorating spring and the color of spring “vibrant and bright yellow” is used for Vasantotsava (festival of spring) as per the ancient Hindu epic “Veda”.

The Sufi and Muslim traditions decorate the dargahs (tombs) of Sufi saints and the most colorful spring festivals are celebrated across the world with zest and enthusiasm.

Arrival of Spring

First Day of Spring
First Day of Spring
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Arrival of First Day of Spring


How to celebrate spring?

Celebrate the first day of spring, surround yourself in spring colors and everything spring. Vibrant spring can suggest many craft ideas at home and green landscaping or spring gardening in your home garden if you are fond of indoors activities.


And if you are an adventurous type, you will love the amazing outdoor activities which though can be pretty exhaustive but very exciting. With traveling, surfing, swimming, camping, biking and cruising the amazing rivers, canopy and Hawaii trails, you can enjoy the most of the spring season. Or just laze around the lagoons without doing anything. Remember to take your digital camera to capture stunning photographs of spring. Nature is at its best with the blooming of spring flowers all around the world that uplift the spirit of spring. It indeed is a favourite and amazing season of all.


Two Women in Spring

Two Women in Spring

Crafts for Spring


If you love arranging flowers, easiest crafts for spring can be collecting the spring flowers, making fresh flower centerpieces every day if you are blessed with spring garden or drying them to making a collage of bookmarks.


If you are an artist, you will love sketching your brilliant vibrant garden and flowers of spring on a canvas. Color it in brilliant rainbow colors, and use the framed paintings to hang on your walls. Even if you think that they are not quite masterpiece, you will definitely enjoy drawing and coloring the spring on drawing paper.


If you are good in photography, the first day of the spring holds many challenges. Chalk out a schedule to identify the spring birds in your garden, picture the life cycle of birds and hang the brilliant photographs in your drawing room.


Collect your spring photographs and make an album this year. You can improvise the album year after year. You will certainly love to browse through these photographs as the days go by. In fact, do these crafts for all the four seasons and it will become a rare memorabilia.

Backyard Gardening in Spring


As the weather improves and the sun shines, it is time to tend your spring garden into full spring blooms. Divide your garden in four season blooms. Turn your garden into vibrant colors of spring, one part of your garden in green trees and shrubs while other in oranges and yellow blooms. The third part in red and pink and your garden will become a starting point of any conversation.


Research more and make your garden a bird’s habitat, attract butterflies in your garden and you will see that spring has taken a totally different meaning with your backyard gardening hobby. Try to make it diverse by planting berries, herbs and vegetables, try out making a greenhouse for this unique herbal kitchen garden and use these produce from your spring garden in exploring new culinary cuisines. You will love these fresh herbs and veggies from your kitchen garden that no mall can match and the aromas that no gourmet meals from a restaurant can fulfill.

The Four Seasons: Spring

The Four Seasons: Spring

Which is your favourite season?

Adventures in Spring


If you are born adventurous or you want to try adventures, spring is perhaps the most promising time to enjoy outdoors. Even if you are not able to go for a distant vacation, plan a visit to nearby site seeing places, local suburbs and fields are equally great for a spring outdoor vacation. Spring can be equally spectacular when compared to the Fall season.


Take a field trip to the farms, villages or a nearby winery to enjoy the colors of spring. Camp in your backyard and make spring a whole welcoming experience. Dine outdoors at night, eat barbecued meals and enjoy the wilderness in your backyard by turning a segment of your backyard in a tropical greenhouse. Use your imagination in designing a small pond with waterfall feature in your garden and you will have the experience of a life time.

Spring Festivals from YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/09/2023

Your last image of the patchwork quilt with that same pattern centered on the pillows is quite striking.

Wouldn't it be quite cheerful, quite dramatic to have a seasonal set if the company makes the equivalents in summer, fall and winter colors and patterns?

Tolovaj on 03/05/2015

I like the end of winter and the season of colds, that's for sure!

VioletteRose on 03/04/2015

Spring season is a wonderful time of the year. The paintings and the quilt set look so pretty!

WriterArtist on 03/03/2015

Digby_Adams - I love snow too, it seems the entire earth is dressed like a bride in the blanket of pristine white snow. I love Nature and its amazing colors in all seasons.

Digby_Adams on 03/03/2015

These flowers are beautiful. It is snowing here again tonight. I can't wait until our flowers arrive!

WriterArtist on 03/03/2015

Thanks Younghopes. Spring season is so beautiful, wherever I take my gaze, it appears green. The flower pot from Martha Stewart is showcasing the colorful blooms from spring.

younghopes on 03/03/2015

Very nice post esp the flower pot above, i just loved it, so beautiful. i am pinning this

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