Ninja Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

My favorite Ninja-themed party supplies and ideas for hosting a Ninja birthday party. My boys love Ninjas so this is a popular theme in our house!

Ninjas are everywhere at the moment! There's Supah Ninjas, Ninjago, Power Rangers, GI Joe, even Fruit Ninja.

Ninjas make a fun theme for a birthday party. There's lots of opportunity to dress up and have some fun Ninja training party activities.

Don't miss the balloon Ninja swords. They are great fun!

Planning a Ninja Birthday Party

If you're planning a Ninja birthday party or other Ninja-themed event this page will help you find the right party supplies and give you some cool ideas for Ninja-themed games and activities.

Ninjas are very popular with kids, especially the boys. One of the reasons is that kids love the Lego Ninjago sets and games.

A Ninja T-Shirt for the Birthday Child

Cool Ninja Party Invitations

These Ninja invitations can be customized with the details of the birthday boy or girl and the place and time of the event. They are then printed on high quality paper and sent to you - that saves a bit of time. You can go with cute or cool Ninjas depending on the age of the child and their preferred Ninja style!

Ninja Party Supplies

Martial Arts Deluxe Party Pack


Martial Arts Deluxe Party Pack

 This Martial Arts design is just what you need for a Ninja-themed party.

You can get a whole range of matching party supplies including balloons, invitations, party favors and favor boxes and a center piece. 



Make a Cardboard Ninja Shrine

A cardboard play structure of some sort always goes down well at a kids party. Make a simple Japanese shrine from cardboard that the kids can run under. 

You'll find lots of tips in the article below for building a quick and easy cardboard structure. Painting your shrine black or red will look very cool but it's not necessary. Just plain cardboard is fine. 

A cardboard house, castle, rocket or other playhouse is great fun for a kids party or other event. Get ideas to make your own cardboard playhouse or choose a kit.

Paper Lanterns


12" Round Tissue Lantern Red Each

Paper lanterns are a very cool way to decorate a Ninja party. Create an oriental theme by hanging paper lanterns from the ceiling at different heights. You don't need to worry about actually putting lights in them - they look cool on their own.

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

Fred & Friends Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters
Only $8.99

Ninja Cookie Cutters

Ninja cookie cutters are great for making Ninja-themed party food. Ninjabread men are definitely a cool idea! 

You can also use the cookie cutters to make Ninja sandwiches or pizzas (use them on homemade or store bought pizza.)

They can also be used to cut out Ninja shapes from fondant to make a Ninja birthday cake. 

Sword Food Picks

Sword food picks are a fun and quick way to make party food fit a Ninja theme and these Bamboo swords are just right - very oriental!

You can stab them into pizza bites, savory snacks and cupcakes. You can also skewer small chunks of cheese or fruit to make Ninja sword skewers!

Having a whole plateful of food with these picks looks very effective for very little effort.

Ninja Party Dress Up

Ninja Headband

Ninja Headband

Ninja Party Hat

Giving kids a dress up item is a great way to start a party. For a Ninja party a Ninja headband works brilliantly. 

You can make a Ninja headband from a strip or brightly colored material, or just a band of craft card or colored construction paper. 

Or you can buy Ninja headbands and let the kids take them home as party favors.

Ninja Party Games and Activities

Make Modeling Balloon Swords

Kids love balloon modeling! Making Ninja swords and nunchuks from modeling balloons makes a fun party activity.

You can either make them in advance and bring them out for a bit of fun during the party, you can make them in front of the kids or for older kids you can show them how and then let them have a go themselves - with hilarious results!

Watch the video to see how to make a modeling balloon sword.

See this article for more tips on balloon modeling at a kids party. 

Balloon Ninja Sword

Balloon modeling is a fun activity for a kids party. You can make balloon animals, pirate swords, balloon flowers and lots more.

Origami Ninja Star

Make Paper Ninja Throwing Stars (Shuriken)

Making origami Ninja stars is a fun activity for bigger kids at a Ninja party. You can let them watch a video to see how to do it or have an adult show them. 

For little kids, just make the Ninja throwing stars in advance and use them to decorate the party and then let them play with them. 

If you make them in nice colored paper then they make cool extra party favors to take home. 

Ninja Party Games

A few fun Ninja-themed party games include:

  • Hold a Ninja training session. Practice skills like creeping, jumping, correct use of weapons. It's best to use smaller weapons like the Ninja throwing stars and balloon nunchuks. Swords are best saved until the kids are about to leave - they can easily get out of hand!
  • Musical Ninjas. Stealth is an important skill for Ninjas. They need to be able to keep completely still. It's musical statues with a Ninja twist!
  • Ninja weapon hunt. Print out pictures of Ninja weapons (I like to laminate the pictures) and hide them around the room. Tell the kids that Samurai have stolen their weapons and they need to get them back! You can give each child a list of weapons to tick off. Make some of the weapons easy to find and some a bit harder. You can do a Ninja weapons hunt indoors or outdoors. Award a small prize for finishing. 

Ninja Darts Game

Ninja Darts
$25.95  $22.01

Ninja Nesting Dolls

A great place to hide treats on a Ninja treasure hunt!
Matryoshka Madness Ninja
Only $17.94

Ninja Party Favors

Ninja Swords

Foam Ninja Swords make a cool party favor for kids to take away with them. 

You can use these as a very cool party decoration and hand them up on the wall during the party. Use loops of twine or thread and then use sticky tack to fix the twine to the wall. 

When it's time to say goodbye to the guests you can take Ninja swords down from the walls and hand them out as the they leave. 

Ninja Figures

Ninja Figurines (24 count)
Only $4.82

Toy Ninjas

Small Ninja figures are a fun party favor. You can also had these out as small prizes during the party so each kids gets to take a few home. 

Some people use these Ninjas as cake toppers too. 

Ninja Party Favors on eBay

You can usually find a good selection of Ninja party favors on eBay. Look out for Ninja rubber duckies, stickers, candy, ninja figures and toy shurikens (ninja throwing stars.)

More Ninja Ideas

Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.
The Matryoshka Madness range of nesting russian dolls are very cool. You can get ninjas, robots, monsters and more. A great gift for kids through to tweens, teens and adults.
A selection of very cool Ninja hoodies for kids from toddlers and preschoolers to tweens and teens.
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lakeerieartists on 01/13/2012

The cookie cutters are awesome. My college age daughter is into martial arts, and I think I may have to buy those to take the cookies to her. She would get a real kick out of that. :)

katiem2 on 01/13/2012

Ninja is a great party, my 13 year old daughter is very into ninja everything. Ninja is very popular with kids and for good reason, lots of fun and empowering young minds. Love the great variety of party supplies and ideas. Thanks, Katie

Janet21 on 01/13/2012

Love the rubber duckie ninjas! These cute ducks are available in so many party themes now. :)

mariahardy on 01/13/2012

Wow, I never knew there were so many products.

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