Children Parties with Easy Cleanup

by blackspanielgallery

A Party for children can be an important event to the child whose party it is, but such parties are often messy. Here are some simple solutions.

Children love parties, and often tend to become messy while attending one. It is too frequent that not only the participants become messy, but the place in which the party is held ends up a total mess. So, how do you keep your home clean and still throw a party for children?

One method is to have the party elsewhere. Many fast food restaurants not only will hold the party for you, but will welcome the group. The employees will clean the venue after you leave, and the cost of that cleaning is in your bill. Yes, there is a charge, but there often is something provided, such as food. If possible, opt for a place with a side room. Otherwise strangers can easily get into your party.

The other method is an outdoor party at a local park. Many parks have shelter houses that can be rented. Yes, you are expected to toss the mess into a barrel, but detailed cleaning is usually not necessary.

The Fast Food Restaurant Party.

Often there is no need for plates and utensils, unless you are serving a cake that is not provided by the restaurant.   Often drinks and food are provided, along with whatever is needed as far as cups, plates, napkins, and utensils.  Some even provide a small toy that can substitute as a party favor.


Decorating is your responsibility, but may be limited.  A theme tablecloth, preferably the paper kind that can be tossed, is a nice touch.  You may need several.  Perhaps the easiest decoration is a large balloon or two that can be placed on a table. 


Some places have entertainment, but check and see what is in your party package.  There may be several packages at different prices.


Party Balloons

If you have a balloon bought online you will also need helium.  And remember to weight the balloon down with sand bags or other heave weights.

Party Balloons

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Party at the Park

Outdoor parties have less provided.  You get the use of the space, but no more.  The trash will be picked up, and it is not your restroom being made to look horrible, but that is about all you can expect.


You will need your own serving pieces, including paper plates, paper cups, napkins, and whatever else is needed.  I recommend a party pack, or several.  Look at how many people one pack is designed to serve, and have spare items because children drop plates and cups, and even accidentally throw them away. 


The main problem is having a backup plan in the event of bad weather.  So often parties are planned weeks in advance, and daily weather cannot be forecast that far out.


Decorations are probably limited, but balloons still work if the conditions are not windy.


Party Packs

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Do not forget the hand sanitizer, the cake knife, and a bag to carry those things you will take back home.

Car at Beach Bag

Carry essential Items

Party Favors

If the party is an outdoor event, or if the restaurant does not provide party favors, you may need to bring your own.  Some favors can be incorporated into the entertainment of the children. 


Outdoor Entertainment

Sports work well for some groups, but not for others.  One thing that can be fun is the hover disk.  These are inexpensive, and work similar to a Frisbee, but are much larger and can do so much more.  And, if there is a theme you might find hover disks with the party theme, although licensed images may increase the cost slightly.

Funky Lights

If the party will continue after dark, adding some funky lights is a real nice touch for any outdoor party.  Children will be drawn to them.  The only problem is first you must verify there will be a place for plugging them in, or opt for battery lights.  LEDs use very little electricity, so a battery operated string of LED lights with wonderfully decorative designs are a good option.

Pop Up Gazebo

In response to a helpful suggestion from a reader I am including portable, pop up gazebos as quite useful if other shelter is not available.  This can certainly give some refuge from inclement weather, and can give the adults supervising the party a place to party a place to sit and relax when not needed to assist the children.  Just bring out a few folding chairs, and perhaps a folding table and you have a great place out of the weather, and for setting out food that the heat from the sun might spoil faster than if the food were in the shade. 

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Updated: 05/21/2017, blackspanielgallery
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Veronica on 05/22/2017

Frank Ty .

Infact, I am baking for our next family event next Sunday afternoon and also my granddaughter's party two weeks later. See you there.

Veronica on 05/22/2017

Weather is what shapes our rather quirky character in the NW England, We LAUGH about weather all the time and accept it . If we stayed in because of bad weather we'd never go out. We don our wellies and waterproofs and a day out would involve taking sun tan lotion and a waterproof.

There are pictures of pop up gazebos on Amazon and google image and many people have one. Country craft fairs and food fayres use them.

blackspanielgallery on 05/21/2017

The gazebo has been added. Thanks. As for protection from the cold I suppose a portable heater would be needed, or perhaps stadium blankets.

blackspanielgallery on 05/21/2017

I have not heard of pop up gazebos. It is an interesting concept. As for the inflatables, they can be found in packs f a dozen for less than one dollar each when you divide the price by 12. There are others, but too many links are not good on Wizzley. Some are sold in groups, or one at a time, but shipping is too high for one at a time without Prime.

Sorry about the weather. Here it is high temperatures and humidity.

frankbeswick on 05/21/2017

Unpredictable,wet and,you forgot,sometimes chilly even in early summer. That is our North West English weather.

As for our childhood, which you mention, mother made a range of cakes for parties [she was an expert baker, a skill which she has handed on to you, for you are a good baker.]

Veronica on 05/21/2017

Ha those inflatable party favours are so good . I never saw these before.

I am going to put my "rose tinted spectacles " on and hark back to childhood when parties were much simpler. My mum made sandwiches cakes and a blancmange.

Just as a thought for you, my granddaughter is having her first birthday party in couple of weeks and I have bought a cloth " pop up " garden gazebo as of course ........ it is the north of England and so beautiful because of ...our soaking wet and unpredictable weather.

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