Lego Ninjago Watches

by TerriRexson

There's a range of Lego Ninjago watches that come with ninja or skeleton minifgures. A Ninjago watch makes a great gift for a Ninjago fan.

A Great Gift for a Ninjago Fan

The Lego Ninjago watches are fun and functional buildable watches featuring Ninjago minifigures. 

The watches are water-resistant to 165 feet and have interchangeable links and bezels so kids can come up with their own design. 

A Ninjago watch makes a great gift for a Lego Ninjago fan from age 6+. 

Ninjago Jay Lego Watch

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Lego Watch 9003110 32 Pcs

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Lego Watch 9003110 32 Pcs
Only $21.97

Ninjago Jay Wristwatch

Jay is the blue Ninja of Lightning and this Lego watch is themed in his colors. The links on the watch are interchangeable so kids can create the pattern they want. 

The watch also comes with a Jay Ninja Minifigure which you can attach to the watch or just use for play with other Ninjago sets. 

On each side of the watch, one of the links has two standard Lego studs. You can attach a minifigure to these studs. You can move this special link to a different position on the band to attach Jay where you want him. 

You can stand the minifigure up or lie him down (the back of minifigures legs are designed to attach to Lego Studs.)

You also get two interchangeable bezels to further customize the look of the watch. 

Lego Kids' 9004254 Ninjago Kai Minifigure Link Watch

Lego Kids' 9004254 Ninjago Kai Minifigure Link Watch

Ninjago Kai Watch

And of course there's a Ninjago Kai watch in the range! Kai is the Ninja of fire and a favorite for many kids. 

The Lego Kai watch features lots of red (it's his favorite color!) and also yellow and gray links. There are more links than needed for most kids. (I don't need all the links as an adult - I do have small wrists.)

You get a Kai minifigure with the watch which can be played with or attached to the watch for a bit of fun. 

Lego Kids' 9004261 Ninjago Cole Minifigure Link Watch

Lego Kids' 9004261 Ninjago Cole Minifigure Link Watch

Ninjago Cole Watch

Cole in the Ninja of earth and the team leader for the Ninjas. 

His watch features lots of black since he wears a black Ninjago Costume. 

LEGO Kids' 9003127 Ninjago Skeleton Watch

LEGO Kids' 9003127 Ninjago Skeleton Watch

Ninjago Chopov Watch

And if you fancy a watch featuring one of the Ninjago bad guys then you can choose the Ninjago Skeleton Watch with Chopov minifigures. 

Lego Watch Quality

I see very mixed reviews for the buildable Lego watches in general (the Ninjago ones are quite new.) Some people find them very durable and others have problems.

We have one (it's Lego Star Wars, rather than Ninjago.) It keeps time well, the watch itself is nicely made. The plastic bits do feel a bit, well plasticky, but it holds together fine - I wouldn't be worried about the strap coming apart. But, I can imagine that the clasp could come undone if knocked at the wrong angle - I guess this is a trade off with it being easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves. 

These are definitely novelty items so if your child needs a watch that can be worn while playing very active sports. 

I've tried wearing the watch myself (I have small wrists!) and it felt fine though I could certainly deliberately hit the catch it the right way and make it come undone. 

The Lego Watches are made by ClicTime. They do offer replacement parts with proof of purchase (so be sure to keep your receipt.)

Lego Watch Click System

Changing the Lego Watch Strap

Each of the Lego Ninjago Watches comes with a selection of colored watch links to match the Ninja or skeleton theme. 

It's easy to change the pattern on the watch if you know the trick! You have to angle the links at 90 degrees to pop them on and off. Then rotate them to snap them into place. 

The pieces feel pretty sturdy when locked together on the Lego watch that we have. 

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Updated: 01/30/2012, TerriRexson
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