Changing Your Utility Supplier

by Thamisgith

Changing your utility supplier needn't be a great big hassle - and it can save you quite a bit of money into the bargain.

We all need electricity, gas, telephone and broadband services. However, there's absolutely no need to pay more for these than is necessary. You might be able to save yourself quite a bit of money just by shopping around a little.

Don't Pay More Than You Need To For Your Essential Utility Services

gas cooker ringMost of us would consider electricity and gas to be pretty essential services. Heat and light are pretty much near the bottom of the old hierarchy of needs.

Many people would also consider telephone services, both landline and mobile, and internet connections to be "essential" in this day and age. That might be a slightly more debatable point of view - but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

For some people, telephone and internet connections will be, if not exactly 100% essential, very close to it in this modern world. It would certainly change people's happiness factor if they weren't available.

However, just because these services are essential, there's absolutely no reason to pay too much for them. Most people could, with very little effort, save money on their utility bills. Since these are services that you can't do without - you can reduce how much you use of course - any savings that you can make should be grabbed with both hands.

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Using Less Energy

energy efficient light bulb imageDoing without electricity or gas is, for the large majority of people, not really a practical proposition. Nevertheless, you can try to use less energy. Switching things off when not in use is just common sense.

If you have ever stood close to a 50" plasma television, you will probably have been surprised at how much heat these things give off. Likewise, washing machines, tumble driers and dish washers use a great deal of energy - probably more than you would think. Use them only when you need to and you'll be surprised at how much your bill can drop.

When you do use your appliances, the method of use can also have an impact on how much energy you use - and how much you pay the utility companies.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you cut down on your energy bills:

  • Turn off electrical devices when not in use (use timer plugs if you are forgetful in this respect).
  • Use energy saving light bulbs throughout your house.
  • Use appliances like washing machines and dishwashers only when you have a full load.
  • Make sure that appliances like washing machines are fed from your hot water supply rather than heating the water in the appliance itself.
  • Use detergents and cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to work at lower temperatures.
  • When it is time for you to buy new appliances, buy energy efficient ones that will cost you less over the life of the appliance.
  • Eliminate draughts in your home using draught excluders, insulation strips, letterbox covers etc.

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Get The Best Deal On Your Utilities

Apart from doing your best to use less energy, you should try to also get the best deal on what energy you do need to use.

One thing that can really help you save money is by switching your supplier. Many people have a certain amount of (misplaced) loyalty to suppliers. Others think that it will be a long and convoluted process to change. In fact, it's very easy. You can do it online these days and, more often than not, you won't even need an engineer to visit.

You might be surprised at just how much you can save. Here are a few suggestions that could save you money:

  • Switch supplier for your utilities.
  • Look for multi-supply deals. Duel fuel offers can be a very effective way to cut your bills down to size.
  • Some suppliers will give a discount if you change your payment method. A monthly direct debit might be cheaper in the long run.
  • You might also be able to get a discount if you get your bill sent to you by e-mail as opposed to being mailed to your house.
  • If your supplier offers a prompt payment discount, make sure that you take advantage of this.
Updated: 02/06/2017, Thamisgith
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ologsinquito on 08/01/2013

This is such good advice. I wish we could change utility suppliers, but I don't think we have the option where I live.

Tolovaj on 06/25/2012

Changing utility supplier can still be big decision for many of us. in our country for more than half of century there was only one supplier in the field of electricity. Same for gas. Same for heat. Same for phone. Same for bank. and so on.
When new suppliers came, they were forced to use infrastructure of old monopolists and this delayed our entrance into the free market. I can say roughly 60 percent of our people still have no idea what free market is. But i don't want to stray from the subject too much.
It is not easy to change a supplier, but it is doable task. We just have to lift our lazy a**** and do it:)

katiem2 on 05/12/2012

There's been so much talk about this issue of utility suppliers lately on our local news. Glad to get the story straight, now I understand the importance of choice, and the possibility or opportunity to change suppliers.

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