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Are you looking for a new way to exercise that can involve the children? Consider this…

Introduction to Child Bike Trailers

Being a parent of young children, it can be hard to find time to exercise, no doubt about it.  You always have to find creative ways to convince the children to let you get on with your exercise regime, assuming of course that you are not too tired.  

One way to get some exercise while having fun with the children is to cycle.  If your children are at the right age, they can bring their bikes too and if they are too young, one amazing option is to use a children’s bicycle trailer.



Have you ever used your children as an excuse not to exercise?

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What are Bike Trailers?

This is just an engine-less addition to the back of a bike that can be used to carry any extra stuff like shopping, books or children.  The ones for children are designed to be comfortable and safe for the carriage of young children.  It usually has a rain cover, seat belts and may even be converted to a stroller so it is multi-purpose. Great, isn’t it?!

People without children frequent the gym with minimal thought or planning required.  However, as soon as you become a parent, a considerable amount of negotiating is required before you can each find the time to go to the gym.  It is even more difficult if you are a single parent!

One way around this is to take up cycling and obtain a Child Bike Trailer.  Not many young children will complain about being in a trailer with mum or dad up the front cycling away in the nearby park or even just around the block.  It would be too much fun!


The Benefits of a Child Bike Trailer

1.   Exercise at any time – With a trailer like this, then you can go out at any time at all with your children and get in that much needed exercise time.  Imagine having that freedom!  Suddenly, your baby cannot attach herself to your leg and yell while you struggle through an exercise DVD at home.

2.   Keep the children dry and safe while cycling – As the trailer comes all covered up,  your children are safe from all the elements as you get in that exercise.

3.    Value for money – Well, you can pay as much as you like for one of these trailers but if you are looking to be cost effective and yet safe then you should definitely consider investing in an InStep Trailer.  Great prices and yet completely safe.

4.   Durability – When you spend your money on something, you need to be sure it will actually last and do the job you expect it to.  This trailer carries two children and lasts for a long time as long as it is treated with care.  It is designed to carry up to 100pounds of weight.

 5.  Enjoyment – Children love to be pushed around by their parents, especially in the toddler/pre-school children phase.  Imagine cycling along while singing with your children.  They'll love it while you may be slightly embarrassed! (Just do not look anyone in the eye as you cycle past!)


Child Bike Trailer Online

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Child Bike Trailer - A Wonderful Investment!

A children’s bicycle trailer is a great investment that will be enjoyed by you and your children for years to come.  Suddenly, you can get out of the house and kill two birds with one stone as you get some exercise while getting the little ones out of the house.



So many Child Bike Trailers Online at Great Prices

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