Ninjago Cake and Cupcakes - Quick and Easy

by TerriRexson

My boys love Lego Ninjago. I made this Ninjago cake with my son when he had a friend coming round for a tea party. It's very quick and easy to make, I've included instructions.

My two boys love Lego Ninjago. Kai the red Ninja is their favorite. So when my younger son had a friend coming round, he asked if we could make a Ninjago cake.

I came up with a simple design that my son could help make. I could have made it look more professional and accurate with a bit less preschooler help!

How to instructions with pictures are included below.

Ninjago Kai Cake


I've included instructions for making this cake. The cake we made was actually a small cake using a cake pan from a kids baking set. You can scale it up to a full size birthday cake or down to Ninjago cupcake size. 

I've also included other ideas for making a Ninjago cake or Ninjago cupcakes. 

And don't miss my Chocolate Ninjago Ninjas!

This is Kai

Ninjago Kai Clock

This is Kai, the Ninjago red Ninja of fire.

We're just going to recreate his head in cake form.

Ninjago Kai Minifigure Clock

LEGO Kids' 9003097 Ninjago Kai Minifigure Clock
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Have you see the new Ninjago Snakes theme?

Who is that green Ninja?
Have you seen the new Lego Ninago 2012 theme? It's the year of the snake. There are new snake enemies and who is the green Ninja?

Ninjago Cake - Step 1

 First you'll need to find a round cake pan. Since we only needed a small cake, we used the small springform cake pan that my son got as a birthday present from his Nan. 

If you're making a birthday cake then you'll need a larger cake pan. 

Or you could make multiple smaller Ninja cakes in different Ninjago Ninja colors: red (Kai), blue (jay), black (Cole), white (Zane) and green (who is that green Ninja?)

Make a normal sponge cake. You can choose a chocolate cake or other flavored cake, whatever you prefer - the cake itself will be hidden. 

Round Springform Cake Pan

Or Mini Cake Pans
Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan,...
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Ninjago Cake - Step 2

 The cake needs to be fairly flat on top so just slice a little off the top if your cake isn't completely flat. 

We could have got away without taking the top off the cake. But my helper wanted to try some of the cake at this point so this seemed like a good solution!

The cake is shown on my pastry mat. I use this all the time! It's brilliant not just for making pastry and cookies, but also for rolling out fondant and marzipan. 

Pastry Mat

Or Fondant Mat
Conimar Kitchen 18 by 24-Inch Helper Pastry Mat, Non-Slip
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Fondant Rolling Pin

Wilton Fondant 20 Inch Rolling Pin
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Ninjago Cake - Step 3

Now we can start decorating the cake. 

You're going to need to put a yellow layer on the cake as the Ninjago Ninjas are yellow like most Lego minifigures. 

We chose yellow marzipan as my son loves almond paste. But yellow fondant works just as well. 

And it's definitely worth having a fondant rolling pin for this step. Recently we lost ours for a while (it mysteriously turned up in the draw where we keep all our baking stuff, very odd!) and I really missed it! I use it for rolling any kind of dough, not just fondant and it really does stop things sticking. 

A baking mat or fondant mat with circles on makes it easier to roll out a circle, but we don't need this layer to be perfect. Just roll out a circle of yellow fondant or marzipan about the same size as the cake. 

Ninjago Cake - Step 4

Now pop the yellow layer on top of the cake. You can spread a bit of jelly on to help it stick if you like, but it should stay on just fine.
These fondant icing colors are a good way to be able to create lots of different colors without having to keep ready made fondant in every color in the house! They get very good reviews.

Ninjago Gift Ideas

Lots of gift ideas for a kid who loves Ninjago. Did you know you can get lots of Ninjago-themed products like a watch, keychain or chapter book.

Ninjago Cake - Step 5

Now it's time for the red layer. 

You need to roll out an oval shape. It needs to be:

- wider than the cake so it can cover the sides, and
- about twice as long. 

Shape the bottom of the fondant into a rough point, like on Kai and the other Ninja's headwear. 

Now cut out a rectangle shape for Kai's eyes. 

And ruche the fondant above and below the eye slit to create the pleated look of Kai's headscarf. 

Do this on your pastry mat, not on the cake! If you get it wrong you can just gather the fondant back up and have another go. 

More Ninjago Party and Gift Ideas

Lego Ninjago Kai is the main hero in the Lego Ninjago series. Learn about Kai and find Ninjago Kai products.
Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.

Or course you don't have to choose Kai. You can pick the birthday child's favorite Ninja:

Kai: Red              Jay: Blue           Cole: Black              Zane: White

Or there's the new green ninja for 2012. Sensei Wu requires a different approach - he wears a Japanese straw hat instead of a Ninja head scarf. 

Ninjago Cake - Step 6

OK, now we can transfer the red fondant to the cake. 

If you have a large cake then a helper might be useful at this point. But you should be just fine with a small to medium cake. 

Now shape the eyebrows from black fondant. 

Create small black fondant circles for the eyes. If you have a small round cutter this will come out neater. I just created balls of fondant and squished them. 

Add small white dots in the eyes as a finishing touch. You can probably get closer to Kai's actual expression that this, but preschoolers aren't that patient!

Ninjago Cupcakes

This design can easily be used on cupcakes. Decorate a batch of cupcakes in the red, blue, white, black and green colors of Ninjago.

Or you can look for Ninjago cupcake toppers for a quick and easy approach for Ninjago cupcakes. 

More Lego Shaped Food Ideas

LEGO Minifigure Cake Mold 852708
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LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray
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Lego Ice Bricks Tray
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Ninjago Cake Ideas on eBay

More Ninjago Party Ideas

Are you planing a Ninjago birthday party and wondering what food to serve? These chocolate Ninjago Ninjas are great fun. Make Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and the Green Ninja.
Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.

Are you wondering what Lego Ninjago is?

Lego Ninjago is a very popular new Lego range. Here's a guide to the Ninjago universe for parents and gift-givers.
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acidalia94 on 07/05/2012

So great! Thanks for posting this!

sunshine on 03/08/2012

great idea. I was a little stumped how to pull of a Ninjago party but this helps.

LaLa on 02/02/2012

cool! My son wanted a Cars birthday party but wanted Ninjago as gifts...but I could surprise him even more by doing a Ninjago party instead with this cake! Thanks for sharing!

Janet21 on 01/13/2012

Very cute cake and great how-to photos.

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