Lego Ninjago Party Food - Chocolate Ninjas

by TerriRexson

Are you planing a Ninjago birthday party and wondering what food to serve? These chocolate Ninjago Ninjas are great fun. Make Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and the Green Ninja.

We made chocolate Lego Ninjago Ninjas! These are perfect treat for a Ninjago Party, or just as a fun activity for kids who love Ninjago Lego.

I'm Mom to two boys who love Ninjago and like anything that goes with the theme.

I enjoy making themed party food, but try and avoid anything too intricate and complicated because you always end up having to do lots at the last minute. These chocolate Lego Ninjas are quick and easy and can be made a few days ahead of the party.

Chocolate Lego Ninjas
Chocolate Lego Ninjas

Chocolate Ninjago Ninjas!

For a Lego Ninjago Birthday Party, or just for fun

We made Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Sensei Wu and um that Green Ninja. The Lego Ninjago mold makes eight chocolates, but I'm afraid two got eaten before they could be decorated!

For a birthday party I would add Nya - actually a few Nyas if you will have girls at the party as she's the only main female character in Ninjago. 

And I'd make another batch of eight featuring the skeleton army with white fondant bones. You could try snake people too, but I think they might be a bit trickier!

I've included instructions below on the supplies you need and how we made the chocolate Ninjago minifigures. 

Have you seen the new 2012 Ninjago Snakes theme?

That's why there's a green Ninja
Have you seen the new Lego Ninago 2012 theme? It's the year of the snake. There are new snake enemies and who is the green Ninja?

Lego Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

Or Lego Chocolate Mold
LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray
Only $0.71

My younger son loves making things in the Kitchen so I bought him this chocolate Lego mold for Christmas. As well as using it for Ninjago figures we also make Lego men whenever friends are coming round, that always goes down well!

Check for Lego Minifigure Molds on eBay too

Make the Chocolate Lego People

First we need to make the chocolate Lego men. Baking chocolate works best. We used 3.5 oz (100g) of chocolate and there was plenty left for my helper to dip some fruit in afterwards. 

I melted the chocolate in the microwave, starting off with 30 seconds and then adding 10 seconds at at time. Stop just before all the chocolate has melted and just stir it in. 

I filled the molds quite full at then removed any excess with a knife. 

The I popped the mold in the fridge for the Lego men to set. Wait at least a couple of hours before you decorate the Ninjas so they are nice and hard. 

While the chocolate minifigures and hardening, remind yourself what the Ninjago Ninjas and other characters look like and which ones you want to make. 


Ninjago Official Guide

Lego Ninjago: Official Guide
$24.95  $20.97

Tools for Working with Fondant

Wilton Fondant 20 Inch Rolling Pin

Wilton Fondant 20 Inch Rolling Pin

Only $21.99
Wilton Roll And Cut Mat

Wilton Roll And Cut Mat

Only $16.95

Decorate the Ninjago Ninjas with Fondant

Now we need to decorate our Ninjas. We chose Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and that Green Ninja (who is that guy?)

This is easiest if you have a pastry or fondant mat and a fondant rolling pin. The fondant will stick less and you'll get a nice flat surface when you roll in out. Plus the mess is contained and easy to clear up. 

You'll need fondant in your chosen colors. Gel food colorings are a good option so you don't need to keep lots of ready made fondant in different colors. 

Tip: Start with the palest color while everything is really clean. If you're making Zane, Sensei Wu and the skeleton army make them first and save Cole until last. 

Roll out a small piece of fondant so it's a couple of inches long. Now cut a strip for a Ninja headband. Wrap it around the top of the head and then twist it on one side. You can cut off any extra that you don't need. 

Now cut a small strip for a sash to go across the body and pop it on and tidy it up a little. The fondant will stick to the chocolate you don't need to use anything. 

I used a sharp knife to give the impression of eyes and mouth but that's optional. 

Chocolate Ninjago Kai

Chocolate Ninjago Kai
Chocolate Ninjago Kai

Chocolate Sensei Wu

Chocolate Sensei Wu
Chocolate Sensei Wu

Use them to Make Ninjago Cupcakes or Brownies

These chocolate Ninjago Ninjas can be served as treat on their own, but you can also use them as Ninjago cake toppers. They look awesome on top of chocolate brownie rectangles or cupcakes lying on a swirl of frosting.

More Gift Ideas for Ninjago Fans

Lots of gift ideas for a kid who loves Ninjago. Did you know you can get lots of Ninjago-themed products like a watch, keychain or chapter book.

More Lego Ninjago Party Ideas

Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.
My boys love Lego Ninjago. I made this Ninjago cake with my son when he had a friend coming round for a tea party. It's very quick and easy to make, I've included instructions.
Updated: 02/17/2012, TerriRexson
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