Lego Ninjago Party Supplies

by TerriRexson

Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.

Are you having a Ninjago party? You'll find lots of ideas here.

Ninjago is the recently released Ninja-themed Lego range. It's proving very popular with kids aged 7-14 and some younger ones too. Especially the boys who love Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane, but also some girls - Nya is the main female character.

You might be stumped trying to find Ninjago Party Supplies if your kids ask for a Ninjago party so I've put some ideas together for a birthday party that Ninjago fans will love.

Official Lego Ninjago Sword

Makes a great party decoration and centerpiece

There's not a huge amount of official branded Lego Ninjago party supplies so we'll have to adapt what we can find and mix in some other Ninja and martial arts ideas to create a Ninjago party theme. 

This is the official Lego Ninjago sword. It makes a cool gift for a Ninjago fan who likes to pretend to be his favorite Ninja, but you can also put it to good use during a Ninjago party. 

Put the Ninjago sword up on the wall or use is as a party table centerpiece. Don't let the kids play with it during the party - that can lead to chaos! Just use it as a decoration and birthday gift. 

The holster is very cool too. You could fix the holster to a wall at an angle and then mount the sword above it so it looks like it's being drawn for battle. 

Lego Ninjago Wall Decoration

This Lego Ninjago Sensei Wu wall scroll sets the scene for a Ninjago party perfectly. 

Here's Sensei Wu looking down on his Ninjas and giving them advice and training. 

The poster is made from fabric (so much nicer than paper) and measure 16 inches x 21 inches. 

It comes with hanging hooks too. 

After the party the birthday child will love having Sensei Wu hanging up on the wall of their bedroom or playroom so this Ninjago scroll poster makes a great birthday gift too. 

Lego Ninjago Sensei Wu Fabric Scroll

Buy at Amazon
Lego Ninjago TV Show Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (16"x21") Inches

More Ninjago Posters

A collection of Lego Ninjago posters. Great for kids bedrooms and as Ninjago Party decorations.

The Lego Ninjago snakes theme booster packs make awesome Ninjago party favors. The kids will think these are much better than a few lower prices items that aren't such good quality. 

You can get Jay ZX (his new armor), Lloyd Garmadon (a new enemy, initially at least) and Kendo Cole (another new outfit for 2012.)

Each set contains a Lego minifigure with armor and weapons, and also extra accessories for playing the Ninjago Game Spinjitzu. 

Ninjago Party Supplies on eBay

You can also find Ninjago party supplies on eBay. Look out for small Ninjago-themed party favors, Ninjago keyrings and minifigures. 

Snake Trick Nuts

Remember the Ninjago Rise of the Snakes episode where Lloyd gives Cole an can of nuts to say sorry and Cole thinks it's one of those trick cans of nuts that have snakes inside?

Then Cole opens the fridge and lots of trick snakes pop out! Why not have some trick snake cans of nuts at the party? The kids will have fun with these and they fit well with the Ninjago theme. 

Pop them on the party food table and see who dares to open them!

King Deluxe Mixed Nuts - Three Snakes in Each Can

King Deluxe Mixed Nuts - Three Snakes in Each Can
$8.99  $8.74

Ninja Party Supplies

Martial Arts Deluxe Party Pack Martial Arts Deluxe Party Pack

These Ninja Party Supplies work well for a Ninjago themed party. 

You can get various packs for different numbers of guests and with more or less decorations included, and you can get pre-filled party favor boxes that match the theme which work for a Ninjago Party. 

Add blue streamers to cover all the Ninja colors. And green of course for the new 2012 green Ninja. 


Black Belt Birthday Party Supplies Kit

Ninjago Party Supplies

This Black Belt Birthday Party Supplies kit has just the right colors for the Ninjago Ninjas - black (Cole), red (Kai), white (Zane and Sensei Wu) and blue (Jay). 

Black Belt Birthday Kit-N-Kaboodle Black Belt Birthday Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle KitBlack Belt Birthday Kit-N-Kaboodle Black Belt Birthday Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit


This Kit includes:

Tableware for 8 guests
Black belt Mylar  balloon 
Red and black crepe streamers
Red and black balloons (12 each)
Table cover
Red curling ribbon
Thankyou notes 

Dragon Party Banner

Customizable with your own text

Asian dragons are a major theme in the Ninjago universe so a dragon banner is very appropriate for a Ninjago birthday party. The Ninjago universe feature fire, ice, lightning and earth dragons. 

Asian Dragon Square Banner 24"x36" Horizontal Vinyl Banner

Asian Dragon Square Banner 24


This dragon banner can be customised with your own text.

E.g. Happy Birthday Kai!

The banner comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and shapes (vertical, horizontal, square).

Ninjago Kai Birthday Cake

Ninjago Cake

My boys love Lego Ninjago. I made this Ninjago cake with my son when he had a friend coming round for a tea party. It's very quick and easy to make, I've included instructions.

(The Ninjago Kai cake is one I made with my three year old for fun when he had a friend coming round to play - they are both Lego mad!)

Lego Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

Buy at Amazon
LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray
Only $0.71

Chocolate Ninjago Ninjas!

Chocolate Ninjago Ninjas


We made chocolate Lego men using the Lego Minifigure Ice Cube mold. 

I just melted chocolate in the microwave and then poured it in. Very simple. 

Then I added fondant headbands in the Ninjago colors to finish the effect. 

Are you planing a Ninjago birthday party and wondering what food to serve? These chocolate Ninjago Ninjas are great fun. Make Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and the Green Ninja.

Skull Pinata

Skeleton Army Pinata!

Skull Pinata

Skull Pinata Each


This Skull Pinata is perfect for a Ninjago party. The Skeleton Army are the evil guys in the Ninjago universe so bashing a Skull pinata is definitely the right thing for your ninja party heroes to be doing!

You can also get a pinata filler pack of toys and sweets to fill it cheaply. 

Sensei Wu Hat

Asian Pointed Straw Hat

Coolie Hat Each

Coolie Hat

 A Ninjago party needs a Sensei Wu hat! You could use it as a centerpiece or hanging decoration. Or you could recruit a willing adult to wear a white ninja costume and appear as the Ninjago Spinjitzu Master Sensei Wu (now that would be cool!)

Or you could get the Coolie Hat Pack of 12 and give them as party favors - much more fun than candy!

The Spinjitzu Master

Spinjitzu is the martial art practiced in Ninjago. Sensei Wu is the Spinjitzu Ninja Master who teaches Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane to become experts. He wears an asian pointed straw hat and white Ninja costume. 

If you want to really make a Ninjago party then have an adult dress up as Sensei Wu and make an appearance. He could organize a Spinjitzu tournament. 

Adult Sensei Wu Costume

He would be very popular as a surprise party guest!
Adult White Ninja Costume - Large
Only $43.74
Sensei Wig and Beard Set - One-Size
$41.90  $8.49

Ninjago Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for a child who loves Lego Ninjago? There are a few different Ninjago key rings and keychain lights available which kids will enjoy.
Do you know kids who like Ninjago? They'll love a Lego Ninjago alarm clock. Choose from Kai and Cole.
There's a range of Lego Ninjago watches that come with ninja or skeleton minifgures. A Ninjago watch makes a great gift for a Ninjago fan.

Ninjago Explained

Try this if you need to understand Ninjago!
Lego Ninjago is a very popular new Lego range. Here's a guide to the Ninjago universe for parents and gift-givers.
Updated: 04/01/2012, TerriRexson
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