Ninjago Jay

by TerriRexson

Ninjago Jay is the Ninja of Lighting in the Ninjago universe. Learn all about Jay and find cool gifts for Jay fans.

Ninjago Jay is a very popular character in the Ninjago universe. He's the Ninja of Lightning and wears blue. (Blue Jay - get it?) Jay is one of the four Ninjas, one for each element, in a team put together by Spinjitzu master Sensei Wu.

Jay is a fun character who cracks lots of jokes and has some interesting hobbies when he gets some free time from training to be a Spinjitzu warrior.

Meet Jay, Ninja of Lightning!

Ninjago Jay Facts

  • Jay is the Ninja of Lightning
  • Jay wears a blue Ninja outfit
  • Jay is a wise-cracking fun-loving Ninja
  • Jay likes Kai's sister Nya (and hopes she likes blue!)
  • Jay is also an inventor
  • He invents Dragon wings for the Ninjas
  • Jay's main strength in Speed (you know, fast as lightning!)
  • Jay also loves cooking (yes, it's true)
  • When Jay does a Spinzitzu spin he's surrounded by lightning sparks

Jay, Ninja of Lightning Chapter Book

LEGO Ninjago Chapter Book: Jay, Ninja of Lightning
Only $1.24

Ninjago Jay Chapter Book

If you want to learn more about Ninjago Jay then you can read his chapter book. Jay: Ninja of Lightning. You get to learn more about Jay's back story and his love of creating new inventions. 

The book has a reading level of 9-12. I'm sure lots of younger fans of Jay would enjoy having the story read to them and it's a good way to encourage them to improve their reading!

The chapter book makes a good stocking stuffer gift for a fan of Jay. 

Here he is on these Ninjago Jay T-shirts:

Ninjago Jay Costume

Halloween, Role play or Cosplay

Ninjago Jay Costume
Find a Ninjago Jay costume with weapons and accessories for Halloween or dressing up for role play or cosplay.

NRG Jay Spinner

The NRG spinners are the new range for Summer and Fall 2012. NRG Jay is one of the first of these new minifigures to be available. 

NRG Jay has a very cool lightning print on his body and his head - and the head is blue! 

The NRG Spinner is translucent blue and also has an NRG lightning design. 

Lego Ninjago NRG Spinner

With Jay and Spinner
Ninjago Lego Nrg JAY 9570
Only $22.99

Jay "Sees" the Way

Jay puts his training to use

Lightning Dragon Battle with Ninjago Jay

Jay is the Lightning Ninja so his dragon is the Lightning Dragon. A big Lightning Dragon is the center piece to the Lightening Dragon Battle set which also has a skeleton army helicopter. 

In this special edition set you get a Jay DX (dragon robes) mini figure and lots of other cool stuff.

This is an important set for Jay fans because it features his dragon. It's also one of the more expensive sets because it has a lot of pieces and a large dragon. 

More Ninjago Sets with Jay Mini Figure

Jay appears in several of the Ninjago Snakes sets. He's in the Jay's Storm Fighter set which has his vehicle. 

Jay also appears in the Fangpyre Truck Ambush Set where he's trying to get the Fangpyre staff away from the Fangpyre general. 

And Jay appears along with the other original four ninjas in the Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set - the ninja flying vehicle. 

Lego Ninjago Snakes Sets with Jay

LEGO Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter 9442

Jay streaks through the sky in his super-speed storm fighter on a mission to recover the golden Fangpyre staff and its powerful anti-venom. As he nears the cliff-top shrine, Fan...

Only $150.0

View on Amazon

LEGO Ninjago Fangpyre Truck Ambush 9445

LEGO Ninjago Fangpyre Truck Ambush 9445Zane and Jay are making a getaway with the golden Fangpyre staff until the General of the Fangpyre snake tribe, Fangtom, sends his accompl...

Only $449.99

View on Amazon

LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider Set 9449 Dragon 6 Figures Cole ZX, Jay ZX, Kai ZX, Zane ZX, Exclu...

Track down Pythor and the fang blade with the terrain-defying LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider (9449)! Defend the fang blade with the Ultra Sonic Raider's all-terrain tracks, det...

$389.99  $300.0

View on Amazon

Lego Ninjago Lightning Backpack with Jay

LEGO Ninjago 16 inch Lightning Backpack - Black

Ninjago Jay Backpack

Jay fans will love this Ninja of Lightning backpack for school or days out. 

It shows Jay is full Ninja mode with a spear. 

LEGO Watch with Jay

The LEGO Ninjago Jay watch makes a great gift for Jay fans. The watch comes in Jay's colors and  the links can be rearranged. 

You also get a Jay minifigure which can be attached to the watch or taken off for play. 

Ninjago Jay on eBay

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