Ninjago Sensei Wu

by TerriRexson

Learn all about Ninjago Sensei Wu, the Spinjitzu master and find products featuring Sensei Wu.

Sensei Wu - The Spinjitzu Master

Sensei Wu is a very important character in the Ninjago universe. He is trying to prevent his evil brother Lord Garmadon ruling Ninjago with darkness. 

Sensei Wu searches for four young men who can become Spinjitzu masters - one for each element (fire, earth, lightning and ice.)

He finds Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane and trains them (with some effort) in Spinjitzu. 

Sensei Wu mentors the four Ninjas in a fight to rescue Kai's sister Nya and save Ninjago from the evil Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army. 

Sensei Wu Costume

Sensei Wu wears a white Ninja Suit and a pointed straw hat

Ninjago Sensei Wu Costume
Find a Ninjago Sensei Wu costume and accessories including a cool straw hat!

Sensei Wu Keychain

LEGO Ninjago Keychain #853101 Sensei Wu
Only $9.00

Sensei Wu: The 4 Elements

Challenge of Samukai

Ninjago Graphic Novel
Ninjago Graphic Novels #1: The Challenge of Samukai
$28.99  $24.6

Sensei Wu Facts

  • Sensei Wu is the younger son of the first Spinjitzu master
  • His older brother Lord Garmadon is the main evil character in Ninjago
  • Sensei Wu is master of all four elements (he is balanced)
  • Sensei Wu is master of the power of creation
  • Sensei Wu wears white (like Zane)
  • Senseu Wu wears an oriential pointed straw hat (coolie hat)
  • Sensei Wu hid the 4 golden weapons of Ninjago and gave the map to Kai's father
  • Sensei Wu prefers to fight with wisdom, he also uses a staff
  • In Japanese, Sensei means master or teacher

In Ninjago Graphic Novels #1: The Challenge of Samukai you can Learn more about Sensei Wu and how he trains the four young men to be Spinjitzu warriors. 

Sensei Wu Spinjitzu Spinner

There are two versions of Sensei Wu with a Spinjitzu spinner. 2255 has Sensei Wu dressed in black. There's also a limited edition set with Sensei Wu in white that includes some cool extras: 2 exclusive cards (Gold Battle Card and 3D Character Card), and 9 advanced weapons including a glow in the dark weapon and force field bricks!

In the Ninjago Dojo set you also get a Sensei Wu mini figure and a white spinner. 

Ninjago Sensei Wu Spinjitzu Spinners

LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu 2255
Only $12.99
LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Set #462...
Only $89.99

Sensei Wu is in the Ninjago Dojo Set

You can find a Sensei Wu mini figure in the Ninjago Dojo set. This is very appropriate as this is where Sensei Wu trains the Ninjas to be Spinjitzu masters. 

The set also features his student Zane and Skeleton Army warrior Nuckal. The set includes a white Spinjitzu spinner too. 

Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo with Sensei Wu

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo 2504

bFight for the shurikens of ice at the Spinjitzu Dojo!/bSensei Wu is training his apprentice Zane at the Spinjitzu Dojo when suddenly they spot General Nuckal trying to steal ...

Only $49.99

Other Lego Ninjago Sets that Include Sensei Wu

Sensei Wu also appears in the Ninjago Fire Temple set - this is one of the biggest sets in the range. It also includes Kai and his Fire Dragon. 

Sensei Wu is also in the Ninjago Lightning Dragon set needing to be rescued!

You'll also find Sensei Wu in the 3D Battle Arena which is a complete starter set for the Spinjitzu battle game.

LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507

Save the Dragon Sword of Fire from the clutches of the evil Skeleton Army with the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple (2507)! Battle for control of the four Spinjitzu weapons has begun. ...

Only $119.99
LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Set #2521 Lightning Dragon Battle

bFly the LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle (2521) to rescue Sensei Wu!/bFrakjaw and Kruncha have captured Sensei Wu and stole the nunchucks of lightning with their ...

Only $249.95
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu 3D Battle Arena

Stage the ultimate ninja faceoffs in the Battle Arena! Spin for glory in the LEGO Ninjago Battle Arena! Train, fight and win in the smooth battle bowl perfect for spinjitzu ...

Only $49.95

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