Ninjago Gifts - Books, Watches, Storage and More

by TerriRexson

Lots of gift ideas for a kid who loves Ninjago. Did you know you can get lots of Ninjago-themed products like a watch, keychain or chapter book.

Ninjago Products and Gift Ideas

I have two Ninjago-mad boys. They love the Lego model sets and the spinners, but we've also found lots of other cool Ninjago products. A Ninjago-themed book, t-shirt or watch makes a great gift for a kid who loves Lego Ninjago. 

The Ninjago Kai Alarm clock is very popular and makes a fun and practical gift for a kid who likes Ninjago. And that seems to be most boys and some girls from the age of 4 to 14. (My 3.5 year old would disagree with that age range - he's Ninja crazy!)

We've started collecting the Ninjago books and I'm very impressed with the quality of them. There's a whole range of books including graphic novels with quality illustrations, chapter books to encourage kids to read and fun sticker books. 

These books are brilliant for encouraging a love of reading in kids. They are so keen to learn more about the Ninjago world and its characters that they forget they're learning to read! (Oh and I actually enjoy them too, but I am a geek Mom.)

There are new Ninjago books coming out throughout the year including books featuring the new Rise of the Snakes theme for 2012. 

Most Lego ranges have lots of small pieces. But I think Ninjago has more than most! Particularly if kids enjoy the Spinjitzu game with spinners, game cards and accessories. And you do need the right bits to play the game. You don't want to lose track of all the cool bits you got with a Ninjago Spinner or Ninjago booster pack

Once you have a few Ninjago sets you really need some storage to keep it under control. The Ninjago Battle Case is a good choice, it has lots of storage pockets and there's actually a Spinjitzu battle arena built into the case. 

A Ninjago storage case is a gift that kids will enjoy and parents will really appreciate. 

Ninjago Key Rings and Keychain Lights

Looking for a gift for a child who loves Lego Ninjago? There are a few different Ninjago key rings and keychain lights available which kids will enjoy.

Lego Ninjago Keychain LED Lights

Lego LED lights are very popular gifts. Kai, the red Ninja of fire is my older son's favorite character. 

You can also get a range of Lego Ninjago minifigure keyrings and also clip on oversized Ninjago minifigures for backpacks that also have sounds effects. 

Lego Ninjago Alarm Clock - Kai or Cole

Do you know kids who like Ninjago? They'll love a Lego Ninjago alarm clock. Choose from Kai and Cole.

Ninjago Big Minifigure Alarm Clocks

The Ninjago big minifigure alarm clocks are very popular with kids. 

They're about 9.5 inches tall and come with really big Ninjago weapons that you can put in their hands on on their backs. 

The Ninjago Kai alarm clock came out first and now Cole, the black Ninja of earth is available in alarm clock form. 

These make very good gifts, and might even encourage the kids to get up in time for school in the morning!

Lego Ninjago Watches - Several Designs to Choose From

There's a range of Lego Ninjago watches that come with ninja or skeleton minifgures. A Ninjago watch makes a great gift for a Ninjago fan.

Lego Ninjago Watch with Minifigure

The Lego Ninjago watches are buildable watches where you can arrange the links and swap the bezels. 

Each watch comes with a Lego minifigure which can be clipped on to the watch or played with. 

There's a range of hero and skeleton Ninjago watches to choose from. 

Jay, the blue Ninja of lightning is very popular. He's a bit of a character!

Ninjago Clothing

A selection of Ninjago T-Shirts featuring Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and their enemies.

There's a range of Ninjago t-shirts available featuring the Ninjago characters. You'll find short and long-sleeved Ninjago t-shirts. 

Planning a Ninjago Birthday Party?

Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.
My boys love Lego Ninjago. I made this Ninjago cake with my son when he had a friend coming round for a tea party. It's very quick and easy to make, I've included instructions.
Are you planing a Ninjago birthday party and wondering what food to serve? These chocolate Ninjago Ninjas are great fun. Make Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu and the Green Ninja.

Latest Ninjago Sets

In 2012, there are new Ninjago spinners for the Snake enemy and the new ZX, Kendo and NRG costumes for the heroes. New Ninjago spinners comes out throughout the year.
There are new Ninjago booster packs being released throughout 2012. The Spinjitzu boosters are a cheap way to get some cool new Ninjago minifigures and weapons.
Updated: 02/19/2012, TerriRexson
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