Save Energy: Simple Home Energy Saving Ideas

by blackspanielgallery

It is simple to save energy. There are not only old, proven products, but many new products. These will save energy and may lower your energy costs in the future.

Save energy and help the environment, it is the responsible thing to do. Commercial electrical energy has to be produced, often at the expense of releasing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases trap energy from escaping to outer space.

The way greenhouse gases cause the Earth to heat up is simple to understand. The Earth takes in energy from the sun, and later gives that energy away. The energy leaving the Earth includes infrared radiation, which is absorbed by certain gases. When the gases that absorbed the infrared radiation gives the energy off, it can be reabsorbed by gas in the atmosphere, or even the Earth itself, inhibiting the cooling process. The best way to avert this process is to reduce energy usage, so any product that saves on electrical or gas energy consumption has a positive impact on the environment, while saving the use of commercial power money.

The products discussed in this article are designed to reduce energy consumption. Thus, they serve a valuable purpose in the efforts to halt global warming. Even those of us with solar power may be connected to the power grid, so use of energy saving products still can have a positive impact.

Save Energy by Plugging Cracks

Heating and Air Conditioning Units Usually Suction Air through a Vent

If you have central air conditioning or central heating, you have a place where air is pulled into the unit.  It is processed, then flows out through vents via ducts.  But, that suction also pulls air from outside into your home through any places that are not air tight.  Plugging some of these places where outside air can enter your home can reduce the time your air conditioner or heater is operating, hence reduce how much energy is being used by the unit. 


Why Stop Airflow from Outside

Save Energy by Not Wasting

Air from outside is often too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter, to be comfortable.  As you try to control the temperature inside your home you need the air that needs too much modification to not be pulled into your home by the intake vent.


Thermal Leak Detection

Save Energy by Identifying Places Air Leaks in

There are places air can enter your home.  Some typical places are around doors and windows, but others exist.  Air can creep in around the attic stairs or around recessed lighting.  Where is outside air leaking into your home?  There is a simple instrument that can help you answer that question, then you can decide how you need to remedy the problem.


Thermal Leak Detector

Save Energy by Finding Cracks to Fix
Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

The Perils of Going Too Air-Tight

Save Energy without Causing Radon Buildup

There are heavy atoms in the Earth, and they release energy through radioactive decay.  They are needed, since if the Earth were to solidify throughout it would lose its magnetic field that shields it from hazards coming in from outer space. 


As these radioactive atoms decay they transmute into other radioactive atoms, some of which are radon gas.  Radon gas works its way to the surface, and can enter a home from beneath.  Normally, this is inconsequential, for the radon is in small amounts that are safe.  But, if a home is too air-tight, the radon can build up to unhealthy levels, so it is possible to overdo with stopping leaks.  Still, controlling gas from entering through cracks is desirable, especially if there is some air from outdoors that enters.  The real problem is for people who do not open doors or windows over prolonged periods, and who have blocked all possible exits for the radon.

Attic Stairway Tent

Save Energy with an Attic Tent

One of the weakest points in insulating a home is the area of the folding attic stairs.  The attic might be well insulated, but because the stairs are folded and closed into the attic it is a place insulation is impractical, or was impractical before the invention of the attic tent.  This is an insulated bubble that fits over the attic stair opening, and has a zipper should you need to climb into the attic.  Not only is this a place where insulation is not normally found, the cracks around the perimeter of the attic door exist because the door is not a snug fit, so the door needs to be under the attic tent.  Since attic stairs use different size openings, attic tents come in several sizes, and with insulation of various ratings.  

Recessed Light Fixture Insulators

Save Energy by Insulating Recessed Lighting

Tungsten filament lightbulbs produce enormous amounts of heat, and blocking that heat from escaping, if only to the attic, may not be wise in the summer.  But as more people convert to energy efficient LED lights heat from the lightbulb is no longer a concern.  However, the fixtures for the recessed lighting are places where the insulation may be compromised, and cracks around the edges of the fixtures allow attic air into your home.  Fortunately, cup shaped insulators designed to fit over recessed light fixtures are available to help block the airflow from the attic into your home and insulate over the fixtures.

Recessed Light Insulation

Save Energy Above recessed Lights
Tenmat FF130-E Draft Stop Covers for Recessed Lighting

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FF130-2x2 1 Hour UL Fire Rated Troffer Cover

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Door Draft Stopper

Save Energy with Door Draft Abatement

Doors cannot fit too tightly.  There needs to be enough space for the door to open without getting stuck.  Traditionally, thresholds with rubber on top did the job of stopping air from passing under the door.  These can wear down, and no longer fit well.  Some leakage is of air is possible.  Devices to be placed on the door itself were another level of protection from energy loss, but these had to be screwed into the door, and exterior doors are often sandwiched between metal layers.  And, the attachable devices could drag on the floor where they can sometimes be impeded by an uneven floor.


Currently, a type of door draft stopper consisting of a fabric shaped like a long tube or snake is available.  These are pushed against the door, and form a barrier to airflow.  There is no installation, and they are relatively inexpensive.  The only problem is someone must push the door draft stopper against the door.  Exterior doors open inwardly, so there must be a person inside the home to place the stopper against the door.  In the case of a door opening into a garage, the door may open outward.  The door draft stopper can be applied, but one must remember it is there, or it could be a tripping hazard.


When a door opens inward and there is a door draft stopper against it the cloth stopper will just be pushed aside by the door.  It should not harm the floor, but will not abate airflow until it is again pushed against the door.


Dog Door Draft Stopper

Save Energy at the Pet Door

If there is a pet door, a door draft stopper for pet doors is available.  While a pet door is often smaller than other doors, airflow under a pet door is possible.

Pet Door Draft Stopper

Save Energy at Pet Door
Patio Pacific Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper, 96", Black

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Wanhua Weather Stripping Sliding Door Sweep Bottom Tool Draft Stopper Blocker Seal Weatherproof W...

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Weather Striping

Save Energy with Weather Striping

Weather stripping is like a long piece of thick, cushioned tape with an adhesive on one side.  Cut the weather striping for the three sides of the door other than the bottom.  Adhere the weather striping onto the doorframe.  When the door closes it crushes the cushioning material and seals the cracks between the door and the doorframe.  This is an inexpensive solution to a real airflow problem.


Save Energy by Caulking Around Windows

There is often some air that can get around a window.  Caulking is an inexpensive method of sealing small air leaks.  Just make certain you use the right caulking for the job.  Some caulk is for areas like bathroom fixtures where water is a problem.  Some caulking is for exterior use.  Some holds up in sunlight better than others.  And some even comes in colors other than white.


Caulking is easy to apply, and can be easily worked with while it is still wet.  But, you must choose between a squeeze tube, which is fine for smaller jobs, or larger tubes that require a caulking gun.  


Treat Windows
Red Devil 0848 EZ SQUEEZE Window & Door Caulk, White, 5-Ounce

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Save Energy at Home Easily

The above ideas are for easy to use items that can stop loss of energy by unwanted airflow into a home from outside, or from a home by air treated to become the temperature you prefer.


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AngelaJohnson on 09/26/2017

Some great ways to save energy. Thanks!

blackspanielgallery on 09/02/2017

Thanks for the input.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/02/2017

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the recessed light fixture insulation product line. In another direction, some acquaintances of mine alternate two sets of drapes, one for cold months and another for warm months. The cold-weather drapes extend beyond the window dimensions and touch the floor.

blackspanielgallery on 08/28/2017

We heard about the attic tent, and [plan to bu one soon. So, I looked it up for information, and found the recessed lighting insulator on the same page. The cloth door draft blocker is something I saw in Bed Bath and Beyond, a store chain in the U. S. I thought some of these might be new to the readers, so I wrote the article. Others, down lower in the list, I used to get the article vcer a thousand words, a goal of mine to appease search engines.

kimbesa on 08/28/2017

I've been working on my back door, and this gives me some new ideas. Also, the attic tent will come in very handy...thanks!

Veronica on 08/28/2017

An excellent array of heat efficiency ideas. Heat efficiency is a big issue in UK.

I had never heard most of those especially the attic stairway tent . That is intriguing.

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